Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In a time like this

Of late, I have been wanting to break free. The mundane chores of daily living has been taking a toll.

Added to this is Christopher's recent acting up. For the first time I can say my little boy is breaking my heart EVERY day. And a hug doesn't mend it as quickly. He is at the stage of defiance to the core. Shouting back, talking back, purposely not doing what he has been asked to do, hitting me, demanding things, throwing tantrums (which usually end up with him on the floor). It really saddens my heart. And I have questioned if his behaviour is my doing.

But it doesn't do me or him or anyone any good if I were to brood on this question. I have done my best with him in the pass 3+ years. Of coruse I have made mistakes. But I need to learn from them and better my parenting ways. The road of parenting will not get any easier. So, I hold back my tears, harden my heart and get down to business. Christopher will be going through a tough lesson of R-E-S-P-E-C-T until he GETS IT!

Pray for me. I cannot do this alone.

As for Caylee, sigh......nanny has been complaining about her alot these days. A sick baby with teeth sprouting is not easy to face daily. Although she is getting MUCH better now, she is still super clingy to the nanny. And worse of all she doesn't allow anyone to carry her. Only 2 other females in the house so far can replace my nanny for a few minutes. I can understand her frustration coz there are chores to be done in the house that she cannot do due to Caylee. But it does affect me when she makes claims that she has never had to take care of so difficult a child before. Sigh.....

My 2 kids sure have strong characters!

And my colleague is planning a holiday to Maldives. And showing me pics of the Conrad/Hilton hotel she will be staying. Makes me feel like I want to be a piece of her luggage!

In a time like this, I feel so much like escaping for a while. But I can't.

And so my escape is through a big black book and a smaller purple one. The Bible and my journal. May the Lord so enlighten and equip me to face my greater purpose in life.


A gift from God said...

Hang in there Ann, all kids go through good and bad stages, I just went through one with Reese... now he is beginning to behave a little and thus less shouting on my side.

About complaint from your nanny about Caylee being the most difficult...hahaha... I totally know how you feel because I get that kind of comments all the time.. ;)

Pray and you will be at peace. Just remember, what you are going though..many parents out there including me went/go/will go through!

You should be happy in a way...because someone told me, smart kids are always naughty! Cheer up girl! Take everything positively

Small Kucing said...

Stay calm, Ann. A friend emailed me this song not long ago. I find that it helps http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZDQzR8LK-c

Alice Law said...

Muahahaha! Same here, I always one to escape from my household... perhaps for only 1 fine day but the other 'me' keep telling me, ' live with the children like no tomorrow', lol... thus, I gradually learn to appreciate their presence(though it still bothersome)!

mNhL said...

U r not alone. My son has been breaking my hearts too....and i've heard numerous complaints on him. It sadden me too hearing such comments. But we still have to enjoy their childhood......they grew up fast.

Irene said...

Oh Ann, my heart goes out to you, from a mother to another mother. Yes there are times we just wanna escape!

How old is Christopher? We all have to stay patient, keep to the core objectives, and if really overstress, go for me-time or let it out on your hubby (with prior warning to him first).

As for Caylee, I always felt girls are more sticky. Vic used to be like that, to her popo who took care of her 5 days a week, and she rejected her own parents from 3 months old, the moment we carried her she would scream her heart out. She is turning 6yo soon, I had screaming sessions with her and lotsa disciplining, and drastic and extreme measures taken to the point of regret after that (like locking her out of the house)...

God bless you, Ann in all that you do. If you need someone to talk to, fb me : )

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Hang on there. Nobody said that motherhood would be a bed of roses. It ain't. Far from it actually. There will be good days and bad days (usually more of the latter!) but at the end of the day, God gave us children because He trusted us to bring them up well. Keep heed in knowing that and all will be good again very soon. As for the holiday, you should try to get away for a while.

Story Time For Me said...

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reanaclaire said...

This is why mothers are so strong and special... during the most difficult times, they still persevere on.. no doubt we do grumble and moan.. but when we see our kids with their wide grins, our hearts melt and all will be well.. but when they get sick, we feel like pulling our hair again! :)
yes, hang in there, Ann, u are doing great!!

Anonymous said...

We all go through moment like this..... You will get thru it, cause you are a mum, a mum whom god trusted his children with... So hang in there.

Dora said...

I think we all (mother) have to go through something like this, take it easy ok Ann. Maybe have a short getaway or a break may help to release the tension:-)

Shireen Loh said...

A blogger friend once told me "God will not give you anything (or anymore) than what you can handle". Have faith and you will get through this. I always tell people "if you think life sucks, wait till you have kids!". My cousin told me "we are mums. we can do anything". So, keep the faith. take care.

Mummy Gwen said...

Hang in there dear. Be patient ya. It's only temporary that Caylee behaves like this. It shall pass.

mommy to chumsy said...

Hang in there Ann. I understand what you are going through. I wanna break free too :P

Mummy Moon said...

Maybe take break on weekend go out for some me time.. Hang in there, not easy to have two strong character kids! I have two also :(

Julie said...

About our boys, sometimes it is our expectation on them that causes us to get stressed up whenever they were not behaving the way we want them to be. At times, hubby can take over the disciplining job so that it will less stress yourself.

Lean on to God's word is the best thing to do when you are down. This growing up stage is tough but soon we can see the fruit that we planted.

May God give us the wisdom and bless our children & family.

andrewjune said...

i thk both boy boy and R are in the same phase...and sometimes she also drives me up the wall!!!at times i hv to really control my temper...she's really testing my patience!

but they are simply God's gifts to us, and by enduring the hardship (or pleasure) in the beginning, we will like Julie said, soon see the fruit that we planted :)