Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Conversations with Christopher...

I was a little down when my parents left after spending some 3 weeks with me. So, I told hubby in the car ont he way back from my inlaws place last Sunday night:

Me : poh poh no longer around, I have to do everything by myself.
C : Why mummy? What is wrong?
Me : Mummy is sad. Poh poh went back alread. Now mummy have to do everything by myself. Are you sad poh poh and kung kung went back to Ipoh?
C : Yes, I am sad too mummy. I love kung kung and poh poh.
Me : So how?
C : Never mind lah mummy. Don't be sad. I will protect you.
Me : (laugh)
C : But not all the time I can protect you mummy.
Me : Why not ?
C : Coz sometimes I am in school and you are at work mah. So I cannot protect you then.
Me : (laugh) ok. So when you are home you will protect mummy?
C : Yes. Don't be sad ok?
Me : So you will help mummy and not make mummy angry?
C : Yes. I won't (lists all the things he is not supposed to do).
Me : Ok. Promise?
C : Promise. Don't be sad ok? (put out his little finger to seal the promise).

And the other time when I was sick and having fever....

C: Mummy, you are not feeling well?
Me : Yes. Mummy is having a fever.
C: that day I was having a fever too. And you put the cold cold thing on my head. That one not nice mummy.
Me : (smile) But it help to bring your fever down. So must put, ok?
C : Don't want lah mummy. Are you ok mummy? You didn't put the cold cold thing?
Me : Mummy already take medicine so fever will go away soon.
C : Never mind. I pray for you then you will not have fever anymore.

His prayer - God, please make mummy's fever go away so that mummy don't have to put the cold cold thing. Make mummy strong so that she can play with me. Amen.

C: Mummy feel better now? I pray already mummy will be better. Now mummy can play with me?

Sick, sick also die die must play with him.

As for Caylee....she's ONE today. Will be posting about her first birthday soon.


Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

what a sweetheart he is!!! Happy birthday to Caylee!!!

Ponytail said...

Ohh! Blessed Birthday to Caylee!

Christopher is so sweet :)

Mummy Gwen said...

Happy Birthday To Caylee! Chris is such a sweet boy. :) Hope everything is alright at your end.

Techcrazee said...

Such a nice story. Happy birthday to Caylee!!! Yipeeee, she's one :)

Small Kucing said...

Happy Birthday to Caylee

Chris really "Sang seng"(mature/responsible)

reanaclaire said...

Kids really brighten up our lives, right? :)

Alice Law said...

1st of all, wishing Caylee a beautiful Birthday! May she grows smarter, healthier and more beautiful day by day!

Wow, touched by your thoughtful boy leh.... ok(exempt the playing part, lol... kid still will be kid!)