Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our Weekend

Penang 2011. Lunch @ Lorong Selamat.

I actually had big plans to have lunch @ Old House in Lebuh Cintra. BUT I forgot to bring my print out map. The kids were getting agitated and the sky was getting dark. So, we ventured back to safe territory.

During lunch, it poured. Caylee pooped AND spitted out all her porridge on her clothing. Christopher was the saving grace - he ate up all his koay teoh t'ing! One less worry.

Decided to give Lebuh Cintra a go after settling Caylee. Set the GPS and headed there. Penang was super JAM! And I thought KL was bad.

Mission FAILED. We found the road but hubby made a turn off too early...and the shop was on the other end of the road. So, I never found it. And thus didn't manage to get my bak zhang either.

The kids were pratically WHINNING by now. As Christopher says "Where are we going mummy? Why are we stuck in the car? The place is so far away meh?" I can understand how he felt.

Hubby reset the GPS for Lebuh Chulia to Rainforest Bakery. We found the road (GPS cannot go wrong) and hubby asked me to look out for the bakery. I was too busy with the kids.....told him to forget it. Anyway, he found the bakery and went in to buy the organic focacia bread. We ate it up before I remembered to take any pics. It was GOOD! :)

Drove on to the hotel.

Caylee is one curious girl. Set her down in the room and she makes a headway for drawers and bathtubs and toilet bowls and the 'bar' food. See the kids going through the 'bar' basket. And Caylee grabbing 2 items and claiming it to be HERS!

We got her a cot. But she wailed her way out of it. She much prefers the bed. In the end, we had to carry her to sleep before putting her into the cot.

If Penang = food, my holiday was a disaster. I was eating up Caylee's porridge which she insisted on spitting out after her 8th bite while she decided to munch on biscuits instead. The only tidbits I had was Or Chien, which was the only thing I really wanted to eat after all. I had hotel biscuits for supper due to lack of a proper dinner! Sigh....

HOWEVER....I managed to get my totally yummy goreng pisang for a Sunday treat. On the way from Batu Ferrighi to town, look out for this van on the right. I saw it and force hubby to make a U turn to get it for me.

It was SOOOOO worth it. The batter was thin and crispy. The banana was sweet and ripe. Oh....just thinking about it now makes all the stress of the kids worth while.

As for beach and pool? Christopher was screaming blue murder when I tried to bring him to the beach. Days of watching the Tsunami on the news backfired on us. He was afraid the waves would eat him up like it did in Japan to 'those' people! And he literally screamed for me to come back to 'safety' when I wanted to at least dip my legs into the water. Sigh...

He had a good enough time at the pool.

As for Caylee....sigh....we didn't manage to get her a swimming suit in time. So she mainly sat by the pool. And daddy being the one managing her didn't want the hassle of making her wet and dirty. So, she was mostly safe in daddy's arms watching us from a near distance.

They had a snake show though. And brave little girl touched a snake. No pics coz I was in the pool.

We went to Hard Rock for the first time too. GOSH...the place is lovely. Christopher exclaimed "Mummy, we stay here. Don't go back to the other hotel!". I understand how he feels.

I would say my favourite day was Monday. Grandparents took care of the kids while I had 2 hours of retail therapy. Bought 2 pants from Giodarno, present from hubby. Parents also got me a Berry Choc Cheese Cake from Secret Recipie.

We came back to KL on Wesak Day. Took me 4 hours to clean up the place, change the sheets and iron clothes for work tommorrow. Had birthday dinner at this place. We were all tired and in not that great a mood. Managed to pull through the night with minimal fuss.

The kids meal came in a boat which thrilled Christopher.

Caylee had some mash, again rejecting her porridge.


mommy to chumsy said...

glad you managed to do some retail therapy :) it's not easy travelling with young kids eh? i heard penang is super jam during weekends and public holidays.

Small Kucing said...

That goreng pisang really sedap looking. The other day i bought RM2 goreng pisang from a roadside stall. Shocking! 1 pisang they slice into 4 piecs and sell for RM1. ATe tepung more than the pisang :(

prince n princess mum said...

Fun-filled weekend :)

mNhL said...

Travelling with kids are stressful ya ! Glad that you still managed to eat the or chien. I'm drooling over that !

ChloeRuoyi said...

The GPS CAN go wrong. We were also in Penang 2 months ago and just like you, we spent quite some time going nowhere and being stuck in the car! Our Garmin Nuvi kept leading us to the Botanical Gardens while we kept re-setting it to Bukit Bendera/Penang Hill.

Besides eating Caylee's leftover porridge, I can see that you did have a very enjoyable holiday there :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ann, nice pics. You got great looking kids there.
I have always loved Penang....the foods, and especially the lovely ladies of Penang speaking in their gentle Hokkien.

I sure miss eating at Gurney Drive, at nights.
You keep a song in your heat and have a nice day.
Best regards.

Mummy Moon said...

It was a fruitful trip. When Caylee grows, more trips to come :)

MeRy said...

That is a fun trip..

Dora said...

Hahaha... XJ is doing the same thing as Caylee did when we stay in hotel, he played water in the toilet bowl & so happy :-(

LittleLamb said...

Chris really has good appetite. He can finish 1 bowl of keow teow soup is really eye opener for me. P is usally not interested in food. he will only eat when super hungry.

Hope Caylee is picking up again..

slavemom said...

Thx for dropping by, Ann! It's difficult to go hunting for those famous hawker food, esp with young children in tow.
And Happy Belated Birthday to u!

chinnee said...

Ann, where are you locating? In KL, my favourite is always the one in OUG (near to the market). They also sell nien kau :)

On our previous trip to Penang, it is was horrible too. Roads are so narrow and so hard to find despite people telling us which lorong is the famous cendol. Sigh...dont dare to go there anymore for food until the kids are older.

Irene said...

Hi Ann, sorry your Penang trip was so-so, can't say total disaster, but oh well, gives you more reason to go back right?

Hey, I normally pick up nice swim suits for my kids at Reject Shop or FOS (the former got more choices) and at affordable prices, since these are not the clothings they wear a lot, so no need spend a bomb.

Yes, I agree with Chloe, the GPS can go wrong, few times it brought me to Holland!!!