Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Conversations with Christopher

We have been going around recently looking for a suitable bicycle for Christopher....

Went to a few places and came out of a few places....empty handed.

And each time Christopher would ask me how come we have not bought it yet. And each time I would tell him that either the price is not right or there is no 'nice' bicycle there for him.

Last Tuesday, he must have been in a buying mood.

He looked around for his bicycle. There was none. So he asked me to get him a motorcycle instead.

Went to the biscuit section and wanted to buy Panda. I told him he already has a packet at home.

Passed by a cake shop and asked for Spider Man bread.

Went to a pharmacy to get some panadol for Caylee. Came out empty handed. He was more disappointed than me.

Hubby went to take some passport photos. He was sad coz this shop 'nothing to buy wan'.

And at last on our way home, we passed by a pet shop and he said "Ok lah....everything also cannot buy. We buy a puppy!"

I was like 'What??'. From bread to biscuits to bicycles to someting as BIG as a puppy?

C : Come lah mummy, buy a puppy for me. I lllooooovveee puppies.
Me : How to buy puppy? Puppy very expensive. And cannot just buy like that. Need to buy food first and need to prepare place for puppy to sleep.
C : But I loooveeee puppies woh. How?
Me : Don't want to buy puppy lah. We can go to a place to adopt a puppy. (Then I went on trying to explain what is 'adopt' but he cut me short)
C : I don't like dog mummy. Puppy only.
Me : But puppy will grow up to be dog woh. Then puppy grow up to be dog already what are you going to do? Give the dog away?
C: Yes. I don't like dogs. I only like puppy.
Me : But puppy will grow up woh. Like Christopher grow up to be big already. Then how? Mummy also give you away ah?
C: Don't want. I love dog and puppy lah mummy. Both also I love.
Me : Yes. Puppy grow up to dog, still have to love dog. Same like Christopher grow up, mummy still love you.
C: How about cat? I don't like cats. We don't buy cats.
Me : Yes....mummy also don't like cats. We don't buy cats.
C: Then how about daddy? Daddy like cats or not?
Daddy : No....daddy also don't like cats.
C: OK....mummy, daddy and Christopher don't like cats. Then mui mui how? Mui mui want cat or not?

I am remembering this conversation for 2 reasons.

1) It was so funny when he went on and on about buying things....right up to a puppy.
2) And the first time he responded positively and quickly to a reason. The fact that he cannot only love puppies but dogs as well. I thought I would need to explain to him more and more. But he understood the concept at once.

The cat topic is totally not related. Only to complete the converstaion. :)


mNhL said...

hahaha.....he is hoping to receive something. Small or big also doesn't matter.

mommy to chumsy said...

hahahahahaha....he's cute. so do you think he will keep asking for a puppy?

Annie Q said... boys also ask for puppy, now the puppy grow big and become a dog, then they hardly play with him already and somemore the dog a bit fierce, he look after our house. :)

After puppy then they request fishes, iguana, hamster...bla bla bla..i only get them fishes and it give me extra work to do. Feed the fish and change the water. :(

Angeline said...

*laugh* Christopher is 'dying' to OWN something Mommy! He wants to be the Owner of something man, the responsibility vibes in him is flourishing...

Small Kucing said...

LOL...better get him the bicycle soon :D

reanaclaire said...

when u said "buying mood" it reminded me of my Andy.. from young till now, he is always on the buying mode.. but now with his own money, he think and rethink and think again before buying!

Baby Darren said...

hahaha..guess he has been waiting for something but couldn't get it, so he just want anything he can think of from each shop you all desperate...maybe u just buy him some biscuits/buns instead to satisfy him..poor boy!!

Jiawen said...

Cute...didn't know that kids also enjoy retail therapy. :)

Jiawen said...

Cute...didn't know that kids also enjoy retail therapy. :)

Julie said...

I enjoy talking to my boy more now because he can relate things better and sometimes give funny answers. If I don't want to buy the thing for him, I will tell him it's so expensive. To him so long it is not RM1, any other price is expensive. Save my day. :P