Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A hectic week

I just completed one long week of regional training. It was not as scary as I thought. Some areas were not covered as well as I would have liked it. But overall, all questions were answered and accepted.

Stayed in Parkroyal KL that week. So, didn't see the kids for 5 nights.

Caylee was surprisingly a little shy when I picked her up from the nanny on Friday. And she stuck to me like glue the entire night. Goes to show what a few nights away can do.

Christopher was also a darling. He kept looking at me and smiling. And even the next morning he hugged me and gave me a kiss.

The one week in Parkroyal should have felt like a holiday for me. And would have been a good time for me to catch up on sleep. But it was entirely the opposite. In fact by Friday, I was happy to go back to my own bed, sleeping at 10 pm with my daughter.

For the whole week there, I only hit the bed pass 12am. And only managed a 4-6 hour sleep.

However, I managed to watch some adult TV (not the dirty kind!), do some shopping and eat my dinner in peace. The late hours were mainly due to catch-up office work.

On the home front....

Christopher has taken to waking up in the wee hours of the morning of late to go to the toilet. At least he now knows how to wake up. But to me I feel it is quite disruptive to his sleep. He wakes up sometimes in a bad mood because of this. Hope things settle down for him soon.

Next year is school registration for him. Have left me considering what to do with his after school care when the time comes. Am considering taking him out of his current daycare and putting him with a daycare that also caters for after school care when he turns 7. At least he has 2 years to settle down with his daycare before the next big milestone in his life.

Caylee still refuses to talk. She actually knows how to call me, her grandma and even her daddy but she has a mouth of gold. Her understanding of instructions is marvellous. She knows what to do when I tell her to 'Hold your spoon with your right hand, not your left'. And I say this without any actions mind you. I can talk to her like I do with Christopher and she understands completely 80% of the time what is expected of her. But she refuses to talk.

When I force her to talk, she will look at me sheepishly and try to change the subject. It normally works and I am allowing her the leniency of taking her time.

For the month of December, it will be really busy for me. Caylee's nanny will be taking leave. So I will have to take care of the little one by myself and also attempt to work. I am still expected to go to Parkroyal 1-2 days to give training. But in between all that, I am looking forward to a short holiday, just the 4 of us. And some Christmas cheer come month end. I wish I could go to Singapore and watch the broadway musical Wicked all by myself. But then again.....that's a whole different story.

Issues are looming ahead for me at work.....but there are some battles that are not yours to fight. So, will just have to embrace change and learn anew.

Thank God for God.


reanaclaire said...

Busy mama here too! Good for a getaway at times.. to rejuvenate and have something different for a change and we go back more refreshed! (hopefully) hahaha..
So your daughter has a mouth of gold.. reminds me of my own girl.. she started to walk at the age of 14 months, had her first tooth at 12 months.. and lastly, she is not a chatterbox.. in fact very quiet at a young age.. till today, she doesnt chat much but she loves to laugh and smile a lot.. :)

Small Kucing said...

very hectic schedule :) Must find some rest time too

Baby Darren said...

Somehow it is a good break away from the kiddos at home..and allow you to focus more on I wish I can have such "breakaway"..hahahaha...

Year end is coming and there are so much to plan, to think, to celebrate and to have fun right???

Wish your last month of 2011 a good one..

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