Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cameron Highlands

Highlights of our Camerons trip!

Food was excellent.

Recommended : Jasmine Cafe's smoked duck @ Tanah Rata RM28. Small portion but totally worth it. Hubby had the mixed grill which was nothing to shout about RM24.

Recommended : Lord's Cafe/T Cafe, Tanah Rata above Marrybrown. Simply food. Fried noodles RM 4.80. Great scones and chicken pie (approx. RM 2.80 each).
Read so much about the Strawberry Moment cafe. So, had to give it a try. Not bad for deserts. Had strawberry coffee ice blend and loved it. Loved it enough to buy a box of strawberry coffee...and still love it. We spent RM 48+ just on 2 ice creams, 1 coffee and 1 kids meal here.

The kids are not really into where we are going. As long as they have the food of their choice and the things they want to play with. In almost every farm, all Christopher wanted to do was to sit on those stuff and eat ice lollies! Caylee followed kor kor minus the ice lollies. She got a strawberry ball instead. And Christopher even managed to find an small aeroplane for me to buy.

The drive up to the Boh Tea Centre was exhilirating - only wide enough for one car. So certain parts was a real squeeze. But the visit was totally worth it. Nice walk up and nice cool air with breeze and so serene.

We + Ipoh in our trip. Tried a new eating place @ Stadium near Fairpark/Ipoh Garden. The fish head noodles were totally yummy - sour, not oily, totally yummy. They also had porridge for Caylee and the fried fish/meat fritters tasted like healthy keropok lekor.

Also chu chap chook for anyone who is interested!

Tried another shop near Pasir Pinji. I had the nyonya noodles, hubby had the BKT noodles and my dad had the curry mee. ALL of them were yummy. The shop is at the corner of the row where Kampar Cake Shop it. By the way....the wholemeal breads sold in this cake shop are totally good and fresh!
Konfeksi Ming Yue was THE place for salty peanut brittle, heong peang, small and good kaya puff and (cheap but tasty) mooncake. But no way can an outsider go there. These people have business so good they really won't bother if you walk away. Thank God for my mum and her goodwill! :)

At the end of the trip, hubby and I agreed - Camerons will be our always holiday location for a short break. The cool air allowed the kids to run around even in the early afternoon. So for once, Caylee slept uninterrupted till the next morning.


chinnee said...

am thinking to go up there too as i have not been there for more than 10years. which hotel do u recommend?

mNhL said...

My childhood holiday destinations !

Wow...all the food pic look so nice!

mommy to chumsy said...

i saw your photos in fb and made me wanna go there too. looks like you all had a great trip with lots of good food :D

Small Kucing said...

uiks didnt go for steamboat?

LittleLamb said...

Its just a day trip or did you overnight there? I want to follow you the next time. I want some cool air...

Julie said...

I love Cameron too but not the driving up. Will be going there for my church retreat in Sept.

Dora said...

I love Cameron Highlands for short break 'coz the weather is so nice plus the food there is much cheaper than KL (yet very delicious) :-)

ChloeRuoyi said...

CH is indeed a very nice place for a short and relaxing holiday. Only thing is, I don't like the winding roads there. I've never heard of the Strawberry Moment cafe... their desserts sure look good but a bit pricey though ;)

Mummy Gwen said...

Finally, you had decided to go Cameron. :) Not bad isn't it. I think it's too cold at night..brrr.

Love all the pics, the food and the kids. :)