Monday, October 17, 2011

Worse 12hours of my life so far

Can a mother ever turn away from a crying child?

I have.

It all started on Sunday afternoon when in her 3rd mouthful of porridge, Caylee breaks out into tears.

Now, this is normal given that she was banging on the iPad and I took it away from her to bring out another program to keep her occupied.

Sorry hubby..I think in the process of her banging, she BOUGHT something! Early online shopper here.

So, anyways, I carried her up and brought her out to distract her....and to feed her somemore.

But to my surprise, she didn't really stop crying. And everytime she cried, she would put her hand to her mouth.

She ate after 1 hour 3 quarts of her porridge....then she started spitting it out and crying while holding her mouth again.

So, I gave up. Cleaned her up.

But throughout the whole day, occasionally she would cry and hold her mouth. It was not normal, not a tantrum cry. Truly can see it was a discomfort cry.

When kor kor was around, she kinda played with him. Sometimes remembering her pain, she would break out in tears again.

It was tiring, given it was only me and my mum taking turns to carry her and having to give in to her all the time else her crying would start.

At night when I brought her up to bed, she cried and cried and refused to sleep. Kept on pointing out. Normally even if she was not sleepy, she would lie around in the room. Never like this, all crying.

This went on and on. In the end she slept only coz she was exhausted from crying. 30 minutes into sleep, she would wake up and cry again. For about 30 minutes then sleep again. And the cycle continued till about 3am. Around 2+ I gave her some propolis in case she was having a sorethroat.

It is Tuesday now. Monday she was really pushing her limit after all the giving in on Sunday. By evening, my mum lost it. And I had a stern word with both the kids. Both cried of course but I knew this was a 'sad' cry.

Caylee is back to her good self today. All mischief and smiles.

Till today I am still wondering what happened. An ulcer? Bone? Whatever it is thank God He kept it shortlived.


mommy to chumsy said...

perhaps she got off on the wrong side of the bed that day :P glad she's back to her normal self.

mNhL said...

Caylee bought something via the ipad!!! Amazing. haha...

Glad that Caylee is back to her normal self. Whatever it is, keep looking forward. The bad will soon past :D

LittleLamb said...

Rebuke the crying spirit!!

andrewjune said...

Maybe she's just cranky...thk god it's gone!

Baby Darren said...

Sometimes it could be teething, the gum is not comfortable and that's why she kept putting her hand in her mouth and being extra emotional and cranky.

There was once Isabel also put her fingers in her mouth and kept biting and scratching till she injured the gum until it bled.