Thursday, July 28, 2011

last night....

Last night after dinner Christopher was walking around and saw a glass filled with ice and just a little bit of clear liquid left in the glass.

He climbed up the dining room chair, kneeled down and told me "Mummy, I want some 100plus." And then he took the glass and wanted to drink it.

I 'shrieked' at him " Don't drink that. That is daddy's glass. Daddy is sick. Put the glass down NOW."

My shrieking didn't help. And Christopher thought I was forbidding him to drink 100plus.

For your info, Christopher does drink 100plus. It all started with one innocent cup from my inlaws. And more subsequent cups every Sunday now. is one of the lost battles I have given up on.

Anyways....he got a little mad. He 'slammed' the glass down and proceeded to complain about all the unfairness he gets from mummy. I ignored him for a while....which resorted to him getting more frustrated and started to hit my chair and hit me.

And this Caylee of mine always chooses the time when mummy and kor kor are at wits ends to get into my better books instead. And I don't lash it out on this irritates the brother even more to no end.

So anyway, after a while Christopher starts throwing things around (and the ever innocent mui mui goes picking it up and giving it back to him). So, I bellowed to him to stop throwing his stuff around and showing a bad example.

Well....I should have known but I was too lazy to react.....Christopher started to take it out on his sister. And when push came to a shove, I smacked him on his hand 5 times HARD!

He cried (of course) holding his really red palm with the other hand.

Caylee of course clambours to me to be hugged, pushing kor kor away. Gosh!

So I get down, let her sit on one lap and after a few minutes hug Christopher to me on the other side. used to be that whenever I do this last time, he would storm off and still remain angry. But since I had a talk with him about his anger and who the loser is with all this anger, he has learnt to quickly handle his emotions.

And that is why I am feel so good about my son as I hugged him to me. He is really learning to deal with negative emotions and work on it.

So, I told him the sequence on events from the time he slammed the glass causing him to get angry till right now, he is upset and crying. And then I told him how to handle it differently in future.

I told him that mummy sometimes 'shrieks' not cause I am angry but I am anxious and worried. So, he has to talk to me to find out if I am angry or just concerned.

He said sorry in the softest voice. And agreed that in future he will communicate better and try the other way.

Makes me really glad....also makes me realise that it is not in the things that we are good at that God looks at us. But in things we are poor at, when we listen to Him and learn that makes him please.

Much like me and my son. Much like me and my son.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

last night....

Last night I put away 3 loads of washing which has been left idle on the sofa. It was a HUGE pile blocking my entire view of the staircase.

When I plopped it down on the bed, after washing up the kids, my son said:

"Mummy do you need help? Can I help you?"

"Sure." I told him. "You can put away all your clothes. And Caylee's PJs go here ok?"

"OK. Mummy."

And off he went taking his clothes and putting them away as best he can.

"Look at mui mui mummy. She is messing up everything!"

"Yes....mui mui....don't disturb. Don't touch. GIRL!!!!!"

"Hurry hurry mummy. We do quickly and mui mui cannot disturb!"

So....the 3 loads of clothing was kept as fast as we could. And some of por por's clothes, he carried to the other room and also kept it inside.

The sight of him putting back the 3 adult pants folded in one pile all at one was comical. He was trying his darnest not to mess it up while placing it flat into the drawer. son, my son. He is indeed quite a Handy Helper.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My 4 day weekend

I took 2 days off to do my own thing recently. And now...I need another 2 days to rest. :)

I had a product interview in the morning. Was supposed to last about 1 hour but ended up spending nearly 2+ hours at the place. Learnt about a new product (had to sign a form that I would not breathe a word) and earned myself RM60. This RM 60 is my consolation for a boo boo I made in my recent hotel booking to Camerons.

Afternoon stayed home to entertain my aunt and uncle and cousins. Had a good chat with them at home over nasi dagang from Kemaman. Totally yummy but 2 days of this rich tuna curry has left me with a sore throat.

Went to Bon Odori. It was a long walk under the warm evening sun. On the way there, Christopher kept muttering "I can walk. I have got energy." again and again. And after a few rounds at Bon Odori, he was complaining non stop "I want to sit. Mummy, where can we sit?". Poor kiddo.
Caylee was smarter. She didn't even ask. She just walked arond in circles, as if drunk (and loads of people had to avoid her while smiling), and then plopped herself down on the ground.
We left around 7+ pm after watching the drums a little bit. And thankfully on the way out, we managed to get the shuttle bus driver to bring us nearer to our car.
Before the bus ride, Christopher was lamenting "I don't ever want to come here ever again!" but in the car, he was happy to come again IF he gets to sit on the bus (again). :) Had Chatime as a reward for all the 'hard' work walking. :)

Had church duty which was kinda fun! :) Managed to listen to the morning sermon since the kids were at home with my parents.

Afternoon, when the kids were asleep, hubby and I sneaked out to Toys R us warehouse sale. Yes, I managed to get Christopher a new fire engine for RM20. Saw some great Woody shirts there and ketp thinking of William. Pity I didn't know his size or Irene's number. Else surely I would have called them.

And in the evening we went to our inlaws place. And I had Snowflakes to reward myself. :)

Went out shopping as soon as the shops were open till the time I had to go home to pick the kids. Was suppposed to buy shoes but gosh be gosh...could not find one. I have a trip to NY this September so it has to be a comfortable formal walking shoe. And also a shoe that I can wear with a skirt. Any ideas anyone? Flatties? Short heels?

Hubby was off so I was hoping for another session of shopping and eating. But lo behold I feel sick. The sore throat and flu got a hold of me after a long absence. I am wondering if it is due to my tidying up of the shoe cabinet and some winter clothing early that morning. Oh well...
Went to FOS opening at The Curve. Bought some tops and bottoms for the kids. Also went grocery shopping. Then headed for a good buffet lunch @ Tao. At RM 46++ per person, weekday lunch, it was fare. Loved the lamb and the scallops. And all through the meal, kept thinking of June! She would love this Japanese buffet.

Had Chatime again for dinner. Too much food. Needed ice drinks instead for my throat.

So, at the end of 4 days I didn't manage to accomplish what I originally set out to do...i.e to get my new shoe and some new clothing. Oh well....another excise to take leave again some time soon. How was your weekend?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The kids and some....

It has been a call to catch up week. Once in a while, I make it a point to call all my closest buddies to find out what is happening in their lives.

I found out this week that, if I feel I have it bad, there are many others who have it worse. One of my closest buddy in Penang just lost her father a few months back. Her brother's autism is getting more pronounce since the incident. And just a few weeks back, she has had to deal with a minor stroke that affected her mum.

She sounded so tired when I called. My heart really went out to her. With a part time maid and on waiting list for a home nurse, I wonder where she finds the strength to cope.

It is indeed God's providence that she left her 9-9 job and have since opened her own classes. And is doing well too. So at least finances are alright and her time is quite flexible. has to go out and talk to more people to realise how blessed we all are.

Another of my closest buddies in PJ cut me off before I could even start a conversation. This one I need to make time and sit down with a cup of tea tarik to talk to. If you know who you are and read this, make time for me Sunday evenings ok.

My other friend from KL is 7+ months pregnant. The last time I called her, she didn't even breathe a word of her you can imagine I literally threw 'daggers' over the phone when she let it slip! I am so happy for her....after 2 years of trying.

As for the kids.....

Christopher broke 2 toys this week. One huge land rover car given to him on his 3rd birthday and his fire engine. He reported duitfully that the car was broken to his yee ma and yee cheong, since they were the ones who bought it for him. Carefull to announce that it really was by accident. And indeed, it was.

As for his fire engine....I did't know it was broken actually coz he still played with it. Actually just one side of the wheels have come off and the axil is broken so it cannot be repaired. He is 'begging' for a new fire engine now. But Atria toy shop, being near closure does not carry one big enough for him to demand.

By the way....the Atria toy/utility shop, known for really cheap China toys and all kinds of misc. will be moving to Serdang and another branch to Pearl Point. In case you want to know....

As for Caylee....

When I pretend to cry, she hits me. And no matter how far she is, she will come back to me and hit me. I don't know if she means to hit or pat and alert or....etc. But one thing I know if she wanders too far and I want her back, I need to pretend cry!

Her sense of observation still amazes me. She can spot a cat under a car across the road. If her nanny holds an umbrella, she can spot that I have one as well slipped at the side of my driver's seat.

She loves to look at people and watch what they are doing. My cousin from Australia was down last weekend and Caylee was carefully watching her 10 month old cousin cry, sit, wail, look. Pity the kiddo....he was tired out and had no patience to respond to Caylee.

Christopher ignored both of them the whole night prefering to talk to his yee cheong instead.

Well...the weekend is coming. Hope I can catch the Bon Oduri this year. Have a great one peeps!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

SS Two mall and Blossoms

I was out on a mission Friday evening. My mission was to NOT COOK and go check out these 2 places - SS Two Mall AND Blossoms.

My sis was the one who told me about Blossoms actually. It only opens during lunch and has such delectable cakes. When she told me it was behind the fire station in SS2, I was like "Huh? There are shops there?" satisfy my curiousity, I had to make a trip there. And lo behold....indeed they only open for lunch. Will definitely go there one day to see how the noodles fare up. However, we saw a chinese restaurant there open for evening. The many table in pink cloth is a good indication this open air coffee shop must serve up some cheap great food. So, we will be back.

As for the SS Two Mall. Well...we passed it several times. And given it has been open for quite some time now....time to go check it out.

I love grocery shops. But Urban, in SS2 Mall was nothing much to shout about. No feasting of eyes on much imported stuff. The Jaya Grocer (and equivalent) shops are much better.

There is an outdoor area in the mall where most eateries clutter around. It's kinda weird in a sense that at ground level, the outdoor area is not connected all around. You have to go back in and out again to reach the other 'wing'. The lower ground outdoor area was alright though. It had water spout fountains which kept the kids occupied....reminded me of Spore. And the lack of people made it alright for the kids to run around.

There are some interesting eateries there. However, we settled on Japanese - Yokoso Iciban. Took pics of food with hubby's phone and it's still sitting there now. :)

I ordered Japanese noddles RM12 and garlic fried rice RM10 for me and my boy. Hubby had some fried pork, egg and rice set RM18. Taste wise was just fare. At least boy boy ate up his portion.

The great thing about SS Two Mall was Chatime is also open there. And no queue for a drink here! Had the roasted milk tea RM4.90 and added pearl RM1.00. It's actually quite nice. And the pearls were chewy and soft. Hubby is dreaming macha tea now with pearl.

All in all.....a relaxing Friday evening.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We can't decide!

We have 3 destinations in mind for a short break this August.

Cameron Highlands

And we can't decide.

Christopher doesn't really like the beach or the pool. But it could be Caylee's first time to both. And hubby has never been to the East Coast so mid year is a good time.

Both the kids have never been to a highland. Should be no jam in Camerons since it is not a school holiday. No need to walk too much, just drive and stop to visit farms. But nothing much to do in Camerons apart from that.

Both the kids have never been to historical places in Malacca or the zoo. And Caylee will require carrying since she can't walk a whole load of distance....and gets distracted too much! And we really need to get more San Shu Gong coffee.

So....where do you think I should go?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Hubby is BACK!

Hubby is back and I am happy!
At last went out yesterday to cut my hair.
At last went out for a nice dinner.
Wanted to go eat Snowflakes but the jam was HORRIBLE going in to KD.

Happy happy me!
Coz I finished washing almost all his dirty laundry.
And finished unpacking all the goodies he bought.
And distributed them to my parents and inlaws.

Happy happy me!
This weekend I can go shopping.
No need for me to push the stroller.
And I can leave the kids to look for clothes and try them on.

Happy am I!
I get to take short breaks in the evening.
Go out for a short walk in the park or shopping complex.
Do small chores like going to the bakery without feeling that I am tiring anyone.

I am happy.
Although I need to go back to cooking
and washing and cleaning all on my own.
And picking up the kids....

Happy me.
Coz hubby has lost some weight and looks good. :)
And yearns chinese food and pork so much that
everything I cook will taste good.

I am happy.
It is good to be happy.
Happy Happy Me! :)