Sunday, February 27, 2011

Out it comes.....

Just as I thought we are coming to the end of illness week(s), Christopher causes me to flip with a bout of vomitting again.

He woke up Friday feeling malaise. Had a slight fever. And vomitted 3-4 times. By night, kungkung and porpor were threatening him with hospital visits and drips if he doesn't eat.

I am wondering if he has a eating disorder? He always tells me that he has trouble swallowing. And he just lets the food stay in his mouth for ever and ever. If we don't remind him to bite and swallow, he will just leave it there.

And recently he has been using water to wash his food down rather tahn swallowing. Do any of your kids have this swallowing problem?

As for Ah Girl.....AT LAST we can see the white of her 2 lower teeth. Gosh....almost 11 months and no teeth yet? Although she is excellent at crawling now and walks using furniture as support.

She has excellent leg control squatting and standing constantly. And sometimes doing some tai chi poses squatting mid way with her hands out. Still no guts to take the first step though!

As for hubby and me.....reckon we need some time off.....thinking of a local holiday. Any good ideas in the Selangor district?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Untititled for lack of definition

Well...indeed it has been a LONG month since.

It was Caylee's first bout of illness and gosh was she a downer when she had her 5 day fever, nose block and hacking cough. She didn't smile and was tantrum throwing every day. She didn't let me out of her sight either.

So at the end of HER illness, with my low immune system and back to office, I caught my colleague's virus. I had a fever lasting 4 days, inflamed glands and a dry cough. Now I am nursing a conjunctivitis (which surprisingly my colleague has as well!). I have had 4 days of MC which I could not take and had to still work from home. But....well....home nevertheless, so I could still nap a bit.

Hubby has gotten Caylee's virus (or Christopher's?) and was at home with me for 1 day nursing his phlegmy cough and flu.

Yes, it has been some time since the whole family fell ill. Thank God Christopher's rate of recovery these days are much quicker. I guess all that propolis, cod liver oil, mulitivits and Vit C is doing some good. Perhaps he is also much bigger now.

Other things that have happen of late.....

Did you know Lite FM has health talk experts in their morning show? It's quite interesting. One of the days they were talking about stress management. And so happen it was the same day I was working from home and then called back to office at the eleventh hour. Gosh....indeed I was in a state of panic. They mentioned that well.....traffic jams are a part of stress and you know you can't get out of that jam, so why concentrate your energy on it? If we concentrate our energy on something more positive like music or something else rather than on the negative which is the jam, our body will not be in such a stressed state. Sounds theorietical? Well....unless you are like dying to go to the bathroom or hellraising late, I actually tried this once and found myself relaxing considerably. Anyways.....

I came across a piece that day also which I skimmed through. And this phrase kinda stuck to me. As a Christian, 99.99% of our time will be spent in Heaven. Earth is just a place where we will spent a miniscule amount of time. So, what the heck are we so caught up with worldly things for? And why be anxious? Why be fearful ? Why be stressed? Why not do good? Why not hold the tongue? What good do we get annoying the other person? Anyways......

I planned to write this post with a picture of our family medication! :) But my camera battery died-ed on me and no, I have not had the time to charge it yet. But when it comes to antibiotics, I am on a higher dosage now - Ciprobay suppposedly is needed to kill the super viruses of today!

Cheers to all. Now on to blog hopping! :) And that's what I do in between work.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Night owl (not)!

10 pm - brought the kiddos up to bed. Some patting, some stories....
11.35 pm - little girl was tossing and turning and whimpering. Touched her forehead, she was having a fever. Woke up hubby and gave girl her medicine. Took a lot of patting before she fell asleep.
2 am - little boy started crying, complaining of a tummy ache. Brought him to the toilet but nothing. Started rolling around in bed crying and complaining of tummy ache. Seemed he was getting feverish as well. Decided to also give him panadol.
2+ am - after taking medicine, he cried harder. Crept to bed and then vommitted. His crying woke up the girl. Sigh.....Cleaned him up, changed the sheets.
Nearing 3 am - at last both the kids fell back asleep.
3+ am - boy woke up again crying saying tummy ache again. Took him out of the room so that girl won't wake up. Went downstairs and he managed to sleep a bit on the sofa.
4+ am - boy woke up saying he wants to vomit. Vomitted in the toilet bowl.
Near 5 am - Boy went back to sleep. Soaked some rice for porridge tommorrow.
7 am - Woke up to start work (from home).

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chinese New Year so far

So far....

Reunion dinner in GoldLeaf Restaurant Klang. We had the set dinner costing about RM 400++. It was like eating a wedding dinner! :)
Big C took a sip of wine just as I was turning around. Thought I saw someone put the glass in front of him. Sigh....He was also given a 2nd bowl of cold longan desert at the request of a certain someone even though I made it clear he can only take 1 small bowl.

1st day was at inlaws place till about 4 pm. Surprise surprise it rained cats and dogs in the evening. Went to McD drivethrough for dinner.
Big C was ill since the weekend before CNY and was on the road to recovery by CNY. So his reward for not eating too much CNY goodies was some french fries! He also accomplished his 3 little CNY steps very well (like Agent Oso). Step 1, wish people Gong Xi. Step 2, say thank you if aunty/uncle give ang pau. Step 3, give ang pau to mummy to keep. :)

2nd day CNY, we went to Malacca. Little C fell ill.
We rented a house near Ujong Pasir. A 4 bedroom house with coffee, hair dryer, iron etc. It was a very comfortable house costing us about RM438.
We also realised that Caylee is starting to get upset when mummy, daddy and kor kor goes out without her.
Dinner with father's side at a Nyonya Restaurant in Melaka Raya. Tasted like pre cooked food heated up!
Went to Jonket Street at night. Super crowded. Bought San Shu Gong coffee. Bought pop pop for Christopher. He didn't really enjoy playing it. I reckon his ears are a bit sensitive to loud noises.

3rd day CNY, made our way back to KL. Took us about 3 hours.
Yesterday, confirmed Caylee gets sad when mummy and daddy goes out with Christopher. When we went out, she crawled to the door and sat there looking out. She refused to move and threw a tantrum when por por tried to distract her.

Now I am ill. Little C is also ill. Big C is much better.

This weekend we will be travelling to Ipoh to see mum's side of the family. Big C is with them, effectively missing 3 days of school including next Monday. I will be working from home in Ipoh. Hope I get well there. Hope Caylee gets well there too.

And here's a pic for the album!