Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I gave my optometrist a hard time!

I have had a long term affair with spectacles. The first time I put on my glasses, I was in Standard 4 with a degree of 300+. I remember taking DAYS to get accustomed to the slanting floor and the sharpness of dust particles in the sunlight surrounding me. My parents said that confirmed I was short sighted when they asked me to look at the birds (they were supposedly colourful) on the telephone pole. And I was like "where??" has been years. Now, if ever I take off my glasses, I feel a little naked and a lot insecure. During my wedding day when I got myself contacts, I found myself subconciously reaching up to 'fix' my glasses only to find myself grasping air instead.

Anyways back to the point.

I went to visit my favourite optometrist tonight. More coz Caylee broke the bridge rest of my specs and I had to have it changed. And since we were there, decided to test my eye sight. Of late my power has been steadily decreasing. So, my fear to get my eyes checked has turned into slight anticipation.

Went through the motions of answering "which is clearer? the 1st or the 2nd? the 3rd or the 4th? etc."
For the life of me, they looked all the same to me. So I kept giving the poor guy half hearted answers. And he sounded so incredulous asking me "Are you sure? Let's do that again. Ask me to repeat if you are not sure, ok". So, I sensed something was amiss.

And this was just for my right eye. We haven't even done my left!

Sometimes in between, he even told me "You are trying too hard! Don't overthink it. Just look at tell me."

"Close your eyes and relax. Just look and decide. Don't have to think so hard!".

At this point I was actually laughing and really felt sorry for him. I reckon after some 15 minutes, he gave up on my right eye and did my left. At least my left eye gave more consistent results!

In the end, he told me that for my right he was giving me a difference of up to 100 points and I was still telling him there is no difference! How can that be so? Poor fella....truthfully, there really wasn't much difference! the end he put my current specs on. Put a reduction lens of 50 in front of me and WOW....what a difference. It was like a burden has been taken off my eyes. Things were so much clearer and so much easier to see.

Thinking of it now, I should have asked him to put a 100 reduction to see if things were even clearer! But I reckon that would be too sudden a drop.

His final word to me was "I think your eyes have learnt to accommodate too much. I am wondering if you were ever wrongly diagnosed a prescription."

Well, I wonder myself. But at least I know I am in good hands now. Thank you Mr. Edmund. So, to all my 4 eyed friends......if ever you want a good optometrist, head over to Bond Eyecare in SS2 and Mr. Edmund and his lovely wife will attend to your needs.

So, I will start my new year with new eyes, framed in brown. Seems that is the only colour that makes me look 'prettier'! :)

Have a happy new year one and all. Look with your eyes but see with your heart.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Year End Cleaning

I had only one plan - to wipe all the fans in the house. But oh! what a plan it turned out to be.

Brought the ladder to the master bedroom one evening after work. Prepared the cloth and a pail of water. Climbed the ladder till step 3 and looked up! GOSH! The fan still looked so far away. Took another tentative step up and staright away came down. Spent a few minutes trying to motivate myself.

"One more step, it won't be that bad."
"At most, you just jump down on the bed."
"It's a won't fall down."

No words of motivation helped.

In the end I took everything back downstairs. Tried the downstairs fan. OK....only require me to go up to Step 4. I can do this.

And I did.

Cleaned the lights and fan in the living room one evening.
Cleaned the dining and kitchen fan and lights another evening.

You see....I don't have to cook so my evenings are relatively free-er!

After comfortably going up and down 4 steps of the ladder, I thought I would be ok with Step 5 and attempted the master bedroom again.

Gosh....I am beginning to curse my high ceilings. Or that fact that I did not lower the fan!

I had to climb up to Step 6 on the ladder and even then I had to strain my hands and look up to clean the idiotic 5 blade fan.

And when you are up there, the walls sure looks dirty too!

So, as of Day 3, I have cleaned the sliding balcony door, all fans (except the other roon upstairs which is HIGHER than the master room), changed the master and living room curtains and mopped all the floors.

Before the day is through I need to at least wipe the walls a little bit and some furniture. Then for once at least I can say I am 80% satisfied with the house cleanliness.

Was just telling my colleague that day that there is always SOMETHING requiring cleaning in the house. I am never truly satisfied that nothing else requires to be done.

That's a house for you! I need some sweet sweet refreshingly cold juice now.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Christopher is a very sweet boy. My mum always comments that it makes taking care of him such a pleasure.

Just that day, we were at IPC and they had a craft session FOC. So, I sat with him to make a felt flower craft. And when it was done, I asked him who he will be giving this gift to? Without a moment's hesitation, it was 'Por por'! a mum, I don't mind at all. He gives me enough hugs every night. :)

He eats much better now. Ever since I started the no TV, eat at the dining table rule. He still fidgets alot having to sit at the dining table, but he is getting there. Still eats about half the meal on his own and then requests that someone feed him. Still tries to talk in between bites and then forgets to swallow. He has a bad habit of biting....then talking....then biting again. swallowing in between except for his saliva. Thus he sometimes requires water to swallow when the food gets too dry. I never knew there was a art to eating till Christopher!

He is 100% toilet trained, I would say since 5 months back, when I started 'complaining' that he would wake (only) me up to open the bathroom door for him. The door knob is kinda weird so I accept that he cannot open it yet in his urgency.

Still LOVES his vehicles. He especially loves to line them all up and pretend it is a car park/airport/traffic jam etc.

Reading is improving as well as writing. Doing some work with him everyday so he accepts it as routine to work with mummy.

Loves his cartoons though can't really sit through a cartoon movie.

Sleep time is 10.30 for him after his daily PowerPuff girls. I don't see his attraction to that cartoon....but there really isn't anything else bettter at that time.

So anyways, he will be going off to Ipoh later today. He has one more week of day care left before the holidays. So, instead of my parents moving up and down so soon, they have decided to take him home with them.

I will miss my son this Christmas. I hope he will have a swell time in Ipoh with my parents.

More love and affection adn time for Caylee, who I reckon has it lacking, being #2. Maybe will bring her to the nearest beach. Have a blessed Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


What an experience. Now, I can look back at it and call it an experience.

I fainted in the bathroom on Tuesday morning, 13th of December.

Since the Malacca trip, I was already feeling a little at odds. Did not have much of an appetite. Slept badly. Overtired and overstressed. The kids have been fighting bloody wars.

Had a bad headache and a vomitting spell Sunday evening on the way back from Malacca. Dismissed it as hungry and ate some food. Felt better.

The feelings came back on Monday evening. Was on the way to the airport to pick up my parents. All the way in a half way crouch while holding on to the girl.

By the time we reached home, I was down with a fever and severe abdomenal pains. Crawled to bed after a milo. Spent the early part of the night asking hubby to sponge me down while I curled up shivering. It was terrible.

Slept at last.

The next morning, I thought I was alright, though still a little uncomfortable. Went to the toilet to get ready for work. The minute I opened the toothpaste, the mint smell made me sick. I literally felt a coldness sweep through me. Put back the toothpaste and toothbrush and was about the return to bed. And that was the last thing I remembered.

The next thing I knew, I opened my eyes and was wondering where am I? Why is the surface so hard. Why does my neck and head hurt? Why is there a beam over my head? Then I remembered.

I tried to sit up. After a few minutes, it was total blackness again and I lay myself down.

I think I attempted this a few times but I could never sit up.

Who found me? Christopher. He had come to relieve himself. And insisted on doing so first before he went to call daddy. Then he woke up the entire household as well exclaiming "Mummy fainted!"

When daddy came, he told me to get up and get to bed. But I could only faintly hear him. I was sitted up at that time and just lay down on the floor. Who cares about the dirty rag on the bathroom floor!

Well, he half carried me to bed and I just lay there for a good few minutes. Took some ribena and oats and felt slightly better.

2 days now and my abdomen still hurts. When I try to do something vigourous, I still feel light headed. My neck and head hurts like mad where I must have hit when I fainted. Had to resort to pain killers and muscle relaxants.

It was a good thing I did not hit my head on the toilet bowl or anything. I have never fainted thus far and till today I am wondering what was the real trigger of my downfall.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I am glad I still cry....

I asked a simple question in my head one day. It was a gloomy day that day, in my heart and mind. I saw people around me achieving so much more than me. Going places, gaining experiences, experiencing fine things, trying new things, getting rewards, basking in short just having it better than me.

I tried to seek consolation in that perhaps I am a good mum. But my kids were ruder than her's. I tried to find an identity, a role, anything that I can take solace in. And all that came to mind was "You are a child of God".

And still the question came easily to my mind "Is it (really) enough just being a child of God?"

If you never had to question yourself, your existence and your worth, that's great. It ain't fun at all working through such emotions. But I am glad I still cry.

God is seeing me through this. Only God can. And I can say with an outstanding 'YES' that indeed being a child of God is not only enough but the only identity I want to relate myself to.

God has seen me through 2 incidents which I want to remember.

When friends fail not only to lend a hand but they turn away from you.
Matthew 26:36-45 tells us about the time just before Jesus was betrayed. He asked his disciples to keep watch with Him. 2 times Jesus came back to find His disciples sleeping. Yet at the end of the day, Jesus was a comfort to his disciples. And He could be a comfort because He had an endless well of comfort given to Him. As a child of God, we can reach that stage where we can continuously draw comfort. That we may always be a comfort to everyone else. God gives us all the help and all the acceptance and all the friendship we will ever need.

My life is insignificant
As long as we remain faithful and do God's will, it doesn't matter what we get or don't get on earth. At the end of the day, we are all evaluated based on our faithfullness. Like Paul and his letters. It may have seemed a small act at that time. But the effect of it is lasting generations to come. So, as long as I am doing God's will for me on earth. Even though right now my kids may seem ruder than others. Even though I am not seeing places or experiencing new things. I have a peace because I know it is the place and the time that God has willed for me.

I am so glad I still cry. I listen to sermons and I still feel my heart move and tears fall down my cheek. I still feel the need to stand for an altar call. Just that day, while stilll struggling with everything in my heart, I heard this song by Don Moen 'I will Sing' from a CD I picked up to play in my car. And I started to cry and cry so much so I had to pull over. But today I hear the same song and I can sing it with an understanding and am reminded of God's peace.

So, I am very glad I still cry. In tears I begin to know God.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A hectic week

I just completed one long week of regional training. It was not as scary as I thought. Some areas were not covered as well as I would have liked it. But overall, all questions were answered and accepted.

Stayed in Parkroyal KL that week. So, didn't see the kids for 5 nights.

Caylee was surprisingly a little shy when I picked her up from the nanny on Friday. And she stuck to me like glue the entire night. Goes to show what a few nights away can do.

Christopher was also a darling. He kept looking at me and smiling. And even the next morning he hugged me and gave me a kiss.

The one week in Parkroyal should have felt like a holiday for me. And would have been a good time for me to catch up on sleep. But it was entirely the opposite. In fact by Friday, I was happy to go back to my own bed, sleeping at 10 pm with my daughter.

For the whole week there, I only hit the bed pass 12am. And only managed a 4-6 hour sleep.

However, I managed to watch some adult TV (not the dirty kind!), do some shopping and eat my dinner in peace. The late hours were mainly due to catch-up office work.

On the home front....

Christopher has taken to waking up in the wee hours of the morning of late to go to the toilet. At least he now knows how to wake up. But to me I feel it is quite disruptive to his sleep. He wakes up sometimes in a bad mood because of this. Hope things settle down for him soon.

Next year is school registration for him. Have left me considering what to do with his after school care when the time comes. Am considering taking him out of his current daycare and putting him with a daycare that also caters for after school care when he turns 7. At least he has 2 years to settle down with his daycare before the next big milestone in his life.

Caylee still refuses to talk. She actually knows how to call me, her grandma and even her daddy but she has a mouth of gold. Her understanding of instructions is marvellous. She knows what to do when I tell her to 'Hold your spoon with your right hand, not your left'. And I say this without any actions mind you. I can talk to her like I do with Christopher and she understands completely 80% of the time what is expected of her. But she refuses to talk.

When I force her to talk, she will look at me sheepishly and try to change the subject. It normally works and I am allowing her the leniency of taking her time.

For the month of December, it will be really busy for me. Caylee's nanny will be taking leave. So I will have to take care of the little one by myself and also attempt to work. I am still expected to go to Parkroyal 1-2 days to give training. But in between all that, I am looking forward to a short holiday, just the 4 of us. And some Christmas cheer come month end. I wish I could go to Singapore and watch the broadway musical Wicked all by myself. But then again.....that's a whole different story.

Issues are looming ahead for me at work.....but there are some battles that are not yours to fight. So, will just have to embrace change and learn anew.

Thank God for God.

Friday, November 18, 2011


I always try to limit the number of tubs of ice cream I have in the freezer to 2. Mainly due to space and also, man! there has got to be some limitation. But today I broke my 2 tub rule.
 Who can resist a Buy 2 free 1 deal when it comes to HD.
And each tub was selling at RM28!

And the other day, I was craving some ice kacang.
"Not Snowflakes?' hubby asked.
"No" I told him. "Something cheaper this time round...."

But kacang has gone canggih on me.
And costing RM3 now.
 Comes with spoon so you can literally eat and go!


Since I was downloading handbags from US.
There are 3 - costing USD 28, 32 and 45.
Guess which price tag belonged to which bag. prizes for getting it right.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Places I have tried of late....

1) Restoran Makanan Laut Wang Chiew @ SS2/103
Located in SS2 residential area, somewhere behind the Balai Bomba.
I was told it was really popular so I went early. The owner was a real friendly chap. Very mindful of the kids, to the point of telling off this Indon girl who served one dish over the head of my girl. Price wise very reasonable. I felt it a tad too MSG-ish but it could be just me and not them.

2) Blossoms Cafe, along the same row @ SS2/103
LOVE this cafe, although it is open only for lunch. We went on a Sat afternoon and had a satisfying meal with desert for less than RM30. Ordered 3 noodles each costing between RM5-7. Very home cook-ish which is GREAT for me. Tasty enough for my picky son, cheap enough for hubby and wholesome enough for me. Even my daughter had some noodles. For desert, had cakes. AND I TELL YOU....the cakes in itself is enough for me to go back there. No more Secret Recepie or whatever not for me. The durian cake we had was really good. And the ice cream is home made. Per slice costing about RM4-6. I can't tell you how excellent it is!

3) Cherry Cake Shop in PJ Old Town, same row as McD
If not for the fact that my bro in law told me about this shop, I would never have thought to enter it. It is like those olden really old cake shops. HOWEVER, their lunches are pretty good I heard. I went on a Sunday and they didn't have any lunch on a Sunday, so I can only tell you by what  have heard. They have a speciality lunch everyday so go check it out and then decide which meal you want to try. Heard their spicy lunches are really nice. Anyways.....I went there to get their lemon cheese pie RM17. LOVELY ! Sour enough and not too filling. Tried their banana loaf as well RM5 (I think). YUMMY! And bought some bread which was equally good. They have those wife pastires etc. if you ever have a longing for them which I heard are very good too.

4) Restoran Pin Xiang, Aman Suria.
Read about this restaurant from here. When we went therem it was pass 7pm and there were a few tables who had just put in their order. I was dreading it coz with 2 active kids, I hate a long wait for dinner. HOWEVER, I was so surprised that the dishes came out so quickly. Price wise was ok. Rice was served in a metal container so you can take how much you want. Which was great coz Caylee loves white rice! Very cooling place coz it is at a corner. And service was great. THUMBS UP!

5) Big Brother Restaurant & Grill, Kota Damansara
The first time I went there was during lunch. So, hubby and I had set lunch which was quite good for the price. The second time was with the kids. When I was ordering, I commented on the price being a bit too high but then when the dish came, it changed my mind. The portion was worth the price for a Western meal and there was a quality to the meal. Shared a beef burger with my son and it was really good. Hubby shared some spaghetti with the girl. Price per plate about RM20.

There are 2 more places that I am keen on trying - Joy Cafe in Taman Megah and a Organic Restaurant in BU. Will blog about that when I get around to going.

In the mean time....all you bloggers out there. Go forth and try new places. Then let me know! Cheers to good food and obedient kids.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Chai blessing!

I am blessed.

Since my post from NY on chai, I have received chai of various brands. So, I am enjoying my chai minus the stress of NY but with the necessary chill (it's been raining so much lately) to appreciate a hot cup of spiced tea at hand.

Much thanks to hubby and Simon. I feel truly blessed.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Caylee @ 1.5 years old

It's a little backdated....but my little girl is a wonder. At 1 year 6 months, she is able to...

1) Kick a ball, run after it and then kick again.
2) Fasten the high chair buckle
3) Feed herself....soup included
4) Hold a pencil correctly and scribble hard
5) Put a book back in the bookshelf in vertical position
6) Climb into the car and then the car seat unaided
7) Carry my handbag
8) Look speicifically for lego blocks of 3 to build a tower. She rejects blocks of 4 or 2. And accepts blocks of 2+1 to make up 3.

She defaults a bye-bye and a flying kiss when she leaves.
She knows 'to hug someone' means to put your arms around them.

She can't speak yet but she has a marvellous way of telling you what she wants. It's clearer than speaking!

When kor kor tries to teach her to say the 'mi' in Ma-mi (mummy), she says 'Ma' and then looks hard at the kor kor trying to say 'mi'....upon failing just points to me and says 'Ma'.

She knows what she wants and when. When she is tired, she will 'bring' you to the stairs and point upstairs. And when she wants her water, she will 'bring' you there and point to her bottle. And she will stand there till you get what she wants....or climb onto you so that she is high enough to take it herself.

She is still as determined as ever. When she can't do something right, she will request to be taught and then try and try it until she gets it. Not even kor kor can break her concentration then.

Otherwise, she is agile and can follow her kor kor wherever he goes. She can even climb the stairs on her own and attempts to do one step per foot so that she can go faster. She is clever though....she knows she has to hold on to the sides to stabilise herself.

It was particularly cute that day when I saw her follow kor kor through a tight squeeze. Kor kor breezed through it coz he is thinner and the area where it is tight is at his waist. Whereas for her, it is at her armpits. So when she was going through, she frowned and looked at it and then squeezed through. And then when she was through she relaxed and went looking for her brother.

She may be 1 year 6 months, but oh boy! she is still one major cry baby. She knows cry means less trouble?

And she is a trouble maker of late. When the 2 kids fight, right is usually instigated by Caylee. And kor kor 'fights' back the wrong way. So, if you come near my house on an ad hoc will hear Caylee cry, kor kor shout and then mummy scream! hahahaha......

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Verbs are 'ing' words!

It was late. And based on our earlier bargain, there would be no more bed time story tonight. Just a prayer and off to bed.

2 minutes later, Christopher told me "Mummy, you don't have to tell story. I talk about my school and you talk about my school, like that, okay?"

What he actually means is we talk about school and I was questions and he answers.

Oh well.....

So, I asked him what he did in school? And he told me what he learnt in Chinese class. He loves learning Mandarin so far. But he doesn't really understand what he is saying! hahaha....Yee Cheong has to come to the rescue soon coz this mummy is really clueless!

Anyways....after that, I asked him what he learnt in Mathematics class?
This mummy never fails to find some way to teach her son something. So, while talking I kept quizing him on his addition. And we rhymed our 1+1=2. 2+1=3 etc etc.

Then we talked about English. And I asked him if he has learnt verbs. He said No.
So, this mummy started explaining what is verbs. And I started giving him examples. And after a while he got it. And gave me correct answers to the sentences I was throwing at him.

AND THEN....he made an observation.

"Mummy, all the verbs end with the sound '-ing'.  Like talk-ing, driv-ing."

Yes indeed. I forgot that was one of the first ways to help a kid recognize a verb. But I am glad that he got it himself.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Polka Ice Cream

I found it by accident. But when they said it was limited due to season, I grabbed some.

And oh my gosh.....I am literally eating frozen durian. It's totally YUMMY!

Note : Ordered from The Last Polka website. Paid when collected the package at The Bee, Jaya One. It comes in that tupperware which really looks 'homemade'. It's small but worth every RM32. Good thing no one in the house is fighting me for it! :) get the Guiness and Tea Tarik one.

Worse 12hours of my life so far

Can a mother ever turn away from a crying child?

I have.

It all started on Sunday afternoon when in her 3rd mouthful of porridge, Caylee breaks out into tears.

Now, this is normal given that she was banging on the iPad and I took it away from her to bring out another program to keep her occupied.

Sorry hubby..I think in the process of her banging, she BOUGHT something! Early online shopper here.

So, anyways, I carried her up and brought her out to distract her....and to feed her somemore.

But to my surprise, she didn't really stop crying. And everytime she cried, she would put her hand to her mouth.

She ate after 1 hour 3 quarts of her porridge....then she started spitting it out and crying while holding her mouth again.

So, I gave up. Cleaned her up.

But throughout the whole day, occasionally she would cry and hold her mouth. It was not normal, not a tantrum cry. Truly can see it was a discomfort cry.

When kor kor was around, she kinda played with him. Sometimes remembering her pain, she would break out in tears again.

It was tiring, given it was only me and my mum taking turns to carry her and having to give in to her all the time else her crying would start.

At night when I brought her up to bed, she cried and cried and refused to sleep. Kept on pointing out. Normally even if she was not sleepy, she would lie around in the room. Never like this, all crying.

This went on and on. In the end she slept only coz she was exhausted from crying. 30 minutes into sleep, she would wake up and cry again. For about 30 minutes then sleep again. And the cycle continued till about 3am. Around 2+ I gave her some propolis in case she was having a sorethroat.

It is Tuesday now. Monday she was really pushing her limit after all the giving in on Sunday. By evening, my mum lost it. And I had a stern word with both the kids. Both cried of course but I knew this was a 'sad' cry.

Caylee is back to her good self today. All mischief and smiles.

Till today I am still wondering what happened. An ulcer? Bone? Whatever it is thank God He kept it shortlived.

Yes, I do think I spoil the kids.....BUT

 Bought this mat with streets and buildings from Giant for RM50.
Bought this die cast bus from NY for USD 7.

Yes, I do believe sometimes I spoil my son....BUT
these purchases give me some hours of time alone.

So, it's really WELL WORTH IT !

Thursday, October 6, 2011

He got lost

I have always been very strict with Christopher holding my hand when we are out, even in the shopping malls. Reason being he has a tendency to get in people's way. And of course for the obvious reason of safety.

So, it was a first for him and for me.

We were in Tesco. On the way IN to the toilet, he spotted those kiddie rides and told me he wants to go on them.

On the way OUT of the toilet, Christopher let go of my hand and ran towards one particular ride. Given hubby was at the check out counter right in front of me, I decided to go over to signal to him where we were.

For that split second, Christopher turned and didn't see me there. I had one eye on him all the time so I knew when he turned around and didn't see me. I saw his expression change and then he skipped/half ran down the corridor looking at all the check out counters.

I knew he was crying by the look of all the passer by mums and dads that he passed. They were really concerned seeing a child cry and then their expression changed to relieve when I nodded that I was the mum.

When he reached the end of the line of counters, he turned around, squatted down and cried loudly. Then he spotted me coming towards him.

All this while I was behind him but kids....they always look forward!

We reached each other and he hugged me and cried and cried. We walked slowly back to daddy, he hugging my leg the whole time.

He threw a tantrum later when the sobbing stopped. Scolded me for leaving him behind. I let him lash it out for just a little while.

We had a talk after that. He told me he made a rush for the ride coz he was afriad someone will sit on it if he doesn't hurry. I asked him which was more important, sitting on the ride or not getting lost? And to exaggerate my point, I told him about bad men who kidnap kids and put them in dark rooms and make them sit on the streets to ask for money. I think I scared him silly. Though later at night he retold me his version of a kidnapping story.

Anyways....he now knows that if he ever turns around and cannot find mummy, he has to stand still and wait. Mummy will look for him and find him. No point 2 people running and no one finding each other.

I did not teach him to look for a uniformed officer coz I seldom not know where he is going. He actually never leaves my side when we are out. And he will only leave me and go to someone else when that someone is within his sight. Besudes, I usually follow him when he lets me know he wants to go somewhere. Though maybe the next time we go out, I will point out to him uniformed officers and information counters, just in case.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Doing something worthwhile

I am in the business IT line. My main job is to educate users on the changes in the business process and how that will work in the system.

Apart from providing training, we create interactive programs for users to learn while doing.

Since returning from a TOT session in NY, there has been several trainings going on. We call it missions in our organization. And sadly I will be unable to participate in these missions becuase hubby and my parents will be alternating travelling. So, there is no other caregiver for the kids.

So of course, I volunteered to do most of the work for the interactive programs.

I quite love doing these programs because I kinda love working on the program itself. And I love writing process flows.

But recently, I heard that HQ is holding back the server upgrade that is supporting this interactive program. Without the upgrade, the program could become obsolete. The business users claim a User Guide/SOP will suffice.

Now, any IT user would know that a good IT manual has to have some screen shots of the system. To box up and highlight key fields, to show the actual key messages that will appear etc.

It threw me off balance when I heard this news - that the program has to be defended to that extent. It is not easy creating a piece of workable and understandable program for lay users to utilize. And when you feel your piece of contribution is not being appreciated, it kinda makes you loose the drive to really put your heart into it.

A job is not a job when you feel you are doing something worthwhile. Otherwise, a job is just a job.

Note : I wrote this before realizing Steve Jobs has passed away. RIP Steve! He did a great job coz he loved what he was doing.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Up the stairs in heels

I have not worn heels since 4 and a half years ago, when I became preggy with my son.

Recently, I bought myself a new pair of open toe heels.

My colleague told me that when she climbs the stairs, she only sets the flat part of her shoe/feet on the stair. In other wards, the heel is left dangling. She says it is much faster and easier to climb stairs with heels that way.

I don't know how to do that.

I have to place heel and all on the step before I feel it secure enough to put my weight down and climb. As a result I walk up the stairs really loudly and slower.

How do you climb the stairs when you are in your heels?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Makan Makan Weekend

I came back in time to celebrate my 5th anniversary. It was different this year. Made an effort to go out and celebrate. Told my son about the special day. Stopped short of putting on a dress for the occasion and wearing heels. Reckon that would still not be practical running after 2 kids.

Its the empowerment that comes with being kicked out of your comfort zone. Suddenly everything seems new.

So, we went to Shogun at last. Frankly hubby has been wanting to try for eons now. And I gave in to a buffet alas. It cost us RM54++ each for a Friday dinner and since my conscience was at its best, we had to pay RM16++ for our recently turned 4 year old boy.

All I got to say it.....apart from the Japanese food there, the other stuff really didn't taste good at all. Sorry to say that.....but some of the cooked dishes were cold. And if they were not cooked in black pepper, they actually tastes bland. I tried the Fried Udon and I only managed a spoonful.

The sashimi was good though and the vareity of sushi was NICE.

Ice cream was ok, only for the kids. The green tea ice cream didn't have green tea taste at all. The cakes I gave a miss. And only some of the jelly was good.

Surprisingly the coffee latte was really good. Really really good. And the ginseng tea tasted like ginseng.

Cost us a whopping bill of RM150 after tax. Well....cheaper than staying in a hotel, which was my original plan....


Then on Saturday we went to try another place called Veneeze in Jaya One. Well....the real reason we were there was coz hubby bought this voucher.

Verdict.....really good. Mid range prices, cosy place, easy parking. I wouldn't mind coming in without a voucher.

We had spaghetti carbonara....and the delightful thing about it was they made it and served it with a runny egg yolk in the middle. You are supposed to break the egg yolk and mix it with the plate of spaghetti. Frankly I don't like egg yolk but I have only eaten such spaghetti 1 other time since. And the taste really is very different.

We also had the pizza which was really good too. Thin crust you can hardly feel you are eating crust. And enough cheese not to be too gooey. And with a pinch of tabasco had me going slice after slice.

The mushroom soup was also VERY different. Brown soup with a side dish of fried mushrooms. You know you were having real mushroom soup.

The boy ate his share which was a good thing since he loves noodles and yet doesn't consider spaghetti noodles. He ate the pizza too although he doesn't like bread. The girl loved the soup and the garlic bread that came with it.

Walked around Jaya One. Decied to check out by chance if Starbucks here actually had my Chai. And found out that Starbucks now carry a 3in1 coffee. How much is it anyone knows? My bro in law told me it is RM8 a packet. I don't believe him! hahahaha....


We ended the weekend trying our luck getting to Logos Hope, after Simon's headsup. We had a jam getting into the parking lot which costs us RM3. Then when we reached nearer the ship we realised that there was a long line for tickets. It costs RM1 per adult. And the people were no longer seeling the tickets at the moment. Reason? There were already too many people in the ship and they had to clear out the ship before allowing other people to board. And there were already TONS of people waiting to board.

We left at 4.20 after spending some 30 min in the hot sun waiting. The boy was whinning of close and yet so far away. Have to come really early next week and fulfill his wish. It was my wish too, wish too. Pray we will be able to make it on board next week.

Monday, September 26, 2011

New York! New York!

Back from New York.

It was a real working trip this time round. No shopping at all during the weekdays. Blame it on the rain. Blame it on the General Assembly going on on the same time. Blame it on the fact that loads of people wanted to meet us for working lunches and dinners. Blame it on the fact we had 3 portfolios to juggle and complete daily.

However, having said that, it was really an experience to go during GA time. Certain portions of the street were closed. And only if you have the UN pass can you go in. We saw security snippers on the roof tops. And CIA lookalikes around having security stuff in their ears. We saw bodyguards around delegates. It looked just like an American movie.

Had Starbucks Chai every morning. I so miss it now.

The first week I was there, the temperature took a drastic dip on Thursday resulting in chattering me for 2 days.

Met my uncle on Sat and stayed over. Miss my cousins so much. Wish I had stayed for another night.

Amd now some shots....
At last I made a trip to Empire State Building. 3 times to NY and I never made it up. The view was great. Worth every USD 22.

On Sunday after church, walking around China Town, I reached the Italian town and found they were having a fest. It was super packed. They had grills every other place. And tons of gelato too. Had a great lagsane there with my uncle that day.

Yau Char Kwai wrapped in Chee Cheong Fun skin. Dip is soya sauce. Sounds simple but tastes really good. Heard we have this in Ipoh too! There was an option to have beef inside....but I opted for this simply dish for breakfast in Chinatown.

Woodbury Common Premium Outlet. Gap wasn't that cheap there actually. But Timberland was and shoes were going off at 50% with the 2nd purchase. My colleague bought 2 kids shoes costing like USD 30++. Coach was also going off really cheap like USD 90++. Pity I am not a Coach kinda person. Didn't have much time there and spent some time buying Samsonite suitcases.

It's the 10th anniversary of 9-11, so we found it befitting to see the memorial. This is ther building that is going up. My NY colleague cried when she was there. Me too.....the words displayed there was really touching. When I looked at the building, I saw reflections of other buildings. And the thought that came to my head was 'A reflection of hope'. It was a melancholic Friday evening with overcast skies.

So, basically that's it for NY. Purchased loads of shirts for hubby. Some scents from Bath and Body Works. And of course rewarded myself with Lesportsac and Kipling bags.

A NY Perspective

It was really all work and no play.

I did not really look forward to NY initially. Blame it on the kids. But I knew the real reason was that I felt I was no longer as competent as I used to be. Blame it on the kids, really, and their causing me lack of proper sleep which was affecting my memory and my ability to react appropriately at the confidence-giving speed. I was really in a comfort zone. I was good at running a home more than giving opinions in public.

And that is what NY really is about, at least given the reason I was there this time round. There were some 30 odd people from different parts of the world gathered in one room for a session on training the trainer. Many were loud and opinionated. And some who were soft yet still made a point. I did not have a point to make and I was quiet. That literally puts you out of the map in the workplace in NY.

Frankly, it was depressing. I listen better than I talk. And I think longer than I should.

Then I overcame my jet lag and had more strong coffee and loads of Chai tea.

It was a whole new ballgame being in NY this time, leaving 2 kids and a house. I never knew work could be so fulfilling as well. And that I actually miss being in the game. I am so used to being sidelined that I had grew moss just sitting down. I realise I miss running around.

So, I can't say I was happy to be home.

I love being a mum. I love being with my kids and hubby and taking care of the home. But I am also afraid of who I will settle back in to be when I am home. I will miss the confidence that comes with being pushed to talk more, say more, listen and think faster, being asked and being listened to.

I begin to see myself moving to NY and working it out fine.

It was a whole new NY perspective this time round. Change due to being a mum, change due to the unchange happening in my duty station. Is the comfort zone always a bad place to be?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

2 week hiatus!

It's a strange feeling having to plan for something immediate when something bigger is happening also. Hard to put aside the bigger bugger and think carefully of the immediate activity. Doesn't help that hubby is can't download.

Anyways.....the bugger which is so big is my impending trip to Manhattan. Going for 2 weeks on a heavily scheduled, do-you-think-I-have-2-brains training. With the HUGE expectation to provide training to some offices directly afterwhich. AND to provide a regional training later in the year. Why oh why don't I ever get to be trained just for the fun of it!

Leaving on the 10th anniversary of NY's greatest threat. So, it won't be all that fun with security at the airports. Official letter with company logo - checked. Valid passport and working visa - checked.

Now for the little buggers.....

Got to get some socks for the trip tommorrow. So glad JJ is already open in 1U coz that is where I will be heading tommorrow.

And going to celebrate my dad and son's birthday together. One a bit late and the other a lot early. Was trying to squeeze cake planning and dinner venue planning in between my otherwise preoccupied mind.

So, got his Mickey Mouse cake. Christopher changed his mind from Ben10 to Scooby Doo to at last Mickey. Glad he did so coz Mickey is standard in most cake shops. Settles for Thyme and a 2 kg cake. Ah boy insisted he wanted fruits ALL AROUND. total left me RM103 poorer. Hope the German Black Forest cake turns out good. Cos it will be my mum and Ah girl perhaps who would have to finish the whole lot.

And dinner for my dad will be at the much read about, couldn't wait to try Chinese Restaurant Chyniis @ SS2 Mall. I already have a list of stuff to order.

Will be uploading the review of this restaurant and the birthday party in NY if I have the time. Else it will be hiatus for 2 weeks.

See you all in a bit.....or two. Happy 3 weekends in advance.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ice Bowl, UFO and Snowflakes

I have been wishing for Snowflakes to come over to SS2 for ages now. The nearest outlet for me right now is Kota Damansara. And we all know the jam there...and the flood if it pours.

So, I was kinda happy when I found out something similar has landed in SS2 - Ice Bowl and now UFO.

All of them use the same concept actually - shaved black jelly ice topped with condiments.

Ice Bowl adds red bean as well apart from the usual taro and sweet potato bites.
UFO adds macha bites as the extra.


I think I still have to drive to KD for Snowflakes.

I don't like Ice Bowl coz the shaved jelly ice does not have that strong a black jelly flavour. Snowflakes black jelly tastes like Kua Lin Ko - slightly bitter and thus seems more authentic. I also don't like the red bean addition.

UFO's portion is smaller for the same price. The taste of the ice is much the same but the taro, macha and sweet potato bites tasted funny. Macha especially just didn't work.

The last time I had Snowflakes, I made this comment to hubby 'Ever wondered why they have the bites this particular size?'

My theory is:
If the bites were too small, you would have a tendency to scoop it together with the ice and black jelly. And your teeth would not be able to handle biting the bites and handling the cold jelly at the same time. You really need to suck the black jelly ice.
The bites are made big enough to make you feel that you can only scoop one into the spoon and put it in your mouth. Then you chew and get ready to put in some ice. By the time you get the ice into your mouth, the bites would be small enought to be mixed together and swallowed down.

Well....that's just me. Hubby laughed when I told him that. He thinks I analyse too much. :)

Have you tried Snowflakes? When did you last have it?

Monday, September 5, 2011

2nd night diaper free

Happy Tuesday morning!

It's the 2nd night Christopher went without his diaper at night.

First night no accidents.

Second night only a minor leakage.

Is it too soon to rejoice?

We decided to go cold turkey on him. Will wait it out till Friday and then change the sheets.

And at Caylee's end....nanny is toilet training her too. According to her, her grandkids were potty trained by the time they turned 2.

I could be a happy momma with some extra cash in the pocket soon. Keeping my prayer going and my fingers crossed. :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Last week

Good morning. It's a Monday and I am happy. After 3 days with the kids, I am broke and tired. Always feel that if I am not earning money, I am just spending money.....

Let's see....what did we do?

It felt like CNY to me. Coz we were scheduled to spend the morning with my inlaws after not seeing them for 2 weeks. Had lunch with them in Klang. Was supposed to pay but my FIL's friend arrived and settled the bill for us.
In the evening, went to 1U to check out the new JJ. Not bad...knida love the new foodstores in front. Reminds me of Spore. But the crowd was !!!!! The boy insisted on eating in the Green Frog place - Sakae Sushi.

Hubby couldn't wait to wake up today coz he had planned to visit Tokyo Street in Pavillion. We timed a visit of 2 hours there. Parking costs a BOMB in Pavillion. Was disappointed with Tokyo Street. It was kinda small. But of course the Jap art and items was beautifully displayed. THe bento boxes looked like art not utensils to be used. Was hoping to get some shirts with Jap art but....
Big kiddo threw a tantrum during lunch. Slapped him in a crowd of food court eaters. I think everyone must have thought I was a super terrible mum. Sigh.....but the boy was down right rude and spoilt.
Went grocery shopping in the evening at Tesco. Loads of parking. GREAT! But the fresh food produce area was in a sorry state. Good thing I was there only for the tins and bottles and packages. Dropped by Snowflakes for my de-stress. DO you know about Ice Bowl and UFO in SS2?

Since I didn't get to treat my inlaws to a meal, decided to go to the Lan Je in USJ for lunch. No one my inlaws knew came, so I managed to give them and 2nd aunty a treat. Ah Boy learnt his lesson and ate up all his lunch.
However he was all keyed up that he didn't get a good afternoon nap. Resulted in moody boy in the evenings.
Took the opportunity to go to the night market for some fruits and vege. It was a quick trip coz we were each carrying a kid and our fruits as well. My arms ached terribly.
Drove to KD to try the belacan fried chicken since the traffic was light. Must use the opportunity coz other times it would be crazy to go to KD. One bite of it and I was asking 'where is the belacan taste?' Good only for a fried chicken crave.

Hubby went back to work. I worked at home to take care of Ah Boy! Was very strict with him making him eat at the table by himself, do some maths and reading and colouring. He didn't have a good time. But he was getting too spoilt by his grandparents who took care of him last week. My mum is like his servant! Gosh.... was a good break. But I am glad to be back to work and some routine. And glad that Ah Boy is back to school and not just lazing there with in front of the TV.

Take care everyone. Seems the haze is around and alot of people are falling ill.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

No gas, no gassssss.....

I knew something was amiss when the spluttering of the serai and onions in my wok started slowing down. Looked down at the flames and yes, oh yes.....there burns the last breath of my gas.

Called my neighbourhood gas man.

"Today cannot help you miss. I am in Bangsar!"

WHAT?? So far the 3 times I have called him since I moved to my new place has him running over in about 10 minutes. So, this was a first for me.

"So how?" I asked. "What time can you arrive?"

After much debate, he gave me a reluctant promise of before 6 pm.

So, off I went doing my other chores. If my parents were not here, you bet I would have just packed everything into the fridge and went out to eat.

But I had my parents and I had my relatives who were coming over for dinner. Rice was cooked and everything was washed and cut. So, we waited.

At 5.50 pm, the gas man called. "What is your address? Not xxxx place meh?"

"NO!" I answered. "I told you my place is yyyy place mah."

He got the address wrong and thus was now caught in another traffic jam filled place.

"This time really cannot help you miss. By the time I reach your place will be 8+ liao."

SIGH....and here I was on my way out to fetch my aunty and grandma. cut the story short, my dad went over to the gas man's house, hoping he would keep some spare tanks in his house. And this act caused the gas man to pity us so much that he sent his son to bring his own gas tank over for us to use.

So, my mum cooked dinner.

And at 8+, the gas man arrived to give us a new tank.
He took the oportunity to nag and nag for us to keep a spare.

Truth be told, I don't really have the cupboard space to put a spare. And neither do I have a storeroom. So....the reason why I didn't have a spare. And he has always been so reliable. And I thought I had an induction cooker, worse case scenraio. But the damn induction cooker gave me a fuse shortage when I hooked it on last night.

So this particular incident is not one I want to repeat. My mum doesn't do well with stress and given the gas man predicted my tank of gas would last only till Christmas. And gave me a warning that don't tell me half way cooking for Christmas....

Space or no space, I have a spare now. Hidden in corners only cockroaches go! :)

I end this with a kind word of gratitude for the gas man who thought of our dinner and let us use this tank of gas. It was so much trouble for him but he helped where he could. Such a good samaritan.

Did I consider other gas tanks? I did. But hubby says they could have a different head? Is that true?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Reggie by Reggie Dabbs

The title of this book Reggie goes on to include 'You can't change your past, but you can change your future'. It is based on the life of Reggie who finds out in his second grade that his parents were not his real parents. And added to that, his birth was a result of a twenty-dollar deal his sixteen year old mother made to secure food. That was his past. And affect him this news did. But it did not stop him from making a future for himself.

The book progresses in this manner. Taking us through the years as Reggie grows up. The lessons he learnt and how we can apply these lessons into our life. There is a moment in the book that should cover most of what every other person is going through. Whether you are a teenager, a young individual or a father. He even adds questions and discussions at the end of each chapter for readers to ponder upon.

It is an inspiring book. A good read. Suitable for people from all walks of life. Thanks once again to Booksneeze for this complimentary book. It has certainly opened my eyes to a different perspective in life.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Updates on my little girl @ 1y4+m.

She has got 4 teeth on the top, 2 at the bottom. Her bottom molars on both sides are sprouting. Thank God she has no fever or particular irritation.

No sign of talking yet, apart from a distinctive 'nen nen'. People ask me if I am worried. Frankly I am not. I have a feeling she will have speech diarrhoea when the time comes. She has always been slow and steady in her developments. And right now 1 talker in the family is enough to keep my mind and mouth busy.

Spoilt to the core. I blame her nanny. :) She gets coddled and carried and practically anything she wants from them. It is a ratio of 7 adults loving 1 baby in that house. So, you can bet she gets alot of brushing off at home, relatively.

Still wakes up at 2-3 am for PLAYTIME. I frequently have to bring her to the other room so that she would not disturb kor kor or daddy at that hour.

Loves to hold my finger or play with my nails while attempting to sleep. So, I have a permanent back ache due to my inmobility while putting her to sleep.

She is a real competitor. Always wants to beat the brother to things. Ask them to wash hands and this little girl will race to be first at the sink.

Loves to press the button on the ipad.

Knows the signal for 'no more'. And after seeing me lift my hand at another car to thank them for letting me pass, she now raises her hands at almost all vehicles passing by at the traffic lights. It's quite comical.

Loves to mimic us, especially kor kor.

Ask her who is Caylee, and she will pat her chest. Recognises most people. Mummy, daddy, kor kor, por por. kung kung....and even cher cher (my BIL's gf).

Loves the playground and will point at all the playgrounds she passes on her way home.

Recognises tiger and spider and ball and balloon and biscuit and dog and cat and bird and umbrella. Other pictures are a hit and miss. Starting to follow actions in nursery rhymes.

Very determined. Very focus. Able to do alot of stuff on her own after watching how we do it....including twisting the CNY red top cannisters and prying open a Jacobs cream crackers 900g tin.

Bought her a hair clip that day. Sometimes I can get it on her. Most of the time she prefers to put it on me.

Loves stickers. She thinks they are really pretty.

LOVES balloons. Up to the point I have to be careful not to walk pass certain shops in the mall that have those colourful balloons.

Still irritates the brother to high heaven.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cameron Highlands

Highlights of our Camerons trip!

Food was excellent.

Recommended : Jasmine Cafe's smoked duck @ Tanah Rata RM28. Small portion but totally worth it. Hubby had the mixed grill which was nothing to shout about RM24.

Recommended : Lord's Cafe/T Cafe, Tanah Rata above Marrybrown. Simply food. Fried noodles RM 4.80. Great scones and chicken pie (approx. RM 2.80 each).
Read so much about the Strawberry Moment cafe. So, had to give it a try. Not bad for deserts. Had strawberry coffee ice blend and loved it. Loved it enough to buy a box of strawberry coffee...and still love it. We spent RM 48+ just on 2 ice creams, 1 coffee and 1 kids meal here.

The kids are not really into where we are going. As long as they have the food of their choice and the things they want to play with. In almost every farm, all Christopher wanted to do was to sit on those stuff and eat ice lollies! Caylee followed kor kor minus the ice lollies. She got a strawberry ball instead. And Christopher even managed to find an small aeroplane for me to buy.

The drive up to the Boh Tea Centre was exhilirating - only wide enough for one car. So certain parts was a real squeeze. But the visit was totally worth it. Nice walk up and nice cool air with breeze and so serene.

We + Ipoh in our trip. Tried a new eating place @ Stadium near Fairpark/Ipoh Garden. The fish head noodles were totally yummy - sour, not oily, totally yummy. They also had porridge for Caylee and the fried fish/meat fritters tasted like healthy keropok lekor.

Also chu chap chook for anyone who is interested!

Tried another shop near Pasir Pinji. I had the nyonya noodles, hubby had the BKT noodles and my dad had the curry mee. ALL of them were yummy. The shop is at the corner of the row where Kampar Cake Shop it. By the way....the wholemeal breads sold in this cake shop are totally good and fresh!
Konfeksi Ming Yue was THE place for salty peanut brittle, heong peang, small and good kaya puff and (cheap but tasty) mooncake. But no way can an outsider go there. These people have business so good they really won't bother if you walk away. Thank God for my mum and her goodwill! :)

At the end of the trip, hubby and I agreed - Camerons will be our always holiday location for a short break. The cool air allowed the kids to run around even in the early afternoon. So for once, Caylee slept uninterrupted till the next morning.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Moving to Cyberjaya inevitably happened.

When hints are dropped, hints are picked up. Decisions are made way up there in the hierarchy ladder. And then just as an offside...I wonder how the staff feel?

So no matter how I would dread the commute ("we stay 2 hours away, you know! she says."). How the additional time on the road would affect my already JIT schedule. How I would now have to cook the night before and forgo my already infrequent exercise.

Did I mention my supervisors, in fact most people in New York, stay some 2 hours away? But that is really by their choice when they initially chose the job! The nearest cheap housing estate is probably Queens and if you have kids, most likely New Jersey is preferable.

Well, we more or less got the message "We don't really care how you feel. Its a management decision. Either go with it or get out." Which I am really tempted to do since HP allows work from home and free gym, as far as I know.

But I am rambling. Actually I would like to best do I get to Cyberjaya from Damansara at 7+am? And what about coming back around 4pm? Is the LDP way doable? I don't fancy paying toll of RM11.80 everyday taking the Elite.

Someone please HELP!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

last night....

Last night after dinner Christopher was walking around and saw a glass filled with ice and just a little bit of clear liquid left in the glass.

He climbed up the dining room chair, kneeled down and told me "Mummy, I want some 100plus." And then he took the glass and wanted to drink it.

I 'shrieked' at him " Don't drink that. That is daddy's glass. Daddy is sick. Put the glass down NOW."

My shrieking didn't help. And Christopher thought I was forbidding him to drink 100plus.

For your info, Christopher does drink 100plus. It all started with one innocent cup from my inlaws. And more subsequent cups every Sunday now. is one of the lost battles I have given up on.

Anyways....he got a little mad. He 'slammed' the glass down and proceeded to complain about all the unfairness he gets from mummy. I ignored him for a while....which resorted to him getting more frustrated and started to hit my chair and hit me.

And this Caylee of mine always chooses the time when mummy and kor kor are at wits ends to get into my better books instead. And I don't lash it out on this irritates the brother even more to no end.

So anyway, after a while Christopher starts throwing things around (and the ever innocent mui mui goes picking it up and giving it back to him). So, I bellowed to him to stop throwing his stuff around and showing a bad example.

Well....I should have known but I was too lazy to react.....Christopher started to take it out on his sister. And when push came to a shove, I smacked him on his hand 5 times HARD!

He cried (of course) holding his really red palm with the other hand.

Caylee of course clambours to me to be hugged, pushing kor kor away. Gosh!

So I get down, let her sit on one lap and after a few minutes hug Christopher to me on the other side. used to be that whenever I do this last time, he would storm off and still remain angry. But since I had a talk with him about his anger and who the loser is with all this anger, he has learnt to quickly handle his emotions.

And that is why I am feel so good about my son as I hugged him to me. He is really learning to deal with negative emotions and work on it.

So, I told him the sequence on events from the time he slammed the glass causing him to get angry till right now, he is upset and crying. And then I told him how to handle it differently in future.

I told him that mummy sometimes 'shrieks' not cause I am angry but I am anxious and worried. So, he has to talk to me to find out if I am angry or just concerned.

He said sorry in the softest voice. And agreed that in future he will communicate better and try the other way.

Makes me really glad....also makes me realise that it is not in the things that we are good at that God looks at us. But in things we are poor at, when we listen to Him and learn that makes him please.

Much like me and my son. Much like me and my son.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

last night....

Last night I put away 3 loads of washing which has been left idle on the sofa. It was a HUGE pile blocking my entire view of the staircase.

When I plopped it down on the bed, after washing up the kids, my son said:

"Mummy do you need help? Can I help you?"

"Sure." I told him. "You can put away all your clothes. And Caylee's PJs go here ok?"

"OK. Mummy."

And off he went taking his clothes and putting them away as best he can.

"Look at mui mui mummy. She is messing up everything!"

"Yes....mui mui....don't disturb. Don't touch. GIRL!!!!!"

"Hurry hurry mummy. We do quickly and mui mui cannot disturb!"

So....the 3 loads of clothing was kept as fast as we could. And some of por por's clothes, he carried to the other room and also kept it inside.

The sight of him putting back the 3 adult pants folded in one pile all at one was comical. He was trying his darnest not to mess it up while placing it flat into the drawer. son, my son. He is indeed quite a Handy Helper.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My 4 day weekend

I took 2 days off to do my own thing recently. And now...I need another 2 days to rest. :)

I had a product interview in the morning. Was supposed to last about 1 hour but ended up spending nearly 2+ hours at the place. Learnt about a new product (had to sign a form that I would not breathe a word) and earned myself RM60. This RM 60 is my consolation for a boo boo I made in my recent hotel booking to Camerons.

Afternoon stayed home to entertain my aunt and uncle and cousins. Had a good chat with them at home over nasi dagang from Kemaman. Totally yummy but 2 days of this rich tuna curry has left me with a sore throat.

Went to Bon Odori. It was a long walk under the warm evening sun. On the way there, Christopher kept muttering "I can walk. I have got energy." again and again. And after a few rounds at Bon Odori, he was complaining non stop "I want to sit. Mummy, where can we sit?". Poor kiddo.
Caylee was smarter. She didn't even ask. She just walked arond in circles, as if drunk (and loads of people had to avoid her while smiling), and then plopped herself down on the ground.
We left around 7+ pm after watching the drums a little bit. And thankfully on the way out, we managed to get the shuttle bus driver to bring us nearer to our car.
Before the bus ride, Christopher was lamenting "I don't ever want to come here ever again!" but in the car, he was happy to come again IF he gets to sit on the bus (again). :) Had Chatime as a reward for all the 'hard' work walking. :)

Had church duty which was kinda fun! :) Managed to listen to the morning sermon since the kids were at home with my parents.

Afternoon, when the kids were asleep, hubby and I sneaked out to Toys R us warehouse sale. Yes, I managed to get Christopher a new fire engine for RM20. Saw some great Woody shirts there and ketp thinking of William. Pity I didn't know his size or Irene's number. Else surely I would have called them.

And in the evening we went to our inlaws place. And I had Snowflakes to reward myself. :)

Went out shopping as soon as the shops were open till the time I had to go home to pick the kids. Was suppposed to buy shoes but gosh be gosh...could not find one. I have a trip to NY this September so it has to be a comfortable formal walking shoe. And also a shoe that I can wear with a skirt. Any ideas anyone? Flatties? Short heels?

Hubby was off so I was hoping for another session of shopping and eating. But lo behold I feel sick. The sore throat and flu got a hold of me after a long absence. I am wondering if it is due to my tidying up of the shoe cabinet and some winter clothing early that morning. Oh well...
Went to FOS opening at The Curve. Bought some tops and bottoms for the kids. Also went grocery shopping. Then headed for a good buffet lunch @ Tao. At RM 46++ per person, weekday lunch, it was fare. Loved the lamb and the scallops. And all through the meal, kept thinking of June! She would love this Japanese buffet.

Had Chatime again for dinner. Too much food. Needed ice drinks instead for my throat.

So, at the end of 4 days I didn't manage to accomplish what I originally set out to do...i.e to get my new shoe and some new clothing. Oh well....another excise to take leave again some time soon. How was your weekend?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The kids and some....

It has been a call to catch up week. Once in a while, I make it a point to call all my closest buddies to find out what is happening in their lives.

I found out this week that, if I feel I have it bad, there are many others who have it worse. One of my closest buddy in Penang just lost her father a few months back. Her brother's autism is getting more pronounce since the incident. And just a few weeks back, she has had to deal with a minor stroke that affected her mum.

She sounded so tired when I called. My heart really went out to her. With a part time maid and on waiting list for a home nurse, I wonder where she finds the strength to cope.

It is indeed God's providence that she left her 9-9 job and have since opened her own classes. And is doing well too. So at least finances are alright and her time is quite flexible. has to go out and talk to more people to realise how blessed we all are.

Another of my closest buddies in PJ cut me off before I could even start a conversation. This one I need to make time and sit down with a cup of tea tarik to talk to. If you know who you are and read this, make time for me Sunday evenings ok.

My other friend from KL is 7+ months pregnant. The last time I called her, she didn't even breathe a word of her you can imagine I literally threw 'daggers' over the phone when she let it slip! I am so happy for her....after 2 years of trying.

As for the kids.....

Christopher broke 2 toys this week. One huge land rover car given to him on his 3rd birthday and his fire engine. He reported duitfully that the car was broken to his yee ma and yee cheong, since they were the ones who bought it for him. Carefull to announce that it really was by accident. And indeed, it was.

As for his fire engine....I did't know it was broken actually coz he still played with it. Actually just one side of the wheels have come off and the axil is broken so it cannot be repaired. He is 'begging' for a new fire engine now. But Atria toy shop, being near closure does not carry one big enough for him to demand.

By the way....the Atria toy/utility shop, known for really cheap China toys and all kinds of misc. will be moving to Serdang and another branch to Pearl Point. In case you want to know....

As for Caylee....

When I pretend to cry, she hits me. And no matter how far she is, she will come back to me and hit me. I don't know if she means to hit or pat and alert or....etc. But one thing I know if she wanders too far and I want her back, I need to pretend cry!

Her sense of observation still amazes me. She can spot a cat under a car across the road. If her nanny holds an umbrella, she can spot that I have one as well slipped at the side of my driver's seat.

She loves to look at people and watch what they are doing. My cousin from Australia was down last weekend and Caylee was carefully watching her 10 month old cousin cry, sit, wail, look. Pity the kiddo....he was tired out and had no patience to respond to Caylee.

Christopher ignored both of them the whole night prefering to talk to his yee cheong instead.

Well...the weekend is coming. Hope I can catch the Bon Oduri this year. Have a great one peeps!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

SS Two mall and Blossoms

I was out on a mission Friday evening. My mission was to NOT COOK and go check out these 2 places - SS Two Mall AND Blossoms.

My sis was the one who told me about Blossoms actually. It only opens during lunch and has such delectable cakes. When she told me it was behind the fire station in SS2, I was like "Huh? There are shops there?" satisfy my curiousity, I had to make a trip there. And lo behold....indeed they only open for lunch. Will definitely go there one day to see how the noodles fare up. However, we saw a chinese restaurant there open for evening. The many table in pink cloth is a good indication this open air coffee shop must serve up some cheap great food. So, we will be back.

As for the SS Two Mall. Well...we passed it several times. And given it has been open for quite some time now....time to go check it out.

I love grocery shops. But Urban, in SS2 Mall was nothing much to shout about. No feasting of eyes on much imported stuff. The Jaya Grocer (and equivalent) shops are much better.

There is an outdoor area in the mall where most eateries clutter around. It's kinda weird in a sense that at ground level, the outdoor area is not connected all around. You have to go back in and out again to reach the other 'wing'. The lower ground outdoor area was alright though. It had water spout fountains which kept the kids occupied....reminded me of Spore. And the lack of people made it alright for the kids to run around.

There are some interesting eateries there. However, we settled on Japanese - Yokoso Iciban. Took pics of food with hubby's phone and it's still sitting there now. :)

I ordered Japanese noddles RM12 and garlic fried rice RM10 for me and my boy. Hubby had some fried pork, egg and rice set RM18. Taste wise was just fare. At least boy boy ate up his portion.

The great thing about SS Two Mall was Chatime is also open there. And no queue for a drink here! Had the roasted milk tea RM4.90 and added pearl RM1.00. It's actually quite nice. And the pearls were chewy and soft. Hubby is dreaming macha tea now with pearl.

All in all.....a relaxing Friday evening.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We can't decide!

We have 3 destinations in mind for a short break this August.

Cameron Highlands

And we can't decide.

Christopher doesn't really like the beach or the pool. But it could be Caylee's first time to both. And hubby has never been to the East Coast so mid year is a good time.

Both the kids have never been to a highland. Should be no jam in Camerons since it is not a school holiday. No need to walk too much, just drive and stop to visit farms. But nothing much to do in Camerons apart from that.

Both the kids have never been to historical places in Malacca or the zoo. And Caylee will require carrying since she can't walk a whole load of distance....and gets distracted too much! And we really need to get more San Shu Gong coffee.

So....where do you think I should go?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Hubby is BACK!

Hubby is back and I am happy!
At last went out yesterday to cut my hair.
At last went out for a nice dinner.
Wanted to go eat Snowflakes but the jam was HORRIBLE going in to KD.

Happy happy me!
Coz I finished washing almost all his dirty laundry.
And finished unpacking all the goodies he bought.
And distributed them to my parents and inlaws.

Happy happy me!
This weekend I can go shopping.
No need for me to push the stroller.
And I can leave the kids to look for clothes and try them on.

Happy am I!
I get to take short breaks in the evening.
Go out for a short walk in the park or shopping complex.
Do small chores like going to the bakery without feeling that I am tiring anyone.

I am happy.
Although I need to go back to cooking
and washing and cleaning all on my own.
And picking up the kids....

Happy me.
Coz hubby has lost some weight and looks good. :)
And yearns chinese food and pork so much that
everything I cook will taste good.

I am happy.
It is good to be happy.
Happy Happy Me! :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Report card day

Last Saturday was report card day for Christopher. I went alone with him coz hubby is out of town.Christopher didn't want to go initially coz 'it was a Saturday!'. But when I told him I will be going in with him and only for a little while, he agreed to show me around his school.

For 2 years now, everytime we show up to get his report card, one of his buddy's parents would also show up at the same time. So, at least our 2 boys could keep each other company while we waited for the teacher to attend to us.

It was rather late by the time the teacher got to talk to me. Reckon she was tired and I was tired. Basically I learnt that Christopher is doing alright in school. Looking through his books, I realise that he is way more advanced in his learning at home. And not due to my pressure or stress.

When we go to the bookshop, Christopher picks up the books he wants to buy himself. Which includes maths, alphabet writing, numbers writing, mandarin strokes, colouring and some other acitivty books. And when he is at home, he takes out whichever book he wants to do and does them himself. Occasionally he would ask me to read out the instruction for him and tell him how to do a certain activity.

This year in school, they are just starting him on writing capital letters. He already has alot of completed books of capital letters and small letters at home.

For numbers, he will be writing and counting 11-20 in school. At home he is already counting beyond 20 and sometimes writing up till 30/50. They have not started him on addition yet or identifying which number is bigger/smaller. But he is already doing addition up till 10 at home and using the '>/<' signs.

Mandarin, he is at par coz I have requested for his mandarin books every week so that I can also learn and then reinforce up till the same level.

Colouring is of course not an issue for him. He loves to colour. Colours with different colours. Can colour minuet areas well.

As for reading....he is just completing Peter and Jane 2A. My mum says he is rather slow. But I realise it is because at home we don't continue the next page when there is a word is as not yet mastered.

Christopher used to jump to the 4 year old classes when he was 3 coz he went to school rather early and so he learnt faster than his peers. But this year, the principal decided not to do this anymore so that he would have his own classmates and move along with them.

I don't know if this is the right level for 4 year olds. To me, I feel he is ready and able to do so much more than this. Of course, there are areas where he is weaker. And thus the general level for 4 year olds are such, I guess. But my colleague told me her daughter in a chinese kindy is already doing addition. And last year itself, they were already writing capital and small letters.

Which makes me wonder.....should I send my daughter to this kindy as well. And if I do....reckon she won't need to go so early coz if the rate of learning is that slow, she would be able to catch up.

Maybe coz I have the time and interest to teach them at home that I feel the school is going a little too slowly. Although I also know that it is more important to cultivate the interest to learn than how much they have to learn at a certain level.

Anyways....can you tell me what your kiddo learns in school at 4?

Monday, June 13, 2011

The kids so far....and things to come

I have Glee playing in the background. Managed to get some videos converted from Youtube to MP4. And some others to MP3.

Decided some has happened and time to get it recorded. Unfortunately our use of the camera is limited these days. We have 2 kids struggling to grab it even before the pic is taken. Everything is thus blurry!

She's a cutie pie. Her actions are so girlish they are bordering on over poweringly sweet. When you praise her, she extends her hand down and front and smiles a shy smile. When she walks around, she swings her arms up and down like she's exercising.

That day Christopher woke up from his nap and she brought his bottle for him to drink water. Waited for him to take a drink and then took it back to the table. And now everytime she is in the room, after Christopher's bath, she will grab his clothes for him to dress up. She is quite meticulous - taking shirt, pants and even underwear. If she can't find any 1 of the 3, she will attempt to open the drawer to get it.

She learns very quickly too. She doesn't just observe and see how you do it. But she understands the concept of it and tries other ways to get it done when the usual normal way is 'closed' to her. For example, opening a tin. If you hold the handle so that she cannot hold it to open the tin, she will pry the sides open with her fingers and get it opened from the sides.

She also knows what we mean when we ask her to 'throw away'. She will walk to the rubbish bin and throw it in.

She has also learnt to do a flying kiss after 2-3 times of showing her. And gosh...she gives you such a sweet shy smile while doing so.

She is also really loud. And she chuckles when we grimace over her loud singing. She chuckles so comically that we can't help but chuckle too. And then she goes over and over again.

She still LOVES to climb. She will fall and cry but then up she goes again. She sometimes knocks her head and still laughs. She has no fear. She walks into a dark room unafraid and alone.

I am very glad that last Sunday, Christopher was good enough to sit through the entire church worship. He was a bit squirmish coz Isaac, his good buddy was around. And there were other kids as well playing in the Baby room. But this mummy made him sit quietly through worship and then some prayer before letting him off to Sunday School.

I believe kids can and should do it. Sit quietly when necesary, worship and pray with the adults. Feel the attitude of prayer, listen to things which are affecting the nation and the people. They are never too young to start praying.

And thank God when I am strict about such things - prayer, keeping quiet in church, giving tithes and being thankful, I do see fruits from Christopher.

I see him understand. I see him keeping quite for as long as the prayer is. I see him clasp his hand together and close his eyes to pray. I see him asking questions about why I raise my hands. I see him looking at me worship and praise God. I see his knowledge of the Bible slowly increase. I see him being open and responsive.

Nothing beats good character in a child.

Christopher prayed for me again last night . He has done this for me several times now. And it has never been upon request but on his own and using his own words. I feel so thankful for the person he is growing up to.

This will be hectic times. Alot of things are happening at work (espeically at work) for me and for hubby. We literally have to sit down with our calendar to see what weekends we are doing what.

Hubby will be going away the following weekend. This weekend we are full as well with inlaws stuff. When hubby comes back in July, we will have visitors from Australia. In August, my uncle from the US will be here and staying 3 weeks at my place. In September, hubby and I will be going to Bangkok for a wedding and then I will be off to US till early Oct. November I will be giving training in Bangkok (or Malaysia). And then it will be the end of the year.

Reckon the 2nd half of the year will fly pass.

Last Sunday's sermon still vibrates in my heart. It was regarding Malaysia and our need to stand in the gap for the nation. Malaysia has indeed been blessed - no natural diasasters, political crisis, religious discrimination etc. But seems we are getting too comfortable, praying only for ourselves (nothing wrong with that) and not for the nation. So the burning of churches etc. is just the tip of the ice berg of things to come when God pulls away his hand of protection over Malaysia.

And thus my increasing diligence over Christopher's prayer life.

And to end on a more exciting mode, Twillight's last saga is coming end of this year. Can't wait! :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

On buying ceiling fans

Our ceiling fan kaput last week. I have frankly never heard of a ceiling fan ever failing on anyone. So I was aghast (terribly aghasted...if there was ever an extreme).

I actually made a mistake with the 2 ceiling fans I purchased 2 years ago for the upstairs rooms. I had a grand idea to have all the fans upstairs of similar model so that their remote controls can be interchangable. Bought a fairly priced one of RM180 advertised as Alpha. And now I know Alpha fans can never be this cheap. And if an advert for Alpha fans are this cheap, it must be their cheaper counterpart - Wings.

And Wings fans suck BIG TIME. Their motor isn't all that powerful. Silent it may be (Panasonic fan blades made with metal rust and sink and thus make noise after a while) but slow too.

So....lesson of the day. Don't buy fnas with metal blades. And don't ever get Wings.

Truth be told, our fan motor is still barely under warranty. BUT....given hubby and I don't fancy the slow wind (and thus higher usage of air con) too much, we decided to IGNORE the warranty.

So, we went fan hunting last weekend (and prepaid data plan hunting too). It didn't help that Saturday was someone's birthday and some shops decided to also celebrate. (will I be persecuted for writing this?) cut the story short, we decided to take a drvie to SS2. Now everytime we go to SS2, the big kid sees the big M and decides he wants french fries. No matter how much of carbs he already had during dinner.

We passed a store called Legend along Murni in SS2 and decided to go in. It wasn't having any promo signs displayed but hubby claims he has seen Legend send alot of electrical stuff to the houses around us (alot of us moved in at pretty much the same time).

And well.....I can understand why. At least the sales guy that was dealing with us was pretty good (unlike the other 2 shops we earlier visited). I may be a sucker for convincing talk. But when you don't know any much better (and have limited budget), we have to trust what is recommended.

His motto was "You don't like trouble, I don't like to give you trouble. So, we shall only go for fans I know won't cause either of us trouble. And if I give you trouble, who knows....your next purchase might be a BIG one and then you won't come to me anymore."

Well....that is TRUE, you got to admit. And so, we went with his recommendation. Which brings me to the point of my post. What fan did we get in the end? We got a Deka fan.

This Deka fan to be exact. What caught my attention was that it has a reverse speed. So if you have this fan in your bedroom, it circulates the air without actually blowing air down. So, the air is circulated without the kids being exposed to too much direct wind. Excellent for air con rooms, in my opinion. Coz direct wind in air con rooms tend to get a wee bit too cold especially for kids who refuse blankets.

It was listed as RM399. He originally told me that he can bring it down to RM 290 (best deal already!) I was still having second thoughts since most of the fans we have bought actually cost RM250 (2 years back!). So, that was what I told him. I told him to recommend a good fan that only cost about RM 240-250. In the end, he brought down the Deka fan to RM 260 (with credit card).

So, now....I am waiting for an electrician to be free to come put up my new ceiling fan. Can't wait to try the reverse cooling.

And another thing....anyone has a light timer? Which is better? The timer one or the censor one?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Kids these days

Hubby got his ipad2 at last. It was my gift to him for the year - all occasions covered! :)

When Christopher saw it, he was like "hmmm....mummy, what is this?" He had that look in his eye. So I told him "It's daddy's things. Cannot touch."

Later in the night, hubby was showing me some of the stuff he had downloaded for me. Again, Christopher came up and sat beside me looking at the ipad2. He asked me again "Mummy, what is this? Is it a big phone?"

I looked at him and put the ipod next to the ipad. "It's something like this ipod. But it's bigger. It's called an ipad." No point hiding the gadget from him since it's going to be around alot. And better to tell him what it is rather than agreeing that it is a big phone!

Anyways, I have decreed that Christopher is not allowed to play with the ipad. He is to have limited use of the ipod and that is it.

Later that night, I was thinking about these days...

Travel these days is easier thanks to AA. Parents these days are getting more generous. There are more things these days that are seemingly good for us. And so kids these days are getting alot at an earlier time.

What used to be a luxury for us is now becoming common for kids. We never got to go overseas when we were young. If ever we got to go, it was when we were much older. Now, kids are travelling as soon as parents find they can handle them overseas.

And computers and handphones were only given to us when we were college students or we got it ourselves when we started working. And back then it was a necessity not a fashion statement. These days primary kids have handphones. Admittedly it is an easier way to reach them....but....parents can be creative if they want to be.

As for toys and books and presents! Gosh....I remember getting presents only for my birthday. And that too not all the time. Now, kids get presents every other weekend.

I wonder if the ball keeps rolling this way, would my grandchildren be travelling overseas every holiday? Presents becoming a daily thing? The 'i' (pod/pad/phone) or any other technology be a common appearance in their infant lives? What would be the reward for generations to come?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our Weekend

Penang 2011. Lunch @ Lorong Selamat.

I actually had big plans to have lunch @ Old House in Lebuh Cintra. BUT I forgot to bring my print out map. The kids were getting agitated and the sky was getting dark. So, we ventured back to safe territory.

During lunch, it poured. Caylee pooped AND spitted out all her porridge on her clothing. Christopher was the saving grace - he ate up all his koay teoh t'ing! One less worry.

Decided to give Lebuh Cintra a go after settling Caylee. Set the GPS and headed there. Penang was super JAM! And I thought KL was bad.

Mission FAILED. We found the road but hubby made a turn off too early...and the shop was on the other end of the road. So, I never found it. And thus didn't manage to get my bak zhang either.

The kids were pratically WHINNING by now. As Christopher says "Where are we going mummy? Why are we stuck in the car? The place is so far away meh?" I can understand how he felt.

Hubby reset the GPS for Lebuh Chulia to Rainforest Bakery. We found the road (GPS cannot go wrong) and hubby asked me to look out for the bakery. I was too busy with the kids.....told him to forget it. Anyway, he found the bakery and went in to buy the organic focacia bread. We ate it up before I remembered to take any pics. It was GOOD! :)

Drove on to the hotel.

Caylee is one curious girl. Set her down in the room and she makes a headway for drawers and bathtubs and toilet bowls and the 'bar' food. See the kids going through the 'bar' basket. And Caylee grabbing 2 items and claiming it to be HERS!

We got her a cot. But she wailed her way out of it. She much prefers the bed. In the end, we had to carry her to sleep before putting her into the cot.

If Penang = food, my holiday was a disaster. I was eating up Caylee's porridge which she insisted on spitting out after her 8th bite while she decided to munch on biscuits instead. The only tidbits I had was Or Chien, which was the only thing I really wanted to eat after all. I had hotel biscuits for supper due to lack of a proper dinner! Sigh....

HOWEVER....I managed to get my totally yummy goreng pisang for a Sunday treat. On the way from Batu Ferrighi to town, look out for this van on the right. I saw it and force hubby to make a U turn to get it for me.

It was SOOOOO worth it. The batter was thin and crispy. The banana was sweet and ripe. Oh....just thinking about it now makes all the stress of the kids worth while.

As for beach and pool? Christopher was screaming blue murder when I tried to bring him to the beach. Days of watching the Tsunami on the news backfired on us. He was afraid the waves would eat him up like it did in Japan to 'those' people! And he literally screamed for me to come back to 'safety' when I wanted to at least dip my legs into the water. Sigh...

He had a good enough time at the pool.

As for Caylee....sigh....we didn't manage to get her a swimming suit in time. So she mainly sat by the pool. And daddy being the one managing her didn't want the hassle of making her wet and dirty. So, she was mostly safe in daddy's arms watching us from a near distance.

They had a snake show though. And brave little girl touched a snake. No pics coz I was in the pool.

We went to Hard Rock for the first time too. GOSH...the place is lovely. Christopher exclaimed "Mummy, we stay here. Don't go back to the other hotel!". I understand how he feels.

I would say my favourite day was Monday. Grandparents took care of the kids while I had 2 hours of retail therapy. Bought 2 pants from Giodarno, present from hubby. Parents also got me a Berry Choc Cheese Cake from Secret Recipie.

We came back to KL on Wesak Day. Took me 4 hours to clean up the place, change the sheets and iron clothes for work tommorrow. Had birthday dinner at this place. We were all tired and in not that great a mood. Managed to pull through the night with minimal fuss.

The kids meal came in a boat which thrilled Christopher.

Caylee had some mash, again rejecting her porridge.