Monday, October 31, 2011

Caylee @ 1.5 years old

It's a little backdated....but my little girl is a wonder. At 1 year 6 months, she is able to...

1) Kick a ball, run after it and then kick again.
2) Fasten the high chair buckle
3) Feed herself....soup included
4) Hold a pencil correctly and scribble hard
5) Put a book back in the bookshelf in vertical position
6) Climb into the car and then the car seat unaided
7) Carry my handbag
8) Look speicifically for lego blocks of 3 to build a tower. She rejects blocks of 4 or 2. And accepts blocks of 2+1 to make up 3.

She defaults a bye-bye and a flying kiss when she leaves.
She knows 'to hug someone' means to put your arms around them.

She can't speak yet but she has a marvellous way of telling you what she wants. It's clearer than speaking!

When kor kor tries to teach her to say the 'mi' in Ma-mi (mummy), she says 'Ma' and then looks hard at the kor kor trying to say 'mi'....upon failing just points to me and says 'Ma'.

She knows what she wants and when. When she is tired, she will 'bring' you to the stairs and point upstairs. And when she wants her water, she will 'bring' you there and point to her bottle. And she will stand there till you get what she wants....or climb onto you so that she is high enough to take it herself.

She is still as determined as ever. When she can't do something right, she will request to be taught and then try and try it until she gets it. Not even kor kor can break her concentration then.

Otherwise, she is agile and can follow her kor kor wherever he goes. She can even climb the stairs on her own and attempts to do one step per foot so that she can go faster. She is clever though....she knows she has to hold on to the sides to stabilise herself.

It was particularly cute that day when I saw her follow kor kor through a tight squeeze. Kor kor breezed through it coz he is thinner and the area where it is tight is at his waist. Whereas for her, it is at her armpits. So when she was going through, she frowned and looked at it and then squeezed through. And then when she was through she relaxed and went looking for her brother.

She may be 1 year 6 months, but oh boy! she is still one major cry baby. She knows cry means less trouble?

And she is a trouble maker of late. When the 2 kids fight, right is usually instigated by Caylee. And kor kor 'fights' back the wrong way. So, if you come near my house on an ad hoc will hear Caylee cry, kor kor shout and then mummy scream! hahahaha......


reanaclaire said...

Caylee sounds so cute! Feel like hugging her.. :)

Baby Darren said...

no photo of her?? I am sure she has grown to a cute little princess now..

Same here. The girl will bully the kor kor and kor kor kor fight back the wrong way and kor kor get the scolding too at the end..hahaha..

prince n princess mum said...

Great achievements!

Small Kucing said...

hope will see her pic soon

andrewjune said...

Happy 1.5 yrs old to caylee :) soon you will be 2!

Whoa...n so the sibling rivalry has started? Mmm, mine will be soon too!

Wai Yin said...

appetite like father, attitude like mother! :) i like the look when she spots something kor kor has and she has none, then wait for the opportunity to get clever.

Small Kucing said...


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