Monday, March 14, 2011

It's a Girl thing!

Caylee is such a girl! (ah-but-then.)

If she looses her balance just a wee teenie bit, she cries pitiful sounds that sound like 'why didn't you hold me, mummy!'

If she is playing in one corner and sees you sit down, she will leave what she is doing, crawl to you and climb into your lap.

If you pass her by without acknowledging her, she cries for you to turn back, say Hi and then pick her up.

If her kor kor hits her, she hits him back. And then she cries in case kor kor decides to report it to us.

She is just sprouting her 2 bottom teeth now. Started seeing white end of Feb. Which caused her one week plus of 'flowery' (as they call it in cantonese) diarrhoea.

Walked her first step end of February and now manages (sparingly) a step or two between 2 steady objects. If I hold her by the hand, she still tries to come in front of me so that I can carry her. Cruises along, no problem!

Started climbing up to the sofa (aarrrggghhhhh!!!) to disturb kor kor. And has no problem climbing up and down the queen bed from the single bed beside it.

Can climb up and down stairs. So, we have put up the gate again. For which she will try to squeeze herself through the railings! (and then cry) Sigh....

Runs away and hides after her bath when I try to put on her clothes.

Will cover her eyes with her hands and call for us to play pee-ka-boo with her.

Has outgrown her car seat. And taken over kor kor's! (Have to get a new one for kor kor now)

Still has quite little hair in the front. But reaching her neck at the back.

Calling 'da-da' and only ONCE called me 'ma-meeee' when she was crying so hard for me to pick her up. Speaks gibberish otherwise apart from mumm-mumm and ta-ta (hit in cantonese).

LOVES twinkle twinkle little star and will do the approriate hand movements.

Used to say Bye Bye but now no longer wants to do it.

LOVES to lean back and look at things upside down!

Kisses herself when she sees her image in the mirror.

Very aware of her surroundings - where you have gone, where things are being hidden etc. And loves to look out of the window/door to look at things. Also loves to look at people and see what they are doing.

Scared of a tickle under arm. And will move away when you try to tickle her.

Still has a great chuckle and a sweet smile.

Going to be ONE in a month's time. Time sure passes by really fast. Time for mummy to do some planning.


mNhL said...

That's really fast....going to be ONE already.

Girl is always manja. I have 1 at home.

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

So cute!!! Put up an updated photo of her!

Mummy Gwen said...

She is very smart lor. Time flies...she is going to be 1 soon.

Mummy Moon said...

So fast she will turn 1 soon. My boy still runs and hides after bath when I try to put on her clothes.

Dora said...

Great that Caylee calls you "ma-meee", my little boy calls me "babu"... There will be lotsa presents to open soon, hehehe :-)

Health Freak Mommy said...

Yeah, show us her pic!

Alice Law said...

LOL, I was just about to say what health Freak Mommy said, why don't you show us your sweetie pie picture, misses her so much!

Have a great weekend!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Time really flies......Caylee going to be one yr old soon? Planning for a grand birthday party for her?

Christopher is so guai. He is ok with sitting on car seat?
Sarah has sat on car seat not more than 5 times. She hates it!

andrewjune said...

oohhh...turning 1 soon!