Sunday, October 2, 2011

Makan Makan Weekend

I came back in time to celebrate my 5th anniversary. It was different this year. Made an effort to go out and celebrate. Told my son about the special day. Stopped short of putting on a dress for the occasion and wearing heels. Reckon that would still not be practical running after 2 kids.

Its the empowerment that comes with being kicked out of your comfort zone. Suddenly everything seems new.

So, we went to Shogun at last. Frankly hubby has been wanting to try for eons now. And I gave in to a buffet alas. It cost us RM54++ each for a Friday dinner and since my conscience was at its best, we had to pay RM16++ for our recently turned 4 year old boy.

All I got to say it.....apart from the Japanese food there, the other stuff really didn't taste good at all. Sorry to say that.....but some of the cooked dishes were cold. And if they were not cooked in black pepper, they actually tastes bland. I tried the Fried Udon and I only managed a spoonful.

The sashimi was good though and the vareity of sushi was NICE.

Ice cream was ok, only for the kids. The green tea ice cream didn't have green tea taste at all. The cakes I gave a miss. And only some of the jelly was good.

Surprisingly the coffee latte was really good. Really really good. And the ginseng tea tasted like ginseng.

Cost us a whopping bill of RM150 after tax. Well....cheaper than staying in a hotel, which was my original plan....


Then on Saturday we went to try another place called Veneeze in Jaya One. Well....the real reason we were there was coz hubby bought this voucher.

Verdict.....really good. Mid range prices, cosy place, easy parking. I wouldn't mind coming in without a voucher.

We had spaghetti carbonara....and the delightful thing about it was they made it and served it with a runny egg yolk in the middle. You are supposed to break the egg yolk and mix it with the plate of spaghetti. Frankly I don't like egg yolk but I have only eaten such spaghetti 1 other time since. And the taste really is very different.

We also had the pizza which was really good too. Thin crust you can hardly feel you are eating crust. And enough cheese not to be too gooey. And with a pinch of tabasco had me going slice after slice.

The mushroom soup was also VERY different. Brown soup with a side dish of fried mushrooms. You know you were having real mushroom soup.

The boy ate his share which was a good thing since he loves noodles and yet doesn't consider spaghetti noodles. He ate the pizza too although he doesn't like bread. The girl loved the soup and the garlic bread that came with it.

Walked around Jaya One. Decied to check out by chance if Starbucks here actually had my Chai. And found out that Starbucks now carry a 3in1 coffee. How much is it anyone knows? My bro in law told me it is RM8 a packet. I don't believe him! hahahaha....


We ended the weekend trying our luck getting to Logos Hope, after Simon's headsup. We had a jam getting into the parking lot which costs us RM3. Then when we reached nearer the ship we realised that there was a long line for tickets. It costs RM1 per adult. And the people were no longer seeling the tickets at the moment. Reason? There were already too many people in the ship and they had to clear out the ship before allowing other people to board. And there were already TONS of people waiting to board.

We left at 4.20 after spending some 30 min in the hot sun waiting. The boy was whinning of close and yet so far away. Have to come really early next week and fulfill his wish. It was my wish too, wish too. Pray we will be able to make it on board next week.


mommy to chumsy said...

what a busy weekend. happy anniversary to you and your hubs :) the food quality at Shogun has dropped tremendously but not their price :D ok, now i know we have to be real early if we want to board the logos hope :)

MG said...

Happy Anniversary to you and to many more!

chinnee ( said...

how about try grabbing those coupons in future for japanese buffet? Many told me its really worth going for the half of price. It ends up about to rm50 per pax only. U can subscribe to these coupons, and example is

chinnee ( said...

oh yes, the Logos Hope. We reached there on Saturday afternoon but not many people in there. Getting in was a breeze but despite so little people, we all feel SO STUFFY inside. Try going during lunch time, I was told more people when it opens in the morning then lunch hour.

Wai Yin said...

oh no...ya inside Logos Hope is very cramp. If you can reach my house b4 4 pm then i can go with you on either wed or thurs

Small Kucing said...

Happy Anniversary :)

Btw, not me who wrote about the sepet artist . :)

mNhL said...

happy anniversary! I miss jap buffet.

I've heard about that Logos packed.

Mummy Gwen said...

Happy Anniversary to YOu and Your Hubby! I have no idea what Logos Hope is..hehe.