Thursday, April 7, 2011

What I surfed on Google today

My job occasionally has bouts of free time in between. And during these hours, I google alot of things. Usually as a result of topics my colleagues brought up. Or about things certain people said which I wanted to clarify. Or things which I want to do that I don't know how. Or places to eat.

So, one day I decided to write about things which I google about. Only the interesting and allowable ones.....

Google 1 : Does yellow snot indicate an infection?
I went to the doc last Tuesday coz my mucus took a turn from clear to yellow. And my congestion was not clearing. The doc (not my usual nice one) told me that a yellow mucus does not indicate an infection. And so....
Top Google results indicate that yellow snot does indicate an infection.

Google 2 : Does the MMR vaccination cause autism?
My colleague's siter in law did a course on child pyschology and it was indicated that the increase in autism could be linked to the combination of the MMR vaccine. Compared to the previous years when it was given in 3 seperate injections. SURPRISING huh!
Top Google results show several articles on this. And some cases in US where vaccine companies have paid out alot to cases like that. However the word autism is taken out coz they don't want it to be a direct link. Read this article if you are interested.

Google 3 : Cash Converters
I really need to sell some baby stuff to clear the clutter and get some extra cash to buy stuff for big C. Was trying to see if anyone wrote about an experience selling stuff through Cash Converters. But sad to say....none.

Google 4 : ipad
Just wanted to find out if I bought an ipad in US, can it be used here. I suck at technology so really had to surf about it. No need any like 'jailbreaking' what ever the term is. Got misdirected and ended up looking at all the cool Apple gadgets in the end. :)

So, if you have any info that is different or something to add to my google search database, please let me know.


simon said...

google question 2 reminds me of Jenny McCarthy's case.

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Re: MMR and autism, all of the clinical practitioners have retracted their earlier claims that MMR vacc causes autism. In fact, the reason why people link the 2 together is because autism symptoms only start to be more prounounced in the 18mth and coincidentally, that is the same time when you give the toddler the MMR vacc. These days, with modern health sciences Technology, autism symptoms can be detected as early as 12 months hence you would find that such claims have reduced drastically. Having said that, every vaccination has its downfalls although doctors maintain that the benefits exceed potential issues arising from vaccs.
I'm no psychology student but have researched quite a bit in this area as well :)

prince n princess mum said...

I also googled your no2 q.. Later on, I checked with 3 paed, they also ensure me that MMR doesn't cause autism...

Anonymous said...

Several US Government officiala and agencies and the US Court have confirmed that vaccines can and doe cause autistic conditions. You can find the original sources of the quotes here:-

Vaccination Causes Autism – Say US Government & Merck’s Director of Vaccines