Monday, October 31, 2011

Caylee @ 1.5 years old

It's a little backdated....but my little girl is a wonder. At 1 year 6 months, she is able to...

1) Kick a ball, run after it and then kick again.
2) Fasten the high chair buckle
3) Feed herself....soup included
4) Hold a pencil correctly and scribble hard
5) Put a book back in the bookshelf in vertical position
6) Climb into the car and then the car seat unaided
7) Carry my handbag
8) Look speicifically for lego blocks of 3 to build a tower. She rejects blocks of 4 or 2. And accepts blocks of 2+1 to make up 3.

She defaults a bye-bye and a flying kiss when she leaves.
She knows 'to hug someone' means to put your arms around them.

She can't speak yet but she has a marvellous way of telling you what she wants. It's clearer than speaking!

When kor kor tries to teach her to say the 'mi' in Ma-mi (mummy), she says 'Ma' and then looks hard at the kor kor trying to say 'mi'....upon failing just points to me and says 'Ma'.

She knows what she wants and when. When she is tired, she will 'bring' you to the stairs and point upstairs. And when she wants her water, she will 'bring' you there and point to her bottle. And she will stand there till you get what she wants....or climb onto you so that she is high enough to take it herself.

She is still as determined as ever. When she can't do something right, she will request to be taught and then try and try it until she gets it. Not even kor kor can break her concentration then.

Otherwise, she is agile and can follow her kor kor wherever he goes. She can even climb the stairs on her own and attempts to do one step per foot so that she can go faster. She is clever though....she knows she has to hold on to the sides to stabilise herself.

It was particularly cute that day when I saw her follow kor kor through a tight squeeze. Kor kor breezed through it coz he is thinner and the area where it is tight is at his waist. Whereas for her, it is at her armpits. So when she was going through, she frowned and looked at it and then squeezed through. And then when she was through she relaxed and went looking for her brother.

She may be 1 year 6 months, but oh boy! she is still one major cry baby. She knows cry means less trouble?

And she is a trouble maker of late. When the 2 kids fight, right is usually instigated by Caylee. And kor kor 'fights' back the wrong way. So, if you come near my house on an ad hoc will hear Caylee cry, kor kor shout and then mummy scream! hahahaha......

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Verbs are 'ing' words!

It was late. And based on our earlier bargain, there would be no more bed time story tonight. Just a prayer and off to bed.

2 minutes later, Christopher told me "Mummy, you don't have to tell story. I talk about my school and you talk about my school, like that, okay?"

What he actually means is we talk about school and I was questions and he answers.

Oh well.....

So, I asked him what he did in school? And he told me what he learnt in Chinese class. He loves learning Mandarin so far. But he doesn't really understand what he is saying! hahaha....Yee Cheong has to come to the rescue soon coz this mummy is really clueless!

Anyways....after that, I asked him what he learnt in Mathematics class?
This mummy never fails to find some way to teach her son something. So, while talking I kept quizing him on his addition. And we rhymed our 1+1=2. 2+1=3 etc etc.

Then we talked about English. And I asked him if he has learnt verbs. He said No.
So, this mummy started explaining what is verbs. And I started giving him examples. And after a while he got it. And gave me correct answers to the sentences I was throwing at him.

AND THEN....he made an observation.

"Mummy, all the verbs end with the sound '-ing'.  Like talk-ing, driv-ing."

Yes indeed. I forgot that was one of the first ways to help a kid recognize a verb. But I am glad that he got it himself.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Polka Ice Cream

I found it by accident. But when they said it was limited due to season, I grabbed some.

And oh my gosh.....I am literally eating frozen durian. It's totally YUMMY!

Note : Ordered from The Last Polka website. Paid when collected the package at The Bee, Jaya One. It comes in that tupperware which really looks 'homemade'. It's small but worth every RM32. Good thing no one in the house is fighting me for it! :) get the Guiness and Tea Tarik one.

Worse 12hours of my life so far

Can a mother ever turn away from a crying child?

I have.

It all started on Sunday afternoon when in her 3rd mouthful of porridge, Caylee breaks out into tears.

Now, this is normal given that she was banging on the iPad and I took it away from her to bring out another program to keep her occupied.

Sorry hubby..I think in the process of her banging, she BOUGHT something! Early online shopper here.

So, anyways, I carried her up and brought her out to distract her....and to feed her somemore.

But to my surprise, she didn't really stop crying. And everytime she cried, she would put her hand to her mouth.

She ate after 1 hour 3 quarts of her porridge....then she started spitting it out and crying while holding her mouth again.

So, I gave up. Cleaned her up.

But throughout the whole day, occasionally she would cry and hold her mouth. It was not normal, not a tantrum cry. Truly can see it was a discomfort cry.

When kor kor was around, she kinda played with him. Sometimes remembering her pain, she would break out in tears again.

It was tiring, given it was only me and my mum taking turns to carry her and having to give in to her all the time else her crying would start.

At night when I brought her up to bed, she cried and cried and refused to sleep. Kept on pointing out. Normally even if she was not sleepy, she would lie around in the room. Never like this, all crying.

This went on and on. In the end she slept only coz she was exhausted from crying. 30 minutes into sleep, she would wake up and cry again. For about 30 minutes then sleep again. And the cycle continued till about 3am. Around 2+ I gave her some propolis in case she was having a sorethroat.

It is Tuesday now. Monday she was really pushing her limit after all the giving in on Sunday. By evening, my mum lost it. And I had a stern word with both the kids. Both cried of course but I knew this was a 'sad' cry.

Caylee is back to her good self today. All mischief and smiles.

Till today I am still wondering what happened. An ulcer? Bone? Whatever it is thank God He kept it shortlived.

Yes, I do think I spoil the kids.....BUT

 Bought this mat with streets and buildings from Giant for RM50.
Bought this die cast bus from NY for USD 7.

Yes, I do believe sometimes I spoil my son....BUT
these purchases give me some hours of time alone.

So, it's really WELL WORTH IT !

Thursday, October 6, 2011

He got lost

I have always been very strict with Christopher holding my hand when we are out, even in the shopping malls. Reason being he has a tendency to get in people's way. And of course for the obvious reason of safety.

So, it was a first for him and for me.

We were in Tesco. On the way IN to the toilet, he spotted those kiddie rides and told me he wants to go on them.

On the way OUT of the toilet, Christopher let go of my hand and ran towards one particular ride. Given hubby was at the check out counter right in front of me, I decided to go over to signal to him where we were.

For that split second, Christopher turned and didn't see me there. I had one eye on him all the time so I knew when he turned around and didn't see me. I saw his expression change and then he skipped/half ran down the corridor looking at all the check out counters.

I knew he was crying by the look of all the passer by mums and dads that he passed. They were really concerned seeing a child cry and then their expression changed to relieve when I nodded that I was the mum.

When he reached the end of the line of counters, he turned around, squatted down and cried loudly. Then he spotted me coming towards him.

All this while I was behind him but kids....they always look forward!

We reached each other and he hugged me and cried and cried. We walked slowly back to daddy, he hugging my leg the whole time.

He threw a tantrum later when the sobbing stopped. Scolded me for leaving him behind. I let him lash it out for just a little while.

We had a talk after that. He told me he made a rush for the ride coz he was afriad someone will sit on it if he doesn't hurry. I asked him which was more important, sitting on the ride or not getting lost? And to exaggerate my point, I told him about bad men who kidnap kids and put them in dark rooms and make them sit on the streets to ask for money. I think I scared him silly. Though later at night he retold me his version of a kidnapping story.

Anyways....he now knows that if he ever turns around and cannot find mummy, he has to stand still and wait. Mummy will look for him and find him. No point 2 people running and no one finding each other.

I did not teach him to look for a uniformed officer coz I seldom not know where he is going. He actually never leaves my side when we are out. And he will only leave me and go to someone else when that someone is within his sight. Besudes, I usually follow him when he lets me know he wants to go somewhere. Though maybe the next time we go out, I will point out to him uniformed officers and information counters, just in case.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Doing something worthwhile

I am in the business IT line. My main job is to educate users on the changes in the business process and how that will work in the system.

Apart from providing training, we create interactive programs for users to learn while doing.

Since returning from a TOT session in NY, there has been several trainings going on. We call it missions in our organization. And sadly I will be unable to participate in these missions becuase hubby and my parents will be alternating travelling. So, there is no other caregiver for the kids.

So of course, I volunteered to do most of the work for the interactive programs.

I quite love doing these programs because I kinda love working on the program itself. And I love writing process flows.

But recently, I heard that HQ is holding back the server upgrade that is supporting this interactive program. Without the upgrade, the program could become obsolete. The business users claim a User Guide/SOP will suffice.

Now, any IT user would know that a good IT manual has to have some screen shots of the system. To box up and highlight key fields, to show the actual key messages that will appear etc.

It threw me off balance when I heard this news - that the program has to be defended to that extent. It is not easy creating a piece of workable and understandable program for lay users to utilize. And when you feel your piece of contribution is not being appreciated, it kinda makes you loose the drive to really put your heart into it.

A job is not a job when you feel you are doing something worthwhile. Otherwise, a job is just a job.

Note : I wrote this before realizing Steve Jobs has passed away. RIP Steve! He did a great job coz he loved what he was doing.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Up the stairs in heels

I have not worn heels since 4 and a half years ago, when I became preggy with my son.

Recently, I bought myself a new pair of open toe heels.

My colleague told me that when she climbs the stairs, she only sets the flat part of her shoe/feet on the stair. In other wards, the heel is left dangling. She says it is much faster and easier to climb stairs with heels that way.

I don't know how to do that.

I have to place heel and all on the step before I feel it secure enough to put my weight down and climb. As a result I walk up the stairs really loudly and slower.

How do you climb the stairs when you are in your heels?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Makan Makan Weekend

I came back in time to celebrate my 5th anniversary. It was different this year. Made an effort to go out and celebrate. Told my son about the special day. Stopped short of putting on a dress for the occasion and wearing heels. Reckon that would still not be practical running after 2 kids.

Its the empowerment that comes with being kicked out of your comfort zone. Suddenly everything seems new.

So, we went to Shogun at last. Frankly hubby has been wanting to try for eons now. And I gave in to a buffet alas. It cost us RM54++ each for a Friday dinner and since my conscience was at its best, we had to pay RM16++ for our recently turned 4 year old boy.

All I got to say it.....apart from the Japanese food there, the other stuff really didn't taste good at all. Sorry to say that.....but some of the cooked dishes were cold. And if they were not cooked in black pepper, they actually tastes bland. I tried the Fried Udon and I only managed a spoonful.

The sashimi was good though and the vareity of sushi was NICE.

Ice cream was ok, only for the kids. The green tea ice cream didn't have green tea taste at all. The cakes I gave a miss. And only some of the jelly was good.

Surprisingly the coffee latte was really good. Really really good. And the ginseng tea tasted like ginseng.

Cost us a whopping bill of RM150 after tax. Well....cheaper than staying in a hotel, which was my original plan....


Then on Saturday we went to try another place called Veneeze in Jaya One. Well....the real reason we were there was coz hubby bought this voucher.

Verdict.....really good. Mid range prices, cosy place, easy parking. I wouldn't mind coming in without a voucher.

We had spaghetti carbonara....and the delightful thing about it was they made it and served it with a runny egg yolk in the middle. You are supposed to break the egg yolk and mix it with the plate of spaghetti. Frankly I don't like egg yolk but I have only eaten such spaghetti 1 other time since. And the taste really is very different.

We also had the pizza which was really good too. Thin crust you can hardly feel you are eating crust. And enough cheese not to be too gooey. And with a pinch of tabasco had me going slice after slice.

The mushroom soup was also VERY different. Brown soup with a side dish of fried mushrooms. You know you were having real mushroom soup.

The boy ate his share which was a good thing since he loves noodles and yet doesn't consider spaghetti noodles. He ate the pizza too although he doesn't like bread. The girl loved the soup and the garlic bread that came with it.

Walked around Jaya One. Decied to check out by chance if Starbucks here actually had my Chai. And found out that Starbucks now carry a 3in1 coffee. How much is it anyone knows? My bro in law told me it is RM8 a packet. I don't believe him! hahahaha....


We ended the weekend trying our luck getting to Logos Hope, after Simon's headsup. We had a jam getting into the parking lot which costs us RM3. Then when we reached nearer the ship we realised that there was a long line for tickets. It costs RM1 per adult. And the people were no longer seeling the tickets at the moment. Reason? There were already too many people in the ship and they had to clear out the ship before allowing other people to board. And there were already TONS of people waiting to board.

We left at 4.20 after spending some 30 min in the hot sun waiting. The boy was whinning of close and yet so far away. Have to come really early next week and fulfill his wish. It was my wish too, wish too. Pray we will be able to make it on board next week.