Friday, November 18, 2011


I always try to limit the number of tubs of ice cream I have in the freezer to 2. Mainly due to space and also, man! there has got to be some limitation. But today I broke my 2 tub rule.
 Who can resist a Buy 2 free 1 deal when it comes to HD.
And each tub was selling at RM28!

And the other day, I was craving some ice kacang.
"Not Snowflakes?' hubby asked.
"No" I told him. "Something cheaper this time round...."

But kacang has gone canggih on me.
And costing RM3 now.
 Comes with spoon so you can literally eat and go!


Since I was downloading handbags from US.
There are 3 - costing USD 28, 32 and 45.
Guess which price tag belonged to which bag. prizes for getting it right.


Ann said...

Answer : Le Sports Sac bag was 28, the small one was 45 and Kipling was 32. Trust the smallest to always cost the most! :)

Small Kucing said...

wah your freezer so neat one . Mine like tong sampah

LittleLamb said...

Didnt know u like kipling. I had the same bag n sold it off early this yr.

ChloeRuoyi said...

I also broke my 1-tub ice cream rule and ended up with 4 HD tubs in my freezer recently. I succumbed to the RM50 for 2 promotion! Plus, they also gave away free HD chiller bag so how to resist? Hehe ;)

chinnee ( said...

wah..sekali so banyak ice-cream inside your freezer~!

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Merryn said...

fuiyo ice kacang really canggih leh liddat! nice handbags!

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