Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My 4 day weekend

I took 2 days off to do my own thing recently. And now...I need another 2 days to rest. :)

I had a product interview in the morning. Was supposed to last about 1 hour but ended up spending nearly 2+ hours at the place. Learnt about a new product (had to sign a form that I would not breathe a word) and earned myself RM60. This RM 60 is my consolation for a boo boo I made in my recent hotel booking to Camerons.

Afternoon stayed home to entertain my aunt and uncle and cousins. Had a good chat with them at home over nasi dagang from Kemaman. Totally yummy but 2 days of this rich tuna curry has left me with a sore throat.

Went to Bon Odori. It was a long walk under the warm evening sun. On the way there, Christopher kept muttering "I can walk. I have got energy." again and again. And after a few rounds at Bon Odori, he was complaining non stop "I want to sit. Mummy, where can we sit?". Poor kiddo.
Caylee was smarter. She didn't even ask. She just walked arond in circles, as if drunk (and loads of people had to avoid her while smiling), and then plopped herself down on the ground.
We left around 7+ pm after watching the drums a little bit. And thankfully on the way out, we managed to get the shuttle bus driver to bring us nearer to our car.
Before the bus ride, Christopher was lamenting "I don't ever want to come here ever again!" but in the car, he was happy to come again IF he gets to sit on the bus (again). :) Had Chatime as a reward for all the 'hard' work walking. :)

Had church duty which was kinda fun! :) Managed to listen to the morning sermon since the kids were at home with my parents.

Afternoon, when the kids were asleep, hubby and I sneaked out to Toys R us warehouse sale. Yes, I managed to get Christopher a new fire engine for RM20. Saw some great Woody shirts there and ketp thinking of William. Pity I didn't know his size or Irene's number. Else surely I would have called them.

And in the evening we went to our inlaws place. And I had Snowflakes to reward myself. :)

Went out shopping as soon as the shops were open till the time I had to go home to pick the kids. Was suppposed to buy shoes but gosh be gosh...could not find one. I have a trip to NY this September so it has to be a comfortable formal walking shoe. And also a shoe that I can wear with a skirt. Any ideas anyone? Flatties? Short heels?

Hubby was off so I was hoping for another session of shopping and eating. But lo behold I feel sick. The sore throat and flu got a hold of me after a long absence. I am wondering if it is due to my tidying up of the shoe cabinet and some winter clothing early that morning. Oh well...
Went to FOS opening at The Curve. Bought some tops and bottoms for the kids. Also went grocery shopping. Then headed for a good buffet lunch @ Tao. At RM 46++ per person, weekday lunch, it was fare. Loved the lamb and the scallops. And all through the meal, kept thinking of June! She would love this Japanese buffet.

Had Chatime again for dinner. Too much food. Needed ice drinks instead for my throat.

So, at the end of 4 days I didn't manage to accomplish what I originally set out to do...i.e to get my new shoe and some new clothing. Oh well....another excise to take leave again some time soon. How was your weekend?


Small Kucing said...

we were at th bon odori too

LittleLamb said...

That's nice..to be going to NYC. Do save up now and you can go shopping crazy at those outlets. For shoes, my working shoes consist of Scholl *mostly*. You will never go wrong with their black court shoes.

MeRy said...

It is good to have an activities everyday.

ChloeRuoyi said...

We were at the Bon Odori too ;) It was Chloe's 1st visit and she told me she wanted to go again next time. I have no idea what she liked about the event haha. It was hot, crowded and we stood all evening cos couldn't find a place to sit...

Mummy Gwen said...

I think you accomplished alot of things lor..not bad. Yeah, you should take leave again and go shopping for your own stuff..hehe.

Perhaps boots for your NY trip but then again it might not be formal enough.

Julie said...

We went to Bon Odori too, for the first time. Not so interesting to me unless you join in the dance. Good thing I had my sisters with me. More of like a picnic to us. Can't believe those people were willing to park their car so far away and walk quite a distance just for this.

Anonymous said...

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