Thursday, September 8, 2011

2 week hiatus!

It's a strange feeling having to plan for something immediate when something bigger is happening also. Hard to put aside the bigger bugger and think carefully of the immediate activity. Doesn't help that hubby is can't download.

Anyways.....the bugger which is so big is my impending trip to Manhattan. Going for 2 weeks on a heavily scheduled, do-you-think-I-have-2-brains training. With the HUGE expectation to provide training to some offices directly afterwhich. AND to provide a regional training later in the year. Why oh why don't I ever get to be trained just for the fun of it!

Leaving on the 10th anniversary of NY's greatest threat. So, it won't be all that fun with security at the airports. Official letter with company logo - checked. Valid passport and working visa - checked.

Now for the little buggers.....

Got to get some socks for the trip tommorrow. So glad JJ is already open in 1U coz that is where I will be heading tommorrow.

And going to celebrate my dad and son's birthday together. One a bit late and the other a lot early. Was trying to squeeze cake planning and dinner venue planning in between my otherwise preoccupied mind.

So, got his Mickey Mouse cake. Christopher changed his mind from Ben10 to Scooby Doo to at last Mickey. Glad he did so coz Mickey is standard in most cake shops. Settles for Thyme and a 2 kg cake. Ah boy insisted he wanted fruits ALL AROUND. total left me RM103 poorer. Hope the German Black Forest cake turns out good. Cos it will be my mum and Ah girl perhaps who would have to finish the whole lot.

And dinner for my dad will be at the much read about, couldn't wait to try Chinese Restaurant Chyniis @ SS2 Mall. I already have a list of stuff to order.

Will be uploading the review of this restaurant and the birthday party in NY if I have the time. Else it will be hiatus for 2 weeks.

See you all in a bit.....or two. Happy 3 weekends in advance.


mommy to chumsy said...

ahh....have a nice time in NY. would you have time to do some shopping and sightseeing? hehehehehhehe.

mNhL said...

treat that as a holiday. enjoy!

Irene said...

Have a safe and fruitful trip to NY. Oh, I have tried chyniis ss2 the food and service and ambience good. Take care!

LittleLamb said...

Have a safe and enjoyable trip to NYC :)

and Happy Birthday To Christopher !!

Mummy Gwen said...

Happy Birthday To Your Dad and Christopher!

Enjoy your trip to NYC! ^_^

filipina heart said...

Only one monkey laughed at the insane dead body.

andrewjune said...

Hv fun in NY! Looking forward to photos fr NY!

Julie said...

Hope you'll have fun more than anything else.

And a happy birthday to Christopher.

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