Sunday, December 26, 2010

Photo printing service

This is the first time I am actually uploading picutres and maintaining an album in eoe online for the purpose of printing the album.

Once the pictures are uploaded, the printing process is really super easy.

It's a matter of choosing the pictures you want to print, or just a check of the button to print all. Then in a few clicks, you can select all to be printed with size 4R and then confirm your address and method of payment.

Currently 4R prints are at a steal of RM0.30 per piece and RM0.50 for 5R. There is also free delivery services if the total amount is RM35.00 or more.

I love their photo prints coz the quality is really good. And it sure beats waiting around the shopping complex for 3 hours waiting for the photos to be ready. Or returning to the shop at a later time to pick up the photos. And added to this is the joy of the postman giving you a little present.

So, in this 12 days of Christmas, I have decided to send in some photos for print. Currently the house is only filled with pictures of Christopher. None of Caylee. So, hoping the fill the house with pictures galore. Hope eoe online will fulfill my Christmas wish!

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Alice Law said...

Reasonable price I reckon, moreover it's free delivery!;D Thanks for sharing!