Monday, September 26, 2011

New York! New York!

Back from New York.

It was a real working trip this time round. No shopping at all during the weekdays. Blame it on the rain. Blame it on the General Assembly going on on the same time. Blame it on the fact that loads of people wanted to meet us for working lunches and dinners. Blame it on the fact we had 3 portfolios to juggle and complete daily.

However, having said that, it was really an experience to go during GA time. Certain portions of the street were closed. And only if you have the UN pass can you go in. We saw security snippers on the roof tops. And CIA lookalikes around having security stuff in their ears. We saw bodyguards around delegates. It looked just like an American movie.

Had Starbucks Chai every morning. I so miss it now.

The first week I was there, the temperature took a drastic dip on Thursday resulting in chattering me for 2 days.

Met my uncle on Sat and stayed over. Miss my cousins so much. Wish I had stayed for another night.

Amd now some shots....
At last I made a trip to Empire State Building. 3 times to NY and I never made it up. The view was great. Worth every USD 22.

On Sunday after church, walking around China Town, I reached the Italian town and found they were having a fest. It was super packed. They had grills every other place. And tons of gelato too. Had a great lagsane there with my uncle that day.

Yau Char Kwai wrapped in Chee Cheong Fun skin. Dip is soya sauce. Sounds simple but tastes really good. Heard we have this in Ipoh too! There was an option to have beef inside....but I opted for this simply dish for breakfast in Chinatown.

Woodbury Common Premium Outlet. Gap wasn't that cheap there actually. But Timberland was and shoes were going off at 50% with the 2nd purchase. My colleague bought 2 kids shoes costing like USD 30++. Coach was also going off really cheap like USD 90++. Pity I am not a Coach kinda person. Didn't have much time there and spent some time buying Samsonite suitcases.

It's the 10th anniversary of 9-11, so we found it befitting to see the memorial. This is ther building that is going up. My NY colleague cried when she was there. Me too.....the words displayed there was really touching. When I looked at the building, I saw reflections of other buildings. And the thought that came to my head was 'A reflection of hope'. It was a melancholic Friday evening with overcast skies.

So, basically that's it for NY. Purchased loads of shirts for hubby. Some scents from Bath and Body Works. And of course rewarded myself with Lesportsac and Kipling bags.


Small Kucing said...

such a lovely business trip.

chinnee said...

just plain chee cheong fun wrapping around yau char kuai? seems like a great idea wor...we can even do this at home, hehe...

mommy to chumsy said... are back. love the photos especially the last one. it's beautiful. pls show us your shopping loot :) oh i didn't know we can find char leong in ipoh. do you know where? foh san?

Dora said...

The trip sounds rather rush but great that you managed to visit some interesting places :-)

LittleLamb said...

Thank your company for this trip...and of course it was work trip. but at night, you get to meet up with ur relatives and of course shopping.

Mummy Gwen said...

Welcome home. You are really a "lui keong yan"...salute.