Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ice Bowl, UFO and Snowflakes

I have been wishing for Snowflakes to come over to SS2 for ages now. The nearest outlet for me right now is Kota Damansara. And we all know the jam there...and the flood if it pours.

So, I was kinda happy when I found out something similar has landed in SS2 - Ice Bowl and now UFO.

All of them use the same concept actually - shaved black jelly ice topped with condiments.

Ice Bowl adds red bean as well apart from the usual taro and sweet potato bites.
UFO adds macha bites as the extra.


I think I still have to drive to KD for Snowflakes.

I don't like Ice Bowl coz the shaved jelly ice does not have that strong a black jelly flavour. Snowflakes black jelly tastes like Kua Lin Ko - slightly bitter and thus seems more authentic. I also don't like the red bean addition.

UFO's portion is smaller for the same price. The taste of the ice is much the same but the taro, macha and sweet potato bites tasted funny. Macha especially just didn't work.

The last time I had Snowflakes, I made this comment to hubby 'Ever wondered why they have the bites this particular size?'

My theory is:
If the bites were too small, you would have a tendency to scoop it together with the ice and black jelly. And your teeth would not be able to handle biting the bites and handling the cold jelly at the same time. You really need to suck the black jelly ice.
The bites are made big enough to make you feel that you can only scoop one into the spoon and put it in your mouth. Then you chew and get ready to put in some ice. By the time you get the ice into your mouth, the bites would be small enought to be mixed together and swallowed down.

Well....that's just me. Hubby laughed when I told him that. He thinks I analyse too much. :)

Have you tried Snowflakes? When did you last have it?


Family First said...

Never tried any 3 of them before. I hardly go out for makan-makan in malls .. only go out to get groceries .. sad rite?

Mummy Gwen said...

Honestly, I haven't heard about Snowflakes before...hehe. Sounds like the desserts are really good. I wonder they have Snowflakes at Sunway or Mid Valley. :P

mommy to chumsy said...

thanks for the info. i have yet to try any of these places. will look for snowflake :)

Small Kucing said...

nope belum lagi

kim said...

hi, thanks for the comment abt the glass jelly ice , honestly , we are try to improve it . love to see you again in ice bowl. Have a good day !

The Storyteller said...

well written. well designed, keep it up