Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Report card day

Last Saturday was report card day for Christopher. I went alone with him coz hubby is out of town.Christopher didn't want to go initially coz 'it was a Saturday!'. But when I told him I will be going in with him and only for a little while, he agreed to show me around his school.

For 2 years now, everytime we show up to get his report card, one of his buddy's parents would also show up at the same time. So, at least our 2 boys could keep each other company while we waited for the teacher to attend to us.

It was rather late by the time the teacher got to talk to me. Reckon she was tired and I was tired. Basically I learnt that Christopher is doing alright in school. Looking through his books, I realise that he is way more advanced in his learning at home. And not due to my pressure or stress.

When we go to the bookshop, Christopher picks up the books he wants to buy himself. Which includes maths, alphabet writing, numbers writing, mandarin strokes, colouring and some other acitivty books. And when he is at home, he takes out whichever book he wants to do and does them himself. Occasionally he would ask me to read out the instruction for him and tell him how to do a certain activity.

This year in school, they are just starting him on writing capital letters. He already has alot of completed books of capital letters and small letters at home.

For numbers, he will be writing and counting 11-20 in school. At home he is already counting beyond 20 and sometimes writing up till 30/50. They have not started him on addition yet or identifying which number is bigger/smaller. But he is already doing addition up till 10 at home and using the '>/<' signs.

Mandarin, he is at par coz I have requested for his mandarin books every week so that I can also learn and then reinforce up till the same level.

Colouring is of course not an issue for him. He loves to colour. Colours with different colours. Can colour minuet areas well.

As for reading....he is just completing Peter and Jane 2A. My mum says he is rather slow. But I realise it is because at home we don't continue the next page when there is a word is as not yet mastered.

Christopher used to jump to the 4 year old classes when he was 3 coz he went to school rather early and so he learnt faster than his peers. But this year, the principal decided not to do this anymore so that he would have his own classmates and move along with them.

I don't know if this is the right level for 4 year olds. To me, I feel he is ready and able to do so much more than this. Of course, there are areas where he is weaker. And thus the general level for 4 year olds are such, I guess. But my colleague told me her daughter in a chinese kindy is already doing addition. And last year itself, they were already writing capital and small letters.

Which makes me wonder.....should I send my daughter to this kindy as well. And if I do....reckon she won't need to go so early coz if the rate of learning is that slow, she would be able to catch up.

Maybe coz I have the time and interest to teach them at home that I feel the school is going a little too slowly. Although I also know that it is more important to cultivate the interest to learn than how much they have to learn at a certain level.

Anyways....can you tell me what your kiddo learns in school at 4?


LittleLamb said...

I rather let PHilip pace himself. Although science have proven that kids below 6 can really absorb a lot of new stuff...I m letting this go. I am not pressuring him right now. Just go with the flow. Maybe I m too lazy to teach him at home. I dont know.

Anonymous said...

wow...I think i really should hide my face deep down under... not only i never really practice any writing with Manfred at home, I am so slack at doing the revision of reading from school...
We do bed time story book reading, but I never revise any thing from school..
Today school teacher pass me a piece of paper and wrote down 20 mandarin words, she say manfred need coaching at home to recognize those words..... and i was told they will start to have homework from this month onwards, and I was told to do more reading (given by school) with Manfred...
Gosh! is it really necessary to put so much pressure on it? I thin I am the one feeling stress... hhaha

Julie said...

I read and hear what other kids of his age does. I felt Jonathan is slow. He just started reading Book 2 whereas some of his friends is already at Book 5. Some other children can even read a book on their own. He has yet to master writing all the alphabets and numbers by himself. Weak in drawing and colouring. Imagine the agony I had in coaxing him to do his homework. His teacher also commented that he is slow in getting things done. But at home, he did it well and fast at times. I always remind myself not push him too hard but let the rhythm flows. Eventually he will pick it up as he grows older.

Shireen Loh said...

Honestly, i don't know what Ash learns at school. Plus, she doesn't have any homework at all. All I know is the usual ABCs and 123. Seems like Christopher is already miles ahead of his peers. Why not let him learn at his pace rather than the school's pace? Ash definitely can't recognize words yet so we still read to her. She doesn't seem to be interested to read. Like for eg, her favorite stories are red riding hood and the goldilocks. Everytime, I read the words, she would want to narrate the story herself using her own imagination and using her own expression. I let her (and I am not too sure if this is the right thing to do also).