Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Which radio station?

So, the big drama for red.fm listeners when J.D. and Dilly went missing is resolved. For those who have not yet realised it, the 'dynamic duo' is under mix.fm now.

Hubby found this out for me the first few days of Jan itself. He is a frequent radio surfer when he is on the road. And it was a mystery we were intending to solve when Jan 2011 approached.

So, I happily defaulted my radio back to mix.fm.

I thought that DJs were quite important to the popularity of the show. Especially since I was quite put off with red.fm when Pietro came on board the morning show. Sigh....

However, of late, I have been finding that I am not sticking to mix.fm even in the mornings...even with J.D. and Dilly. I have been switching between lite.fm (my first time favourite) and red.fm. It's not them, per say. Though the daily dilemma is somewhat tiring and J.D's classifieds is well running a little too long. Is what they do what they want to do or what mix.fm wants them to do?

I prefered their carefree banter when they were in red.fm.

My other reason for now leaving mix.fm is that I really don't like Reefa@mix.fm when I am on the road at 5+ pm. Give me Rex @ lite.fm or that 'I-love-you' DJ @red.fm (can't remember his name now!) anytime.

So, the conclusion is it's not entirely the DJs that count. The radio station's vibe/strategy plays a greater importance.

Now that I am premanently at lite.fm, I may get a little outdated with the latest songs (was so ontop of it when I was with red.fm) but then again 80's music has always been my cuppa tea.

By the way...anyone heard the Dell advert? There is one part of the advert that says something like "the ppl will come and repair your Dell whether you are at home or on the road." Followed straight away by the girl saying "And they will come the next working day."
Which strikes me as....on the road? the next working day? They shouldn't have put the 2 sentences together. Or they shouldn't have mentioned on the road. Well.....just a random thought.


Mummy Gwen said...

I listened to the radio every morning when I drove to work those days. My fave radio station was Mix.Fm with Shazmin and Richard. We don't listen to radio aymore if Gwen is travelling with us coz she only wants to listen to MJ's CD. -___-

We like Dell's good customer service...yes it doesn't make sense at all especially the "on the road part"..??

Angeline said...

I can't agree with you more that its the DJ's that make the radio station comes to life....*smile*

As for the Dell advert, they are probably referring to when you are outdoor. *shrugged* Just a wild guess...

reanaclaire said...

nowadays my radio channel not fixed for me.. the DJs are not so spectacular, still love patrick teoh.. too bad no more on radio..

Small Kucing said...

Like Claire, radio channel not fix also.

Alice Law said...

LOL, since I was in college till now, I only stick to lite FM! ^-^

Yeah, agreed with Mummy Gwen that Dell service is quite efficient(not their product though, wahahaha)!;D

eugene said...

Sometimes i hate listening to the radios,, especially the Astro channels,all those formatted play lists,you hear it over and over again.. used to like Red, not now, same thing they claim to play retro, but selective retro, same songs over and over again too.... sian already..

now morning i listen to Ben, Nadia Fly FM, other than that,,,sian lioa

mNhL said...

No chance to listen to radio when the kids are with us. They will request for CNY songs or their nursery rhymes.

mommy to chumsy said...

oh boy i sure have a bone to pick with JD and Dilly. I really dislike listening to the ads regarding this morning show..like how they like to put each other down AND they think they are funny. Don't they have other ways to advertise the morning show? That puts me off big time. I only listen to Kimberley on mix.fm in the evening while i exercise.

In the morning, no other DJs are better than Zak and Sara from litefm. The 2 of them really make me laugh and they are so comfortable with each other. i look forward to listening to them every day.

psst...sorry for being so long-winded :)

andrewjune said...

use to love MixFM but nowadays i tend to switch to Hitz and RedFM :)

looks like we both share the same interest - love the 80's!