Monday, January 24, 2011

The incidence of a CNY dinner

So, CNY kicked of for us with our annual SG CNY dinner. We had it in Pantai Seafood this year. Total bill came up close to RM600 for 6 couples.

This is (some/all) of what we had:

Kudos to WaiYin for arranging everything - from booking to ordering. We just had to arrive on time! :)
Was it fun? Got to admit, I have had better outings.
I was busy making sure the boy ate without creating much of a mess and that the girl wasn't crying. And with 5 kids of the same age around, you bet that as soon as the last spoon of rice was in their mouth, OFF they went to see the fishes. Good thing the younger 3 stuck to their parents (Caylee stuck to daddy, not by choice). And the elder 2 helped to look after the other 'mad' toddlers.
There was an incident though which really 'spoiled' my mood later in the night. The 4 toddlers were playing in a reasonably open area, although there were table on each side. And our table being in a corner of where they were playing.

When the 'game' got a little wild, the kids started chasing each other around one table. I reckon they ran round that table maybe 2 times. I sensed danger. There were 2 of us looking after the kids. The other father was carrying his son as well. So, I decided to take some action to reduce the toddlers' madness down a notch. And to stop them from running around that particular table.
I was a little too late. The 'queen-of-the-table' called out to me and gave me a earful.
Was I mad? YOU BETCHA. My dad hated kids who ran around in restaurants. It was a nuisance to other diners and very dangerous. So I was brought up to bring up my kids to never run around in the restaurant.
And although Christopher has been told and he was not the one running around this peron's table, I still had to swallow this earful down and take responsibility. It was a bitter pill to swallow.
It was the first time I actually raised my voice at ALL the kids. I literally shouted them all back to their parents. And asked hubby to clear the bill, I wanted to leave.
To be fair, I left it as that. When the kids were with the parents, I relinquished responsibility of their further action. I just put Christopher in check and took Caylee. Shortly after, we cleared the restaurant and went outside to chat a little more.
You bet Christopher was upset. He gets sad when I scold him. But after some talking to, he was alright. I don't really blame him for playing with the rest. After all he is only a kid. And I don't blame the other kids for being a little 'mad'. They are only kids after all. And I also don't blame the 'queen' who complained. She had a right to.
Am I making a big deal out of this? I know there are some who don't really bother about kids running around. Do you? How strict are you with your kids on this matter?


mumsgather said...

I am bothered by kids running around too so as far as possible, within limits, I try not to let my kids run around especially in a restaurant setting where it is dangerous. They do however run around in the malls as though they have just been released from the jail! Yeah, we are a pest to other shoppers, I admit.

Small Kucing said...

Kids running around in the restaurant is dangerous to themselves also as they might knock against waiter/waitress carrying hot dish.

Will confine the boy to his seat unless the restaurant is near empty.

Ponytail said...

So sorry to hear that! |I think next round, we have it in a private room and there will not be any 'queen' that try to have a quiet moment in a packed busy restaurant :p
Kids will be kids, it is their right to play and have fun. I am not that bothered about the noise they are making. Unless, it is a fine dining restaurant that require their guest to dress up and be very polite...hahaha! Then I would not bring the kid along too :)

Mummy Gwen said...

I am bothered by kids running around in restaurants too. My girl is very "si mun" so most of the time she will be seated quietly when we eat out.

Charmaine said...

I also do not like children running around in restaurants. They not only disturb the other diners in the place but it's also dangerous for them with the wait staff walking around with hot dishes, glassware etc. Luckily my two girls are well-behaved when we dine out, and our friends' children as well. It is our responsibility as parents to teach our children to behave appropriately.

andrewjune said...

Ann, i feel you.
to raise our voice in a crowded place really is not so pleasant.
but not to raise our voice is also another problem!
we cannot please everyone, in short!

my daughter is one hyper kid who rarely sits down during dinner time...yes, normally a girl should be "si man" but i can't help it if she's hyper...afterall, like you said, she's just a kid.
that's why we invested in an iPod for that she could at least sits for awhile before running around! but this trick only works occasionally...when there are other kids around, you can bet whatever gadget we have...they wont work LOL

it's just a will be OVER soon (hopefully!)

Alice Law said...

I definitely won't allow my kids running around in the restaurant, if they persisted... I'll just stand up and tell them we are leaving!^-^

Such a scrumptious meal, nice gathering!

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Hmm....tough one. You're right in saying that kids will be kids. So much energy to burn. And I don't blame the other patrons as well. So what I usually do is to book a room when I foresee "madness" happening especially when you expect a large number of kids turning up. Saves a lot of hassle and can make noise until they bring down the roof!

Julie said...

You are not alone. I trained Jonathan to behave while dining, in the car, in the shopping mall and in the church. I get mad when other adult/kid trying to influence him.