Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Doing something worthwhile

I am in the business IT line. My main job is to educate users on the changes in the business process and how that will work in the system.

Apart from providing training, we create interactive programs for users to learn while doing.

Since returning from a TOT session in NY, there has been several trainings going on. We call it missions in our organization. And sadly I will be unable to participate in these missions becuase hubby and my parents will be alternating travelling. So, there is no other caregiver for the kids.

So of course, I volunteered to do most of the work for the interactive programs.

I quite love doing these programs because I kinda love working on the program itself. And I love writing process flows.

But recently, I heard that HQ is holding back the server upgrade that is supporting this interactive program. Without the upgrade, the program could become obsolete. The business users claim a User Guide/SOP will suffice.

Now, any IT user would know that a good IT manual has to have some screen shots of the system. To box up and highlight key fields, to show the actual key messages that will appear etc.

It threw me off balance when I heard this news - that the program has to be defended to that extent. It is not easy creating a piece of workable and understandable program for lay users to utilize. And when you feel your piece of contribution is not being appreciated, it kinda makes you loose the drive to really put your heart into it.

A job is not a job when you feel you are doing something worthwhile. Otherwise, a job is just a job.

Note : I wrote this before realizing Steve Jobs has passed away. RIP Steve! He did a great job coz he loved what he was doing.


Charmaine said...

Are you in Change Management as well? I read your 1st line and immediately thought it's similar to what I do.

Mummy Gwen said...

I have lost touch with the IT world already. :( I was in the IT line too.

P/S: I didn't give Gwen chicken and citrus fruits when she was coughing. I think her throat is just dry lah..not drinking enough water.

andrewjune said...

RIP Steve :(