Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Verbs are 'ing' words!

It was late. And based on our earlier bargain, there would be no more bed time story tonight. Just a prayer and off to bed.

2 minutes later, Christopher told me "Mummy, you don't have to tell story. I talk about my school and you talk about my school, like that, okay?"

What he actually means is we talk about school and I was questions and he answers.

Oh well.....

So, I asked him what he did in school? And he told me what he learnt in Chinese class. He loves learning Mandarin so far. But he doesn't really understand what he is saying! hahaha....Yee Cheong has to come to the rescue soon coz this mummy is really clueless!

Anyways....after that, I asked him what he learnt in Mathematics class?
This mummy never fails to find some way to teach her son something. So, while talking I kept quizing him on his addition. And we rhymed our 1+1=2. 2+1=3 etc etc.

Then we talked about English. And I asked him if he has learnt verbs. He said No.
So, this mummy started explaining what is verbs. And I started giving him examples. And after a while he got it. And gave me correct answers to the sentences I was throwing at him.

AND THEN....he made an observation.

"Mummy, all the verbs end with the sound '-ing'.  Like talk-ing, driv-ing."

Yes indeed. I forgot that was one of the first ways to help a kid recognize a verb. But I am glad that he got it himself.


reanaclaire said...

I also never thought of it myself.. kids really can catch up very fast!

Mummy Gwen said...

What a smart boy he is. :)

andrewjune said...

He is one smart boy! * clap clap*

Merryn said...

pandai-nya! clap clap!