Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weekend gone awry

I had BIIIIGGG plans for this weekend. My inlaws were supposed to be out of town. So, that would mean an extra evening free. They were scheduled to bring relatives from Australia to Teluk Intan and then Penang. So, my plans were: Butterfly farm visit on Sat morning. Cycling on Sat evening. Church on Sun morning and some grocery shopping on Sunday evening.

HOWEVER, on Friday evening, hubby saw through FB, a notification from his cousin mentioning that their flight was cancelled. Will only be arriving KL on Sat evening. Mother in law was notified! And we were put on stand by mode for dinner on Saturday.

Given my previous experience, I didn't really stand by. I cooked fried rice and waited. And fed the kids and still waited. And was hungry so ate my portion and still waited. In the end, hubby also ate his portion and we told them we would not be joining them for dinner.


Caylee had fever for the pass 3 days. Nanny and I thought it was coz she was teething. Her top two teeth seem to be pushing out. So, we just took care of the fever. Thursday night, her fever broke through. But come Friday evening, rashes started to 'sprout' out.

This feels so familiar. Yes. Roseola has striked on #2. I looked through my blog on my previous experience with Christopher. Put some barley to boil and just waited out the rash outbreak. AND cancelled any idea of putting my initial plans to action. Seems the only thing that had to STAND BY was my plans.

It got worse on Saturday morning and by evening, it was BAD. Another reason why we decided going all the way to Klang for dinner at 7.30 was a bad idea.

And of course Sunday being Easter....well....Christopher had to go to church. Hubby had to go too coz we were on breakfast duty. And now he has to do my part as well. Christopher came home half way for lack of attention and some acting up.

He was full of junk so I fed Caylee her porridge.

It's afternoon now. I am munching on hot cross buns that are no longer hot. Packed by hubby from church.

If weather permits, I might take Christopher out for a cycle on his NEW BICYCLE. And given my inlaws are not around, I would also need to stock up on veg and meat for the week. long as everyone is still happy....a weekend with the family is still a GREAT ONE!


reanaclaire said...

Weekends is usually family day.. esp Sunday.. so how did u celebrate Easter?

coffeesncookies said...

sometimes ( a lot of times) plans with family is always very tiring. Ours was packed too, for the weekend and my lil one ended the sunday with a high fever due to overexposure to the sun.. sigh..

Irene said...

Hi, hope caylee is much better... it's a long weekend, would be nice to spend happy time with the family. normally plans change last minute, mine not even sure what will happen this weekend... haha.. u tk care! vic loves cycling too, but mummy seriously no time and bad weather and busy... lotsa excuses.

Baby Darren said...

Hope Caylee has recovered from Rosela. I remember Darren had it around his 1 yr old too and it was bad.

I am so afraid when the kids fall ill, it's better not to schedule anything and just stay at home and rest.

mNhL said...

speedy recovery to your girl.

Marlee said...

I hope poor Caylee is feeling better! That sounds awful! Right now I'm a struggling college student blogging about juggling full-time school and a full-time job on an EXTREMELY tight budget, but when I read blogs like this I think I might have it easy!

Love the name of your blog, by the way. Very clever.

Mummy Gwen said...

I hope Caylee has recovered by now. Take care.

MeRy said...

Hope Caylee has fully recovered by now..

andrewjune said...

hope caylee is fully recovered by now ok...