Sunday, September 4, 2011

Last week

Good morning. It's a Monday and I am happy. After 3 days with the kids, I am broke and tired. Always feel that if I am not earning money, I am just spending money.....

Let's see....what did we do?

It felt like CNY to me. Coz we were scheduled to spend the morning with my inlaws after not seeing them for 2 weeks. Had lunch with them in Klang. Was supposed to pay but my FIL's friend arrived and settled the bill for us.
In the evening, went to 1U to check out the new JJ. Not bad...knida love the new foodstores in front. Reminds me of Spore. But the crowd was !!!!! The boy insisted on eating in the Green Frog place - Sakae Sushi.

Hubby couldn't wait to wake up today coz he had planned to visit Tokyo Street in Pavillion. We timed a visit of 2 hours there. Parking costs a BOMB in Pavillion. Was disappointed with Tokyo Street. It was kinda small. But of course the Jap art and items was beautifully displayed. THe bento boxes looked like art not utensils to be used. Was hoping to get some shirts with Jap art but....
Big kiddo threw a tantrum during lunch. Slapped him in a crowd of food court eaters. I think everyone must have thought I was a super terrible mum. Sigh.....but the boy was down right rude and spoilt.
Went grocery shopping in the evening at Tesco. Loads of parking. GREAT! But the fresh food produce area was in a sorry state. Good thing I was there only for the tins and bottles and packages. Dropped by Snowflakes for my de-stress. DO you know about Ice Bowl and UFO in SS2?

Since I didn't get to treat my inlaws to a meal, decided to go to the Lan Je in USJ for lunch. No one my inlaws knew came, so I managed to give them and 2nd aunty a treat. Ah Boy learnt his lesson and ate up all his lunch.
However he was all keyed up that he didn't get a good afternoon nap. Resulted in moody boy in the evenings.
Took the opportunity to go to the night market for some fruits and vege. It was a quick trip coz we were each carrying a kid and our fruits as well. My arms ached terribly.
Drove to KD to try the belacan fried chicken since the traffic was light. Must use the opportunity coz other times it would be crazy to go to KD. One bite of it and I was asking 'where is the belacan taste?' Good only for a fried chicken crave.

Hubby went back to work. I worked at home to take care of Ah Boy! Was very strict with him making him eat at the table by himself, do some maths and reading and colouring. He didn't have a good time. But he was getting too spoilt by his grandparents who took care of him last week. My mum is like his servant! Gosh.... was a good break. But I am glad to be back to work and some routine. And glad that Ah Boy is back to school and not just lazing there with in front of the TV.

Take care everyone. Seems the haze is around and alot of people are falling ill.


eugene said...

Don't worry about money,it shall come when we least expect it too.hahhaah

take care now and have a great week ahead

Ponytail said...

Hey, last week felt like CNY for me too :)
I think it is a good break for everyone escpecially us parents..

chinnee said...

i think that tokyo street is too small also. they should have done it the WHOLE FLOOR!

reanaclaire said...

The more we earn, the more spend one..
no wonder this afternoon was so hazy.. so it is back again? gosh!

mommy to chumsy said...

looks like you have been out every day :) good to spend some $$ to de-stress :) oh, is the haze back? no wonder i smelt something earlier today and ashley was sneezing :(

Mummy Gwen said...

We were in KL last week. We had no prob with parking when we were at the malls....surprisingly it was not that crowded.

Looks like your holiday was not bad. I hate it when Gwen throw tantrums in public.

Family First said...

You are totally right, when we are not earning, we are busy spending! So I'd rather get back to the office than stay at home too long!