Monday, May 9, 2011

Kids update

Caylee is a late bloomer but she puts the phrase 'slow and steady' to full usage.

Her 2 bottom teeth spouted fully on her 11th month. And as of now, her top 2 teeth are just erupting.

She was a good crawler right till her birthday, walking only an occasional step or few. But now she is walking steadily everywhere she goes. Only when she needs to be FAST or cannot walk (like on the bed) she will resort to crawling. And she is very steady on her feet. Dancing aside when Christopher comes around her. And stepping over obstacles. And inching away when doors close.

She plays toys as how they are to be played. Fisher Price stackers are being stacked big to small and careful through each donut hole. She turns pages and presses all the right buttons to make noise.
She has better focus and is at the stage of mimicing, so she looks at how we play with the things and follows suit.

She is also a keen observer. Take her to a new place and you will have her staring away. Bring her to the park and she will be looking at everyone around.

And she loves to climb. She will climb everything she can get her little feet on to. She has mastered the bed and the sofa. And loves to follow her brother up the slide. Mummy has to be with her unfortunately coz Christopher is not patient enough to wait. And mummy is scared! hahahaha....

Last night, hubby and I were alternating asking her to pass us stuff. So, she knows who 'mummy' is and who 'daddy' is. She understands 'water'. She knows how to 'give' and 'take'. Doesn't do her byebye anymore. Bored already. When she puts food to her mouth, she goes 'ummm'. She understands 'nen nen' and 'mumm mumm'.

She knows what I expect when I say 'No' but half the time her curiousity get the better of her. She is a very stubborn and strong willed girl. If she wants to touch something, she WANTS to touch something. I guess survival kicks in coz she need to 'fight' for everything with kor kor - mummy's time included. Tried disciplining her that day and ended up she in hysterics and me giving her an alternative. It would take some time and effort. Reckon there are some things I would just not do to avoid her getting 'angry'.

Every night she loves her short play time. She will pretend to lie down on the bed and then when I am about to come to pat her, she will scramble for her dear life away from me. And then look back and laugh and laugh. We play 'chase' all around the room. And then take another 15 minutes or so to wind down, pray and sing songs.

I usually try to get her to bed by 9 pm so that I can have some time with the son.


Well....he is a sensible boy. I have always prayed for him to be and indeed he is growing up to be one.

It is always tough for me when my parents are down to take care of him. Reason being, they coax him to do stuff. And wait for him and walk with him to do chores. Me? I will be hanging clothes and then yelling to him from the kitchen to come in to brush teeth like NOW. Of course I wait like 2 minutes and then shout again. So much as I love my parents to be here, when they leave, it will be a few days of tantrum throwing and heavy disciplining.

But he is sensible in that he knows I mean business and that the 'honeymoon' period is over. Time to get his butt moving before he gets a slap on the butt! But well...he also realises that if he is good, that would mean mummy would spend more time with him (instead of fuming in one corner).

He loves colouring. I tell you....we can make money selling all the colouring pages he has done. He also loves writing and counting. Every night, we would do 20 minutes to an hour of colouring/writing/counting. He is not much of a reader, so only some nights we read his Peter and Jane. However, he still loves picking out words in magazines and brochers and newspapers that he knows. So, reading is not totally lost on him.

Picking up his mandarin pretty well. But the teacher says his interest seem to have waned. Partly coz he doesn't like the fact that he has to continue studying while some of his friends are downstairs playing.

Now a Ben 10 Ultimate Alien/Alien Force fan. Believe me, these kids know the difference. And which monster/alien is in which cartoon. So, 6 pm is HIS time on channel 616.

As for the 2 kids together....

Sometimes they play together. Most times they fight.

Caylee cries before she intends to take any of kor kor's stuff.
Christopher hardens his fist and growls at her.
And I have to take her away before either she hits him or he hits her.

Occasionally, kor kor will stroke her hair when she cries. And he can really distract her out of her crying.


mNhL said... kids fights most of the time too. Only certain times, they are so loving..... how sweet.

reanaclaire said...

how sweet to read all these.. i wish i had a blog during the time my kids were babies.. :)

Mummy Gwen said...

So nice reading their progress. Gwen loves to do colouring too.

Julie said...

Mixed feeling I have everytime I read your post on Caylee and how both kor kor and mei mei enjoyed being together.

I'll be the one yelling at Jonathan most of the time whereas Ah Ma never get tired of pampering him.

I never allow him to watch 616. I think it's too violent. Only 613 is permissible. But don't know how and where he got to know Ben 10, Sponge Bob, etc. And hubby on the other hand trying to introduce him to the cartoons of our time like Voltron and Thundercats.

Jonathan is not a reader too. I leave it to the teacher to teach. Feel that I should not put too much pressure on him and myself. :) Until now, he still couldn't recognize fully small letters.

LittleLamb said...

Sigh. I once turn to 615 because of Mr Bean and fron that day onwards, P is hook to 615 and he started to behave differently. He is more "brave" to go against me. He now finds 613 childish because he said for BABIES...:(((