Sunday, July 10, 2011

SS Two mall and Blossoms

I was out on a mission Friday evening. My mission was to NOT COOK and go check out these 2 places - SS Two Mall AND Blossoms.

My sis was the one who told me about Blossoms actually. It only opens during lunch and has such delectable cakes. When she told me it was behind the fire station in SS2, I was like "Huh? There are shops there?" satisfy my curiousity, I had to make a trip there. And lo behold....indeed they only open for lunch. Will definitely go there one day to see how the noodles fare up. However, we saw a chinese restaurant there open for evening. The many table in pink cloth is a good indication this open air coffee shop must serve up some cheap great food. So, we will be back.

As for the SS Two Mall. Well...we passed it several times. And given it has been open for quite some time now....time to go check it out.

I love grocery shops. But Urban, in SS2 Mall was nothing much to shout about. No feasting of eyes on much imported stuff. The Jaya Grocer (and equivalent) shops are much better.

There is an outdoor area in the mall where most eateries clutter around. It's kinda weird in a sense that at ground level, the outdoor area is not connected all around. You have to go back in and out again to reach the other 'wing'. The lower ground outdoor area was alright though. It had water spout fountains which kept the kids occupied....reminded me of Spore. And the lack of people made it alright for the kids to run around.

There are some interesting eateries there. However, we settled on Japanese - Yokoso Iciban. Took pics of food with hubby's phone and it's still sitting there now. :)

I ordered Japanese noddles RM12 and garlic fried rice RM10 for me and my boy. Hubby had some fried pork, egg and rice set RM18. Taste wise was just fare. At least boy boy ate up his portion.

The great thing about SS Two Mall was Chatime is also open there. And no queue for a drink here! Had the roasted milk tea RM4.90 and added pearl RM1.00. It's actually quite nice. And the pearls were chewy and soft. Hubby is dreaming macha tea now with pearl.

All in all.....a relaxing Friday evening.


prince n princess mum said...

Relaxing evening, how nice..

Anonymous said...

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Irene said...

Ann, you are so right... I been to SSTwo Mall thrice, first two times for makan (there is an organic restaurant at the open ground floor not too bad) and the 3rd time, most recent last Saturday for a full moon luncheon.

Parking is still free, but I heard of cases of snatch thief / breakins. As for Urban, no comment there... they are just good for neighborhood last minute shopping, don't expect Jaya Grocer's kind of variety/quality nor hypermart's pricing.

Mummy Gwen said...

I don't know bout these new malls in PJ coz I seldom go there.

mommy to chumsy said...

Hmm...i should check it out soon. Tropicana and SS2 are so near each other :) Heard so much about chatime but haven't tried their drinks :)

andrewjune said...

yeah heard so much of chatime and also snowflake...wonder how are they like hahaha...

hv a great weekend, ANN!