Monday, April 4, 2011

Car Trouble again....

Time : 7.23 am. Monday, 4th April
Place : Caylee's nanny's house

It was drizzling. Parked my car in front of my nanny's house. Saw that the kids were getting ready to go to school. Must be waiting for their mum to get ready.

Turned off the air con and radio. Turned off the engine. Almost at once, I knew something was not quite right when I turned off the ignition.

Took out my umbrella, sheltered nanny has she came out to get my girl. Went back into the car. Mum was already preparing to start her engine to ferry her kids to school.

SHUCKS of all SCHIMUCKS.....I could not start my car! THe light came on but when I turned the key, it would not start. No sound at all except for a click.

SHUCKS of ALL SCHIMUCKS.....SH*T! I am going to make the kids late for school!

After a few minutes, exclaimed to mum that I could not start my car. Told her to help me push the car out so that at least she can get out. And then I can push it back in again into their porch so that I would not disrupt the traffic.

It was still drizzling. GOSH!

My nanny, her hubby, her son, mum and 2nd daughter helped me push the car. Eldest daughter carried my girl.

Did I mention it was still drizzling? And of all days, I decided to be pretty and wear a skirt with heals!

We managed to get the car out of the way. Nanny proclaiming "Why your car so heavy?" And nanny's hubby just recovering from a leg injury what more. Thank God at least there was one strong man to help.

Called hubby SOS to come get me. Nothing can be done at the went inside, dried off and had my breakfast. Had quite a good time bonding with nanny's family actually. Got to know some 'secrets' too! :)

Hubby came to get me at about 8.05, Christopher still in the car. GOSH ! And hubby had an appointment at Honda workshop too that morning. Rushed to get Christopher to school and then off to the Honda workshop. Pity his colleague who was already waiting there to ferry him (and me, now) to office.

In the afternoon, hubby went back to Honda to get his car and came back to office to get me to do my car.

What a day! Full of CAR CAR CAR!

Picked up our usual mechanic on the way with a new battery and a device to reset the electronics if necessary. Learnt a few things:
1) Myvi's lifespan for battery is seemingly very fast. Faster that other cars.
2) You can use bluetooth to reset a Myvi with the proper devices. So a mechanic (who knows how to do it) can do it wherever you are. No need to toll the car to the garage!

Found out it was not really the battery problem but the immobilizer had to be reset. Changed my car battery anyway - dry cell costing me RM210. But he didn't charge me for the resetting or the labour. We are old loyal customers of this mechanic going back to my father's time. :)

It took them a mere 15 minutes to get the car going. Whew....

Now I am wondering....any Myvi owners have such problems as well? Or is it just mine/my batch? I don't want to get stuck somewhere on my own with no cell phone coverage.


Irene said...

never heard my cousins complain abt their myvis... hhmmm..

LittleLamb said...

get ur car to a full vehicle check..even if u have to pay for that u have a peace of mind

mommy to chumsy said...

oh wow, i didn't know that. i thought a normal car battery lifespan is about 2 years.

Small Kucing said...

Shoot! This is not such a good month ya...mine just kaput the other day.

Mummy Gwen said...

I didn't know Myvi is that canggih..hehe. Sounds complicated to me. Better learn how to reset it yourself.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Hi, I just went through the same problem yesterday and Rachel (Littlelamb) gave your link to me :) Hmm, it could be true. My MyVi SE is only 4.5 months old and it died on me too! I had it towed to the Perodua service centre (cos it was still under warranty and towing service was FOC) and was told that it was due to a faulty battery :( The tow truck driver told me he had towed many, many MyVis with similar problems so don't worry, yours and mine are not isolated cases...

Car Trouble said...

Yuck - sorry to hear about your car problems and in the rain no less! Isn't the Myvi a tiny little car (we don't have them here in the US) - at least that is one positive that you didn't have to push a big SUV like we have in abundance here in the states! Hope it is more reliable for you going forward.

Basil Glenn said...

Yikes! What a time for your car to break down! Isn't it just so ironic that it's when you're in a hurry that your car decides it needs a break? I hate when that happens! I'm glad you had people there to help you out though. I hope you haven't had the same kind of trouble with your car again, especially since you learned a few cool things about it!

-- Basil Glenn