Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Keeping it positive

We have enrolled Christopher for Mandarin classes this year. His is not a mandarin kindy and that is fine since I (more I than hubby) do not intend to enroll him into chinese school.

So anyway.....he has been doing quite well in his mandarin classes. In fact the teacher has praised him. After a few weeks, he even saw that behind his English ABC books, there are some mandarin stroke books. He pestered me to no end to buy those for him. When we got some for him, he then pestered me to go home RIGHT NOW so that he can start pracitising his writing.

He now recites his 1,2,3....10 in mandarin very well. But ask him what he is saying, he will tell you "mandarin lah mummy". He doens't know yi = 1 and er = 2 etc. He just loves the ryhme of it.

And what's more....he is singing mandarin songs. Started with 'liang ke lau hu' and now his latest song is 'ke ren lai'. Surprisingly he says all the words correctly though not always in the right sound. But ask him the meaning and he will look at me blurly.

Yesterday while in the shower, I did explain the song to him. Thank God for my few early years of mandarin tuition. And he continued to ask me each and every word's meaning.

So, I deduce. He loves music. Not so much he loves mandarin. But he just loves rhyming. Put a rhyme into his Peter and Jane and I bet he would learn that much faster too. So, I am looking for some music classes for him and intedn to introduce him to poetry with more vigour.

As for nearly one Caylee.

Well...she is a real gem when it comes to waking up from bed. She still wakes up in the middle of the night. To reach for my hand or climb onto my bed and lay next to me. But most times when I put her back onto her mattress and ask her to go back to sleep, she will look at me and 'nod' with her understanding eyes. Most of the time she will roll around or find stuff to play with and leave me alone.

She is an early riser. But if she wakes up at 6+ am, she will check if I am still sleeping. And if I am, she will not disturb me until she sees me rise. Then she will make a bee line for me and climb into my lap.

As I am writing this, I remember my boy being the same. Hopefully unlike Christopher, Caylee will not outgrow this. And let mummy sleep on for another 1 hour max before she tends it too long.


Baby Darren said...

wow..Caylee is such a good girl. Never disturb you when she is awake. You are very lucky.. Don't think mine will give me the peace I've always wanted. Thank God we are now sleeping separately.

Small Kucing said...

am thinking of doing the same too..Put mine in non chinese school but send him for mandarin classes

andrewjune said...

so you're not planning to send him to a chinese school? but he loves mandarin? i'm planning to enrol R in a chinese school, but i dont know if she hv the interest in mandarin or not hahaha...

good job caylee for letting mummy sleep extra hrs without waking mummy up!

LittleLamb said...

how's yr work schedule now? still flexi? i'm trying to organise a get-together every month..on a weekday. well..i do this just to destress myself from work.hehehe

P learns Mandarin in his kindy. Lucky I dont have to spend extra on Mandarin tuition. yeah, can consider to send him for music. P is attending speech n is a combination of speaking, music n some silly acts.

Hope to meet u one day.....

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I am planning to send Sarah to chinese school and luckily her kindy do have chinese subjects and the teachers sometimes communicate with Sarah in Mandarin. It does help to improve Sarah's mandarin level.

Shireen Loh said...

same here - as in the not-sending-to-chinese-school part. we are also considering sending my elder girl to chinese classes, separately. But, i don't know how much that girl will learn because she really is a banana. Not that she speaks Eng with an accent or whatnot (actually, yes with accent but more like the passer malam aunty accent). but she really knows next to nothing when it comes to Chinese dialects, so cannot imagine Mandarin. When we asked her to greet ppl Gong Hei Fatt Choy, it came out as "Fung Kong Choy" and with a twang sum mor(???)...I rest my case..