Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weekend gone awry

I had BIIIIGGG plans for this weekend. My inlaws were supposed to be out of town. So, that would mean an extra evening free. They were scheduled to bring relatives from Australia to Teluk Intan and then Penang. So, my plans were: Butterfly farm visit on Sat morning. Cycling on Sat evening. Church on Sun morning and some grocery shopping on Sunday evening.

HOWEVER, on Friday evening, hubby saw through FB, a notification from his cousin mentioning that their flight was cancelled. Will only be arriving KL on Sat evening. Mother in law was notified! And we were put on stand by mode for dinner on Saturday.

Given my previous experience, I didn't really stand by. I cooked fried rice and waited. And fed the kids and still waited. And was hungry so ate my portion and still waited. In the end, hubby also ate his portion and we told them we would not be joining them for dinner.


Caylee had fever for the pass 3 days. Nanny and I thought it was coz she was teething. Her top two teeth seem to be pushing out. So, we just took care of the fever. Thursday night, her fever broke through. But come Friday evening, rashes started to 'sprout' out.

This feels so familiar. Yes. Roseola has striked on #2. I looked through my blog on my previous experience with Christopher. Put some barley to boil and just waited out the rash outbreak. AND cancelled any idea of putting my initial plans to action. Seems the only thing that had to STAND BY was my plans.

It got worse on Saturday morning and by evening, it was BAD. Another reason why we decided going all the way to Klang for dinner at 7.30 was a bad idea.

And of course Sunday being Easter....well....Christopher had to go to church. Hubby had to go too coz we were on breakfast duty. And now he has to do my part as well. Christopher came home half way for lack of attention and some acting up.

He was full of junk so I fed Caylee her porridge.

It's afternoon now. I am munching on hot cross buns that are no longer hot. Packed by hubby from church.

If weather permits, I might take Christopher out for a cycle on his NEW BICYCLE. And given my inlaws are not around, I would also need to stock up on veg and meat for the week. long as everyone is still happy....a weekend with the family is still a GREAT ONE!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Conversations with Christopher

We have been going around recently looking for a suitable bicycle for Christopher....

Went to a few places and came out of a few places....empty handed.

And each time Christopher would ask me how come we have not bought it yet. And each time I would tell him that either the price is not right or there is no 'nice' bicycle there for him.

Last Tuesday, he must have been in a buying mood.

He looked around for his bicycle. There was none. So he asked me to get him a motorcycle instead.

Went to the biscuit section and wanted to buy Panda. I told him he already has a packet at home.

Passed by a cake shop and asked for Spider Man bread.

Went to a pharmacy to get some panadol for Caylee. Came out empty handed. He was more disappointed than me.

Hubby went to take some passport photos. He was sad coz this shop 'nothing to buy wan'.

And at last on our way home, we passed by a pet shop and he said "Ok lah....everything also cannot buy. We buy a puppy!"

I was like 'What??'. From bread to biscuits to bicycles to someting as BIG as a puppy?

C : Come lah mummy, buy a puppy for me. I lllooooovveee puppies.
Me : How to buy puppy? Puppy very expensive. And cannot just buy like that. Need to buy food first and need to prepare place for puppy to sleep.
C : But I loooveeee puppies woh. How?
Me : Don't want to buy puppy lah. We can go to a place to adopt a puppy. (Then I went on trying to explain what is 'adopt' but he cut me short)
C : I don't like dog mummy. Puppy only.
Me : But puppy will grow up to be dog woh. Then puppy grow up to be dog already what are you going to do? Give the dog away?
C: Yes. I don't like dogs. I only like puppy.
Me : But puppy will grow up woh. Like Christopher grow up to be big already. Then how? Mummy also give you away ah?
C: Don't want. I love dog and puppy lah mummy. Both also I love.
Me : Yes. Puppy grow up to dog, still have to love dog. Same like Christopher grow up, mummy still love you.
C: How about cat? I don't like cats. We don't buy cats.
Me : Yes....mummy also don't like cats. We don't buy cats.
C: Then how about daddy? Daddy like cats or not?
Daddy : No....daddy also don't like cats.
C: OK....mummy, daddy and Christopher don't like cats. Then mui mui how? Mui mui want cat or not?

I am remembering this conversation for 2 reasons.

1) It was so funny when he went on and on about buying things....right up to a puppy.
2) And the first time he responded positively and quickly to a reason. The fact that he cannot only love puppies but dogs as well. I thought I would need to explain to him more and more. But he understood the concept at once.

The cat topic is totally not related. Only to complete the converstaion. :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Baby Stuff

I have been doing alot of searching for 2nd hand buy/sell webistes recently.

Have to do one or 2 selling. And some buying.

Kids! They use and outgrow things so quickly. It doesn't help that I have a boy and a girl, who looks like a boy.

So, I really have to dress her up in PINK for her NOT to be mistaken to be a boy! :)

Even when she is in purple and wearing a distinctively girly shirt, some will ask me if this is a boy! SIGH....

And sometimes she can be wearing pink but wearing denim and her brother's shoes (which are BLUE) and still smoe will ask me if she is a boy.

I think I need to put something on her head and maybe the questions will stop. Anyway....I am running amok on the topic.

Anyone know any good websites that buy 2nd hand stuff off you? I want to sell my baby carrier cum car seat. Used only for 8 months.

And anyone know any webiste or anyone who wants to let go of a quad-cycle for my 3+ year old son?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

First attempt @ straw

Caylee's first attempt at a straw cup. She bit at it the first time. But when we put it in her mouth the second time, she sucked at it. And she was surprised when the mouthful of water entered her mouth.

She sucked and sucked. And when we took it out of her mouth, she reached for it even more.

First attempt at a straw cup and Caylee drank 4 oz of water.

Bravo girl!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Caylee's First Birthday

AT LAST I got Caylee's brithday shots uploaded.

We went to Backofen @ Taylor's Lakeside campus in Sunway for her birthday. The restaurant was kinda quiet given it was a Saturday. Try going during the weekday lunch and chances are it would be hard to find a place to sit. But with no classes on Saturday, this place is EXCELLENT for a celebration.

A little bit about the place. If you have never been, you really have to go one Saturday. We were told that the campus was mainly for Taylor's Hospitality Courses. There is a small (very small) hotel in Broadwalk (which is the building where Backofen is) for the student's parents to spend the night. And surrounding the lake is the campus and many restaurants. Landscaping there is also VERY NICE. Christopher had a grand time running around given that the weather was not that warm.

A pic of the restaurant.

And another pic of the birthday girl and her 'made to order' cake.

I wanted lemon cheese cake for her birthday but Backofen didn't have it. So, they custom made it for me. The cheese was really cheese, unlike those from Secret Recipie. So for the first time Christopher ate his portion of the cake. And since cheese doesn't rise, the baker added a layer of sponge cake in between to make up the height. So, you can imagine the quality of the cake.

Caylee had a good time. She wore shoes for the first time and was encouraged to walk a bit outside. She can walk but her fear is getting the better of her. She rather prefered in the end to be carried. She ate bread while the rest of us had our meal. She loves her bread, thank God. The lamb is WONDERFUL here and so are majority of the dishes. So, we all had a really good lunch.

All in all, it was a quiet family lunch in a great place with great food and a good walk around after that.

Happy Birthday darling girl. Mummy wishes you will shine like an angel and touch the lives of everyone with God's love in you.

Friday, April 8, 2011

My first A&E

I have always read of other parents having to go through an A&E situation. I never thought I would have to go through it too.

Due to Caylee's illness, she and I have been sleeping in a different room from Christopher and hubby. So, the events when the 'incident' happened I take from hubby's account.

According to him, in the early part of the morning, he was awaken by Christopher crying. He was faced down at the edge of the bed. Hubby asked if he fell of the bed. He said yes. Hubby then carried him back to bed and Christopher slept on.

Only during his morning bath did hubby notice how big the bump on Christopher's head was. And this from a fall from his 5 inch mattress. Anyway, not thinking much about it, Christopher was sent to school. At 4 pm, the school called us telling us that Christopher has been having nose bleeds the whole day. It was farely light, mixed with his mucus. But no doubt there was blood. And it has been happening since morning. The principle was a little anxious and told hubby to send him to the doctor.

The doc, according to hubby(I was at home taking care of Caylee), was not so eager to dismiss it as 'noting'. He wrote us a referral letter to bring Christopher for a CT scan at Damansara Specialist Hospital.

By this time, I was frantic. I had not seen my boy yet and was not sure what the principle said and how bad it was. I carried Caylee and frequently stood waiting at the door.

Christopher was his normal monkey self when he came home. When I inspected his bump, I would say that nearly half of his forehead was bruised with certain areas bearing more blood clotting. There was also a huge bump where most of the impact must have landed. It was bright redish blue and have 2 small cuts. Plasmatic fluid had formed so I presume there must have been blood earlier. His nose at this point was still slightly bleeding.

So, with Caylee dropped at the bbsitter and Christopher full with dinner, hubby and I made our way to the A&E. Gosh....there were many kids and old folks requiring emergency attention there.

Dr Zurin, the neurosurgeon was called to attend to our case, under the supervision of the attending doctor. She recommended a CT Scan to be on the safe side. Now, for a 3+ year old kiddo to do a CT Scan, they have to be sedated first. Believe me all kinds of questions were going through my head - raditaion, sedation, side effects...etc.

Christopher had to be brought into a 'ward' and the moment I asked him to lie down and he saw (from that angle) all the machinery and medical stuff, he CRIED. He fought us and wailed. And he only had to have the sedative meds put into his bum.

We got it done. And hubby carried him after that. Hoping to lull him to sleep faster. Guess what happened. He told me shortly after that that he needs to pee....and then he needs to poop. The meds made him feel like pooping. I can understand.....:)
And gosh of all goshes....he FOUGHT the sedation too. We waited like 30 min and he was still talking to us and asking us this and that. In the end we decided it was getting late and we wanted to try the scan without him going under.

The first round we tried hubby went in with him. From the outside of the door and way down the quiet corridor, I could hear my son screaming and shouting and (undoubtedly) kicking. The door opened some 10 minutes later with a dejected and irritated daddy.

Christopher got a mild scolding for being so un-coperative. We gave him a pep talk for about 20 minutes and decided to give it another try. He went in with cries like "I don't want to be brave mummy" and "Mummy please can we go home please." My heart really felt like taking him home.

This time I went in with him and showed him the machine. We turned on the laser lights and positioned the bed properly and I showed him it doesn't hurt. He tossed and turned and tried to get up crying all the while. In the end I had to raise my voice and get him to concentrate on my talking. And then I started to ask him to count. TO close his eyes and then concentrate on mummy counting.

The position ready, the attendant was ready to do the scan. But I had to leave now coz I wasn't wearing protective gear. So, hubby took over holding his hand and counting. And as I stepped outside I could hear Christopher starting to count as well. Outside the door, I was praying OUT LOUD with both my hands against the door. I wonder what anyone would have thought of me. Well.... When I heard 20, I heard hubby say "All done!" Christopher appeared a little SMUG that he was brave enough after all.

I left after the scan coz it was nearing 11.30 pm and Caylee was still at the nanny. Thank God for my Cher Fu and Cher who came to pick me up and pick Caylee up as well. As soon as we got home, I called hubby who told me they were on their way home too.

The CT Scan didn't show antyhing bad. So, we were just given pain killers for the head ache Christopher was having and the probable injury on his nose. Another day of monitoring just in case. But all looks good.

That's Christopher fighting off the sedation:

And the bill ? Some RM750+ for 3+ hours at the hospital's A&E.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

What I surfed on Google today

My job occasionally has bouts of free time in between. And during these hours, I google alot of things. Usually as a result of topics my colleagues brought up. Or about things certain people said which I wanted to clarify. Or things which I want to do that I don't know how. Or places to eat.

So, one day I decided to write about things which I google about. Only the interesting and allowable ones.....

Google 1 : Does yellow snot indicate an infection?
I went to the doc last Tuesday coz my mucus took a turn from clear to yellow. And my congestion was not clearing. The doc (not my usual nice one) told me that a yellow mucus does not indicate an infection. And so....
Top Google results indicate that yellow snot does indicate an infection.

Google 2 : Does the MMR vaccination cause autism?
My colleague's siter in law did a course on child pyschology and it was indicated that the increase in autism could be linked to the combination of the MMR vaccine. Compared to the previous years when it was given in 3 seperate injections. SURPRISING huh!
Top Google results show several articles on this. And some cases in US where vaccine companies have paid out alot to cases like that. However the word autism is taken out coz they don't want it to be a direct link. Read this article if you are interested.

Google 3 : Cash Converters
I really need to sell some baby stuff to clear the clutter and get some extra cash to buy stuff for big C. Was trying to see if anyone wrote about an experience selling stuff through Cash Converters. But sad to say....none.

Google 4 : ipad
Just wanted to find out if I bought an ipad in US, can it be used here. I suck at technology so really had to surf about it. No need any like 'jailbreaking' what ever the term is. Got misdirected and ended up looking at all the cool Apple gadgets in the end. :)

So, if you have any info that is different or something to add to my google search database, please let me know.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Conversations with Christopher...

I was a little down when my parents left after spending some 3 weeks with me. So, I told hubby in the car ont he way back from my inlaws place last Sunday night:

Me : poh poh no longer around, I have to do everything by myself.
C : Why mummy? What is wrong?
Me : Mummy is sad. Poh poh went back alread. Now mummy have to do everything by myself. Are you sad poh poh and kung kung went back to Ipoh?
C : Yes, I am sad too mummy. I love kung kung and poh poh.
Me : So how?
C : Never mind lah mummy. Don't be sad. I will protect you.
Me : (laugh)
C : But not all the time I can protect you mummy.
Me : Why not ?
C : Coz sometimes I am in school and you are at work mah. So I cannot protect you then.
Me : (laugh) ok. So when you are home you will protect mummy?
C : Yes. Don't be sad ok?
Me : So you will help mummy and not make mummy angry?
C : Yes. I won't (lists all the things he is not supposed to do).
Me : Ok. Promise?
C : Promise. Don't be sad ok? (put out his little finger to seal the promise).

And the other time when I was sick and having fever....

C: Mummy, you are not feeling well?
Me : Yes. Mummy is having a fever.
C: that day I was having a fever too. And you put the cold cold thing on my head. That one not nice mummy.
Me : (smile) But it help to bring your fever down. So must put, ok?
C : Don't want lah mummy. Are you ok mummy? You didn't put the cold cold thing?
Me : Mummy already take medicine so fever will go away soon.
C : Never mind. I pray for you then you will not have fever anymore.

His prayer - God, please make mummy's fever go away so that mummy don't have to put the cold cold thing. Make mummy strong so that she can play with me. Amen.

C: Mummy feel better now? I pray already mummy will be better. Now mummy can play with me?

Sick, sick also die die must play with him.

As for Caylee....she's ONE today. Will be posting about her first birthday soon.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Car Trouble again....

Time : 7.23 am. Monday, 4th April
Place : Caylee's nanny's house

It was drizzling. Parked my car in front of my nanny's house. Saw that the kids were getting ready to go to school. Must be waiting for their mum to get ready.

Turned off the air con and radio. Turned off the engine. Almost at once, I knew something was not quite right when I turned off the ignition.

Took out my umbrella, sheltered nanny has she came out to get my girl. Went back into the car. Mum was already preparing to start her engine to ferry her kids to school.

SHUCKS of all SCHIMUCKS.....I could not start my car! THe light came on but when I turned the key, it would not start. No sound at all except for a click.

SHUCKS of ALL SCHIMUCKS.....SH*T! I am going to make the kids late for school!

After a few minutes, exclaimed to mum that I could not start my car. Told her to help me push the car out so that at least she can get out. And then I can push it back in again into their porch so that I would not disrupt the traffic.

It was still drizzling. GOSH!

My nanny, her hubby, her son, mum and 2nd daughter helped me push the car. Eldest daughter carried my girl.

Did I mention it was still drizzling? And of all days, I decided to be pretty and wear a skirt with heals!

We managed to get the car out of the way. Nanny proclaiming "Why your car so heavy?" And nanny's hubby just recovering from a leg injury what more. Thank God at least there was one strong man to help.

Called hubby SOS to come get me. Nothing can be done at the went inside, dried off and had my breakfast. Had quite a good time bonding with nanny's family actually. Got to know some 'secrets' too! :)

Hubby came to get me at about 8.05, Christopher still in the car. GOSH ! And hubby had an appointment at Honda workshop too that morning. Rushed to get Christopher to school and then off to the Honda workshop. Pity his colleague who was already waiting there to ferry him (and me, now) to office.

In the afternoon, hubby went back to Honda to get his car and came back to office to get me to do my car.

What a day! Full of CAR CAR CAR!

Picked up our usual mechanic on the way with a new battery and a device to reset the electronics if necessary. Learnt a few things:
1) Myvi's lifespan for battery is seemingly very fast. Faster that other cars.
2) You can use bluetooth to reset a Myvi with the proper devices. So a mechanic (who knows how to do it) can do it wherever you are. No need to toll the car to the garage!

Found out it was not really the battery problem but the immobilizer had to be reset. Changed my car battery anyway - dry cell costing me RM210. But he didn't charge me for the resetting or the labour. We are old loyal customers of this mechanic going back to my father's time. :)

It took them a mere 15 minutes to get the car going. Whew....

Now I am wondering....any Myvi owners have such problems as well? Or is it just mine/my batch? I don't want to get stuck somewhere on my own with no cell phone coverage.