Thursday, August 18, 2011


Updates on my little girl @ 1y4+m.

She has got 4 teeth on the top, 2 at the bottom. Her bottom molars on both sides are sprouting. Thank God she has no fever or particular irritation.

No sign of talking yet, apart from a distinctive 'nen nen'. People ask me if I am worried. Frankly I am not. I have a feeling she will have speech diarrhoea when the time comes. She has always been slow and steady in her developments. And right now 1 talker in the family is enough to keep my mind and mouth busy.

Spoilt to the core. I blame her nanny. :) She gets coddled and carried and practically anything she wants from them. It is a ratio of 7 adults loving 1 baby in that house. So, you can bet she gets alot of brushing off at home, relatively.

Still wakes up at 2-3 am for PLAYTIME. I frequently have to bring her to the other room so that she would not disturb kor kor or daddy at that hour.

Loves to hold my finger or play with my nails while attempting to sleep. So, I have a permanent back ache due to my inmobility while putting her to sleep.

She is a real competitor. Always wants to beat the brother to things. Ask them to wash hands and this little girl will race to be first at the sink.

Loves to press the button on the ipad.

Knows the signal for 'no more'. And after seeing me lift my hand at another car to thank them for letting me pass, she now raises her hands at almost all vehicles passing by at the traffic lights. It's quite comical.

Loves to mimic us, especially kor kor.

Ask her who is Caylee, and she will pat her chest. Recognises most people. Mummy, daddy, kor kor, por por. kung kung....and even cher cher (my BIL's gf).

Loves the playground and will point at all the playgrounds she passes on her way home.

Recognises tiger and spider and ball and balloon and biscuit and dog and cat and bird and umbrella. Other pictures are a hit and miss. Starting to follow actions in nursery rhymes.

Very determined. Very focus. Able to do alot of stuff on her own after watching how we do it....including twisting the CNY red top cannisters and prying open a Jacobs cream crackers 900g tin.

Bought her a hair clip that day. Sometimes I can get it on her. Most of the time she prefers to put it on me.

Loves stickers. She thinks they are really pretty.

LOVES balloons. Up to the point I have to be careful not to walk pass certain shops in the mall that have those colourful balloons.

Still irritates the brother to high heaven.


mommy to chumsy said...

hmm...only 1 year and 4 months and there are ppl asking you if you are worried about her speech? when do their kids start talking? 1 year old?

Merryn said...

who in the world would ask you about her speech when she is only 1 year 4 months?! tsk tsk to these ppl...

i like the LAST sentence ... haha..

Mummy Gwen said...

Caylee has good gross motor skill. I don't think Gwen could open those Jacobs cream crackers tins.

Caylee is really a fast learner and she is developing so well.

andrewjune said...

happy 16 mths to caylee!

Julie said...

Cute little one. Who will not spoilt her, you think? :P

At least she puts the hair clip on your hair rather than throwing it on the floor. :)

eugene said...

The time will come,when Caylee suddenly,"oops a big girl already" so treasure the moment