Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Bet word of the Tiger Mother has got to you?
No? Then enlighten yourself with this short article.
What do you think ?
If Amy Chua is 100% tiger, where would you rate yourself on the tiger scale?
Reckon some people I know would rate me definitely pass the half way mark! :)
I consider myself quite strict too.
At any rate, I want my kids to echo what Sophie said in her past para in this article.
It is how I was brought up and it is an attitude I want to instill in my kids.
That you are capable of loads more if you only pushed yourself to achieve it.
Discipline your mind.
Put your hands on the plow and push. Hard.
Never stop learning. Learn something new each year.
Grow. Life can never be stagnant.
It is a sad thing, we are lazy by nature.


andrewjune said...

Ann, thks for sharing this article...
i guess i'm NOT the typical Chinese mother as the article says...LOL

both hubby and myself don't really stressed out the kid and we did not set up the "not-to-do" rules...yet.

i thk a lil bit of the chinese and western parenting should do the trick :)

Alice Law said...

I believe 'interest' push a child further than 'responsibility' does! I have a real life story of a Chinese mother and a successful daughter. Since she was a kid her mother prohibited her from entertainment such as TV and computer, she was not allow to attend her friends' party too!

She is now a lecturer of a prestigious University with Master degree qualification, but guess what... her relationship with her mother is disastrous! She even ran away from home after she graduated from UM. To her, her mother has ripped away her childhood and to date, she still nvr stop blaming and cursing her mother...:(

My conclusion, I'd rather have a 'not so bad' achievement daughter who loves me than some 'stranger' who always curses and swears about me!;D

Irene said...

oh. my. goodness!! i actually would have compared myself with the Tiger Mum ie Amy Chua but not as hard as her, but harder than most parents. i punish hard (too embarrass to tell) and do not believe in idle time. always work before play. if work not satisfying, still cannot play. blah blah blah...

sometimes my daughter says we don't love her becoa we scold her.