Thursday, August 25, 2011

No gas, no gassssss.....

I knew something was amiss when the spluttering of the serai and onions in my wok started slowing down. Looked down at the flames and yes, oh yes.....there burns the last breath of my gas.

Called my neighbourhood gas man.

"Today cannot help you miss. I am in Bangsar!"

WHAT?? So far the 3 times I have called him since I moved to my new place has him running over in about 10 minutes. So, this was a first for me.

"So how?" I asked. "What time can you arrive?"

After much debate, he gave me a reluctant promise of before 6 pm.

So, off I went doing my other chores. If my parents were not here, you bet I would have just packed everything into the fridge and went out to eat.

But I had my parents and I had my relatives who were coming over for dinner. Rice was cooked and everything was washed and cut. So, we waited.

At 5.50 pm, the gas man called. "What is your address? Not xxxx place meh?"

"NO!" I answered. "I told you my place is yyyy place mah."

He got the address wrong and thus was now caught in another traffic jam filled place.

"This time really cannot help you miss. By the time I reach your place will be 8+ liao."

SIGH....and here I was on my way out to fetch my aunty and grandma. cut the story short, my dad went over to the gas man's house, hoping he would keep some spare tanks in his house. And this act caused the gas man to pity us so much that he sent his son to bring his own gas tank over for us to use.

So, my mum cooked dinner.

And at 8+, the gas man arrived to give us a new tank.
He took the oportunity to nag and nag for us to keep a spare.

Truth be told, I don't really have the cupboard space to put a spare. And neither do I have a storeroom. So....the reason why I didn't have a spare. And he has always been so reliable. And I thought I had an induction cooker, worse case scenraio. But the damn induction cooker gave me a fuse shortage when I hooked it on last night.

So this particular incident is not one I want to repeat. My mum doesn't do well with stress and given the gas man predicted my tank of gas would last only till Christmas. And gave me a warning that don't tell me half way cooking for Christmas....

Space or no space, I have a spare now. Hidden in corners only cockroaches go! :)

I end this with a kind word of gratitude for the gas man who thought of our dinner and let us use this tank of gas. It was so much trouble for him but he helped where he could. Such a good samaritan.

Did I consider other gas tanks? I did. But hubby says they could have a different head? Is that true?


Small Kucing said...

I thought all gas tank the same. I used the petronas punya. Then the guy got LC, so i changed to Shell. Then a mini market nearby start suppying gas so i got from there and it's petronas one. So far no problem. Heads are all the same gua. Coz buy the head from shop, they also sell standard one. That's why i assume it's the same.

Ya i do keep a spare tank of gas coz the fella who send gas here are not as reliable as your gas man. The former fella say will come morning, wait till evening baru come. Grrrr

Irene said...

Hi Ann,

Few things off my head to share with you before I forget and blabber off abt the sun and rain.

1. Yes, I believe you can use other gas tanks eg other brands because I use Esso and Shell.

2. I have wet and dry kitchen, so two tanks. I have also two suppliers, one that comes running over within 3 hours (not as efficient as yours) and another that comes by every other day on his rounds.

3. Induction Cooker. I'm told must use only pots that is compatible. Trust you are aware, but jst in case, and dunno why yours short fused. The last time I boiled porridge with IC, the porridge burnt, and water dried very fast I had to keep adding!

4. It's great to have relatives around, gives the house such a warm feeling. You take care... show pics of your cooking next time? ; )

mNhL said...

MIL is the master of the chef at home and I don't meddle with her kitchen stuffs. But I do realised she kept spare gas tank at home. Sometimes, when we cooked half way, the gas just happen to end it's life. haha... Better to keep a spare one just in case.

Merryn said...

my one gas tank can last me for years! my mom has 3 but i think all of the same kind so all have da same heads...

mommy to chumsy said...

ahhh...i hate it when that happens to me :( it's convenient for me to order one from the shop nearby but much expensive than the ones that go in a van. keeping a spare is a good idea if you cook regularly :) err..don't they all have the same head? only different gas tank sizes.

Mummy Gwen said...

We have a spare gas tank at home too. I'm using petronas ones. I have used shell and esso before. All same heads wor.

Anonymous said...

oh... we have spare. My MIL cook a lot. a spare we need!

chinnee said...

i don't like the extra storage too, even though i cook out of my kitchen. It hides too much thing like u said. So is my mum. What she did during festive season was, she also change to a new one (despite the old one is still usable), just in case she run out of gas when everyone is back for festive season.

Mummy Moon said...

I never keep a spare as one tank normally can last for at least few months and I don't have a storage for the spare too. Happen once we have a late dinner and everything is wash and cut and suddenly the gas went for the last breath. Too late to call the gas man and looking at the stuff we have prepared and some more something is cooked half way, I end up sent my hub to get the spare tank from my sis house which is a few blocks from our unit. Hehehe. At the end my hubby jadi the gas man and fix the head for the first time after being thought by my BIL.

Julie said...

I always keep a spare and it's hidden in a corner as well where the cockroaches and lizards play there. Yikes!

I think all the head is standard.

Health Freak Mommy said...

When I was living in a landed property, we always had an extra tank of gas for emergency cases. Now that we live in a condo, I don't have to worry about gas running out ever for we have piped in gas :)