Friday, April 8, 2011

My first A&E

I have always read of other parents having to go through an A&E situation. I never thought I would have to go through it too.

Due to Caylee's illness, she and I have been sleeping in a different room from Christopher and hubby. So, the events when the 'incident' happened I take from hubby's account.

According to him, in the early part of the morning, he was awaken by Christopher crying. He was faced down at the edge of the bed. Hubby asked if he fell of the bed. He said yes. Hubby then carried him back to bed and Christopher slept on.

Only during his morning bath did hubby notice how big the bump on Christopher's head was. And this from a fall from his 5 inch mattress. Anyway, not thinking much about it, Christopher was sent to school. At 4 pm, the school called us telling us that Christopher has been having nose bleeds the whole day. It was farely light, mixed with his mucus. But no doubt there was blood. And it has been happening since morning. The principle was a little anxious and told hubby to send him to the doctor.

The doc, according to hubby(I was at home taking care of Caylee), was not so eager to dismiss it as 'noting'. He wrote us a referral letter to bring Christopher for a CT scan at Damansara Specialist Hospital.

By this time, I was frantic. I had not seen my boy yet and was not sure what the principle said and how bad it was. I carried Caylee and frequently stood waiting at the door.

Christopher was his normal monkey self when he came home. When I inspected his bump, I would say that nearly half of his forehead was bruised with certain areas bearing more blood clotting. There was also a huge bump where most of the impact must have landed. It was bright redish blue and have 2 small cuts. Plasmatic fluid had formed so I presume there must have been blood earlier. His nose at this point was still slightly bleeding.

So, with Caylee dropped at the bbsitter and Christopher full with dinner, hubby and I made our way to the A&E. Gosh....there were many kids and old folks requiring emergency attention there.

Dr Zurin, the neurosurgeon was called to attend to our case, under the supervision of the attending doctor. She recommended a CT Scan to be on the safe side. Now, for a 3+ year old kiddo to do a CT Scan, they have to be sedated first. Believe me all kinds of questions were going through my head - raditaion, sedation, side effects...etc.

Christopher had to be brought into a 'ward' and the moment I asked him to lie down and he saw (from that angle) all the machinery and medical stuff, he CRIED. He fought us and wailed. And he only had to have the sedative meds put into his bum.

We got it done. And hubby carried him after that. Hoping to lull him to sleep faster. Guess what happened. He told me shortly after that that he needs to pee....and then he needs to poop. The meds made him feel like pooping. I can understand.....:)
And gosh of all goshes....he FOUGHT the sedation too. We waited like 30 min and he was still talking to us and asking us this and that. In the end we decided it was getting late and we wanted to try the scan without him going under.

The first round we tried hubby went in with him. From the outside of the door and way down the quiet corridor, I could hear my son screaming and shouting and (undoubtedly) kicking. The door opened some 10 minutes later with a dejected and irritated daddy.

Christopher got a mild scolding for being so un-coperative. We gave him a pep talk for about 20 minutes and decided to give it another try. He went in with cries like "I don't want to be brave mummy" and "Mummy please can we go home please." My heart really felt like taking him home.

This time I went in with him and showed him the machine. We turned on the laser lights and positioned the bed properly and I showed him it doesn't hurt. He tossed and turned and tried to get up crying all the while. In the end I had to raise my voice and get him to concentrate on my talking. And then I started to ask him to count. TO close his eyes and then concentrate on mummy counting.

The position ready, the attendant was ready to do the scan. But I had to leave now coz I wasn't wearing protective gear. So, hubby took over holding his hand and counting. And as I stepped outside I could hear Christopher starting to count as well. Outside the door, I was praying OUT LOUD with both my hands against the door. I wonder what anyone would have thought of me. Well.... When I heard 20, I heard hubby say "All done!" Christopher appeared a little SMUG that he was brave enough after all.

I left after the scan coz it was nearing 11.30 pm and Caylee was still at the nanny. Thank God for my Cher Fu and Cher who came to pick me up and pick Caylee up as well. As soon as we got home, I called hubby who told me they were on their way home too.

The CT Scan didn't show antyhing bad. So, we were just given pain killers for the head ache Christopher was having and the probable injury on his nose. Another day of monitoring just in case. But all looks good.

That's Christopher fighting off the sedation:

And the bill ? Some RM750+ for 3+ hours at the hospital's A&E.


Small Kucing said...

That was very scary especially with nose bleed. Glad the scan turns out ok. Hope the bungalow will be gone soon.

Just in case you are interested, a friend told me about Eva Cream which is very effective in reducing the size of "bungalow". Rather expensive, RM200there about. If you are interested drop me a message and I will ask her the correct/full name of this Eva Cream

Irene said...

hi, glad to hear christopher is ok now, hopefully the swell goes away soon, so long as he is alert, no vomitting, he should be fine. the experience must have been so scary, i understand how u feel thinking back of my many A&E experiences too, sigh... we mothers really have to be strong lar

Mummy Moon said...

Poor boy.. Glad to hear that the scan didnt show any thing bad. Hope he fully recover soon.

coffeesncookies said...

oh this juncture, we'd pay anything for good news. thankfully nothing alarming and it always pays to be safe than sorry.
hugs to poor Christopher and take care.

A gift from God said...

Phew.... Thank God he is ok! :)

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

What a scare!! I have had my share of A&E moments. DSH emergency area is almost my 2nd home! Good to hear that little kiddo was given the all clear. My kids used to fall off the bed hence I've put mattresses on the floor now.

LittleLamb said...

fell from the mattress? and mattres is only 5 inches? quite a bad fall that made that huge bump. anyway glad that everything is ok. the nose bleed can be coincident since u said chris hv experience nose bleed prior.

take care ya.

prince n princess mum said...

Hope he fully recovered...

Mummy Gwen said...

Oh dear..poor Christopher. Glad to know the scan was ok. Hope Chris will recover soon.

Julie said...

Glad that they found nothing wrong.

Samantha been through MRI scan when she was vomiting and because she was uncooperative, she had to be sedated as well. I tell you, that place is scary. You need to wear protective gears, no metal stuff and you can hear the machine's loud sound.

mommy to chumsy said...

What a relief! Thank God Christopher is ok. It looks like quite a bad fall. Poor kiddo.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Poor boy. Glad that everything turned out fine. I am adding you to my bloglist and following you from now on :)

mNhL said...

That's a big bump! Glad that all are fine! And Christopher is a brave boy indeed !

andrewjune said...

glad all's fine...omg, the bill is rather expensive!