Thursday, July 28, 2011

last night....

Last night after dinner Christopher was walking around and saw a glass filled with ice and just a little bit of clear liquid left in the glass.

He climbed up the dining room chair, kneeled down and told me "Mummy, I want some 100plus." And then he took the glass and wanted to drink it.

I 'shrieked' at him " Don't drink that. That is daddy's glass. Daddy is sick. Put the glass down NOW."

My shrieking didn't help. And Christopher thought I was forbidding him to drink 100plus.

For your info, Christopher does drink 100plus. It all started with one innocent cup from my inlaws. And more subsequent cups every Sunday now. is one of the lost battles I have given up on.

Anyways....he got a little mad. He 'slammed' the glass down and proceeded to complain about all the unfairness he gets from mummy. I ignored him for a while....which resorted to him getting more frustrated and started to hit my chair and hit me.

And this Caylee of mine always chooses the time when mummy and kor kor are at wits ends to get into my better books instead. And I don't lash it out on this irritates the brother even more to no end.

So anyway, after a while Christopher starts throwing things around (and the ever innocent mui mui goes picking it up and giving it back to him). So, I bellowed to him to stop throwing his stuff around and showing a bad example.

Well....I should have known but I was too lazy to react.....Christopher started to take it out on his sister. And when push came to a shove, I smacked him on his hand 5 times HARD!

He cried (of course) holding his really red palm with the other hand.

Caylee of course clambours to me to be hugged, pushing kor kor away. Gosh!

So I get down, let her sit on one lap and after a few minutes hug Christopher to me on the other side. used to be that whenever I do this last time, he would storm off and still remain angry. But since I had a talk with him about his anger and who the loser is with all this anger, he has learnt to quickly handle his emotions.

And that is why I am feel so good about my son as I hugged him to me. He is really learning to deal with negative emotions and work on it.

So, I told him the sequence on events from the time he slammed the glass causing him to get angry till right now, he is upset and crying. And then I told him how to handle it differently in future.

I told him that mummy sometimes 'shrieks' not cause I am angry but I am anxious and worried. So, he has to talk to me to find out if I am angry or just concerned.

He said sorry in the softest voice. And agreed that in future he will communicate better and try the other way.

Makes me really glad....also makes me realise that it is not in the things that we are good at that God looks at us. But in things we are poor at, when we listen to Him and learn that makes him please.

Much like me and my son. Much like me and my son.


mNhL said...

visiting you again after a long hiatus!

Glad that Christoper knows how to apologized after everyone calm down.

eugene said...

I always feel to say "sorry" is the most beautiful character but of course must do it with sincerity,,,

take care have a great weekend and god bless ya

reanaclaire said...

You are being very patient.. continue to teach them well.. no regrets!

Mummy Gwen said...

You teach him well. Glad that he realized his mistakes and said Sorry to you. Good boy.