Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A hectic week

I just completed one long week of regional training. It was not as scary as I thought. Some areas were not covered as well as I would have liked it. But overall, all questions were answered and accepted.

Stayed in Parkroyal KL that week. So, didn't see the kids for 5 nights.

Caylee was surprisingly a little shy when I picked her up from the nanny on Friday. And she stuck to me like glue the entire night. Goes to show what a few nights away can do.

Christopher was also a darling. He kept looking at me and smiling. And even the next morning he hugged me and gave me a kiss.

The one week in Parkroyal should have felt like a holiday for me. And would have been a good time for me to catch up on sleep. But it was entirely the opposite. In fact by Friday, I was happy to go back to my own bed, sleeping at 10 pm with my daughter.

For the whole week there, I only hit the bed pass 12am. And only managed a 4-6 hour sleep.

However, I managed to watch some adult TV (not the dirty kind!), do some shopping and eat my dinner in peace. The late hours were mainly due to catch-up office work.

On the home front....

Christopher has taken to waking up in the wee hours of the morning of late to go to the toilet. At least he now knows how to wake up. But to me I feel it is quite disruptive to his sleep. He wakes up sometimes in a bad mood because of this. Hope things settle down for him soon.

Next year is school registration for him. Have left me considering what to do with his after school care when the time comes. Am considering taking him out of his current daycare and putting him with a daycare that also caters for after school care when he turns 7. At least he has 2 years to settle down with his daycare before the next big milestone in his life.

Caylee still refuses to talk. She actually knows how to call me, her grandma and even her daddy but she has a mouth of gold. Her understanding of instructions is marvellous. She knows what to do when I tell her to 'Hold your spoon with your right hand, not your left'. And I say this without any actions mind you. I can talk to her like I do with Christopher and she understands completely 80% of the time what is expected of her. But she refuses to talk.

When I force her to talk, she will look at me sheepishly and try to change the subject. It normally works and I am allowing her the leniency of taking her time.

For the month of December, it will be really busy for me. Caylee's nanny will be taking leave. So I will have to take care of the little one by myself and also attempt to work. I am still expected to go to Parkroyal 1-2 days to give training. But in between all that, I am looking forward to a short holiday, just the 4 of us. And some Christmas cheer come month end. I wish I could go to Singapore and watch the broadway musical Wicked all by myself. But then again.....that's a whole different story.

Issues are looming ahead for me at work.....but there are some battles that are not yours to fight. So, will just have to embrace change and learn anew.

Thank God for God.

Friday, November 18, 2011


I always try to limit the number of tubs of ice cream I have in the freezer to 2. Mainly due to space and also, man! there has got to be some limitation. But today I broke my 2 tub rule.
 Who can resist a Buy 2 free 1 deal when it comes to HD.
And each tub was selling at RM28!

And the other day, I was craving some ice kacang.
"Not Snowflakes?' hubby asked.
"No" I told him. "Something cheaper this time round...."

But kacang has gone canggih on me.
And costing RM3 now.
 Comes with spoon so you can literally eat and go!


Since I was downloading handbags from US.
There are 3 - costing USD 28, 32 and 45.
Guess which price tag belonged to which bag. prizes for getting it right.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Places I have tried of late....

1) Restoran Makanan Laut Wang Chiew @ SS2/103
Located in SS2 residential area, somewhere behind the Balai Bomba.
I was told it was really popular so I went early. The owner was a real friendly chap. Very mindful of the kids, to the point of telling off this Indon girl who served one dish over the head of my girl. Price wise very reasonable. I felt it a tad too MSG-ish but it could be just me and not them.

2) Blossoms Cafe, along the same row @ SS2/103
LOVE this cafe, although it is open only for lunch. We went on a Sat afternoon and had a satisfying meal with desert for less than RM30. Ordered 3 noodles each costing between RM5-7. Very home cook-ish which is GREAT for me. Tasty enough for my picky son, cheap enough for hubby and wholesome enough for me. Even my daughter had some noodles. For desert, had cakes. AND I TELL YOU....the cakes in itself is enough for me to go back there. No more Secret Recepie or whatever not for me. The durian cake we had was really good. And the ice cream is home made. Per slice costing about RM4-6. I can't tell you how excellent it is!

3) Cherry Cake Shop in PJ Old Town, same row as McD
If not for the fact that my bro in law told me about this shop, I would never have thought to enter it. It is like those olden really old cake shops. HOWEVER, their lunches are pretty good I heard. I went on a Sunday and they didn't have any lunch on a Sunday, so I can only tell you by what  have heard. They have a speciality lunch everyday so go check it out and then decide which meal you want to try. Heard their spicy lunches are really nice. Anyways.....I went there to get their lemon cheese pie RM17. LOVELY ! Sour enough and not too filling. Tried their banana loaf as well RM5 (I think). YUMMY! And bought some bread which was equally good. They have those wife pastires etc. if you ever have a longing for them which I heard are very good too.

4) Restoran Pin Xiang, Aman Suria.
Read about this restaurant from here. When we went therem it was pass 7pm and there were a few tables who had just put in their order. I was dreading it coz with 2 active kids, I hate a long wait for dinner. HOWEVER, I was so surprised that the dishes came out so quickly. Price wise was ok. Rice was served in a metal container so you can take how much you want. Which was great coz Caylee loves white rice! Very cooling place coz it is at a corner. And service was great. THUMBS UP!

5) Big Brother Restaurant & Grill, Kota Damansara
The first time I went there was during lunch. So, hubby and I had set lunch which was quite good for the price. The second time was with the kids. When I was ordering, I commented on the price being a bit too high but then when the dish came, it changed my mind. The portion was worth the price for a Western meal and there was a quality to the meal. Shared a beef burger with my son and it was really good. Hubby shared some spaghetti with the girl. Price per plate about RM20.

There are 2 more places that I am keen on trying - Joy Cafe in Taman Megah and a Organic Restaurant in BU. Will blog about that when I get around to going.

In the mean time....all you bloggers out there. Go forth and try new places. Then let me know! Cheers to good food and obedient kids.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Chai blessing!

I am blessed.

Since my post from NY on chai, I have received chai of various brands. So, I am enjoying my chai minus the stress of NY but with the necessary chill (it's been raining so much lately) to appreciate a hot cup of spiced tea at hand.

Much thanks to hubby and Simon. I feel truly blessed.