Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My quietest weekend, as seen from public eyes

Last weekend I was literally MIA from the world. Anyone short of ringing my door bell could not get me.

Why? I was alone with my mum at home taking care of the kids. My dad was in Malacca and hubby was in KK. Actually it wasn't that long a time but after the first 24 hours, my mum and I had aches here and there and took longer than normal to respond to a cry.

Well, I had big ambitions too to put up the 2 new bookshelves for Christopher and rearrange some furniture in the living room. I bet that contributed to spasms in my lower back throughout Saturday night. Leaving me feeling not rested at all when I woke up on Sunday.

Added to that, Christopher demanded for rice, chicken, brocolli and cauliflower for Sunday lunch. And I realised no fool will open 'chap fan' (mixed rice) business on a SUNDAY!

My indifference was more apparant due to the chaos happening outside. 2 of my closer friends delivered their little girls and amidst panic.....I kept mute. In fact I didn't even know there was a crisis calling for prayer until well.....hubby came home and asked me if I replied any of the sms-s. Huh? What sms?

Well....mum has declared my daughter the most tomboyish girl she has ever come across. She will greet you with a closed fist and box you if you aint careful.

Pics? yeah yeah....have to get to downloading them after her upcoming 1st birthday. We have found a special place to go and she will be having a specially ordered cake in its normal round form. But we gave the baker freedom to decorate it however she wants.

And reason why I am not blogging as often? CITYVILLE has taken over my few free hours when I am not working. My friend has just told me how to strategise in this game. And all along I was just making my city beautiful instead of making money! Hai....


mNhL said...

haaaaaa..addicted to games!!!!

hope u n mum's backache problems are better now.....

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Nice to disappear sometimes. Do what you need to do. Glad you survived the weekend!

reanaclaire said...

so.. u r addicted to the games.. not so much on the kids.. haahaa..

andrewjune said...

yeah hope you & your mum's has recovered fr the backaches...thk God ur mum was around ehhh?
i'm happiest when my mum is around to take care of my tomboyish daughter too! *grin*

btw, enjoy the games!