Sunday, June 5, 2011

On buying ceiling fans

Our ceiling fan kaput last week. I have frankly never heard of a ceiling fan ever failing on anyone. So I was aghast (terribly aghasted...if there was ever an extreme).

I actually made a mistake with the 2 ceiling fans I purchased 2 years ago for the upstairs rooms. I had a grand idea to have all the fans upstairs of similar model so that their remote controls can be interchangable. Bought a fairly priced one of RM180 advertised as Alpha. And now I know Alpha fans can never be this cheap. And if an advert for Alpha fans are this cheap, it must be their cheaper counterpart - Wings.

And Wings fans suck BIG TIME. Their motor isn't all that powerful. Silent it may be (Panasonic fan blades made with metal rust and sink and thus make noise after a while) but slow too.

So....lesson of the day. Don't buy fnas with metal blades. And don't ever get Wings.

Truth be told, our fan motor is still barely under warranty. BUT....given hubby and I don't fancy the slow wind (and thus higher usage of air con) too much, we decided to IGNORE the warranty.

So, we went fan hunting last weekend (and prepaid data plan hunting too). It didn't help that Saturday was someone's birthday and some shops decided to also celebrate. (will I be persecuted for writing this?) cut the story short, we decided to take a drvie to SS2. Now everytime we go to SS2, the big kid sees the big M and decides he wants french fries. No matter how much of carbs he already had during dinner.

We passed a store called Legend along Murni in SS2 and decided to go in. It wasn't having any promo signs displayed but hubby claims he has seen Legend send alot of electrical stuff to the houses around us (alot of us moved in at pretty much the same time).

And well.....I can understand why. At least the sales guy that was dealing with us was pretty good (unlike the other 2 shops we earlier visited). I may be a sucker for convincing talk. But when you don't know any much better (and have limited budget), we have to trust what is recommended.

His motto was "You don't like trouble, I don't like to give you trouble. So, we shall only go for fans I know won't cause either of us trouble. And if I give you trouble, who knows....your next purchase might be a BIG one and then you won't come to me anymore."

Well....that is TRUE, you got to admit. And so, we went with his recommendation. Which brings me to the point of my post. What fan did we get in the end? We got a Deka fan.

This Deka fan to be exact. What caught my attention was that it has a reverse speed. So if you have this fan in your bedroom, it circulates the air without actually blowing air down. So, the air is circulated without the kids being exposed to too much direct wind. Excellent for air con rooms, in my opinion. Coz direct wind in air con rooms tend to get a wee bit too cold especially for kids who refuse blankets.

It was listed as RM399. He originally told me that he can bring it down to RM 290 (best deal already!) I was still having second thoughts since most of the fans we have bought actually cost RM250 (2 years back!). So, that was what I told him. I told him to recommend a good fan that only cost about RM 240-250. In the end, he brought down the Deka fan to RM 260 (with credit card).

So, now....I am waiting for an electrician to be free to come put up my new ceiling fan. Can't wait to try the reverse cooling.

And another thing....anyone has a light timer? Which is better? The timer one or the censor one?


Lian said...

I like that guy's motto. I should get my kids to adopt that motto. When renovating my house, I ended up getting KDK fans.
Do let us know how that Deka fan is with that reverse cooling. Sounds like a cool feature.

Ponytail said...

Wow, I didn't know Alpha fans got a cousin named Wings...our current Alpha is working fine but the entry level Alphas given by developer is not working well too...
We are getting all KDK fans for the new home. Trusted since our parent's time and they are using the Sirroco fan engine (spelling may be wrong, but heard that is the best fan engine la)

Cynthia said...

Wow what high tech fans!! We don't have such things here, well not that I know of anyways!! Bravo for bringing the price down so much! Are these ceiling fans..??? So you would have fans and AC on stimultaneously???

Mummy Gwen said...

Wah..the fan sounds very canggih. We have the timer and censor installed. The timer is much better coz you can set the time. We use it for the lightings in the house and the porch too.

mommy to chumsy said...

oh i've never heard of deka fans before. my sister installed alpha fans in her home and they suck. not durable at all. btw, i bought all my eletrical goods from Legend ;) Other relatives too have been buying from them :)

andrewjune said...

wow shopping for fans can be quite tiring too ehhh?
but glad you found it alas!

Ana Maria Nedelcu said...

LittleLamb said...

Never heard of Deka. Am using KDK.

ChloeRuoyi said...

I've never heard of a ceiling fan going kaput too, and this is also my first time reading about reverse cooling. Hope you will enjoy your new fan for many, many years to come :)

Staci Severns said...

At least you were able to buy an efficient, working ceiling fan that doesn't fall on anyone else. Hahahaha! You wouldn't have to worry that it would fall down any minute. :-)