Sunday, December 18, 2011


Christopher is a very sweet boy. My mum always comments that it makes taking care of him such a pleasure.

Just that day, we were at IPC and they had a craft session FOC. So, I sat with him to make a felt flower craft. And when it was done, I asked him who he will be giving this gift to? Without a moment's hesitation, it was 'Por por'! a mum, I don't mind at all. He gives me enough hugs every night. :)

He eats much better now. Ever since I started the no TV, eat at the dining table rule. He still fidgets alot having to sit at the dining table, but he is getting there. Still eats about half the meal on his own and then requests that someone feed him. Still tries to talk in between bites and then forgets to swallow. He has a bad habit of biting....then talking....then biting again. swallowing in between except for his saliva. Thus he sometimes requires water to swallow when the food gets too dry. I never knew there was a art to eating till Christopher!

He is 100% toilet trained, I would say since 5 months back, when I started 'complaining' that he would wake (only) me up to open the bathroom door for him. The door knob is kinda weird so I accept that he cannot open it yet in his urgency.

Still LOVES his vehicles. He especially loves to line them all up and pretend it is a car park/airport/traffic jam etc.

Reading is improving as well as writing. Doing some work with him everyday so he accepts it as routine to work with mummy.

Loves his cartoons though can't really sit through a cartoon movie.

Sleep time is 10.30 for him after his daily PowerPuff girls. I don't see his attraction to that cartoon....but there really isn't anything else bettter at that time.

So anyways, he will be going off to Ipoh later today. He has one more week of day care left before the holidays. So, instead of my parents moving up and down so soon, they have decided to take him home with them.

I will miss my son this Christmas. I hope he will have a swell time in Ipoh with my parents.

More love and affection adn time for Caylee, who I reckon has it lacking, being #2. Maybe will bring her to the nearest beach. Have a blessed Christmas everyone!


Mummy Gwen said...

Chris is such a good boy. So proud of him. Have a blessed Christmas to you and your family too!

mommy to chumsy said...

Christopher is indeed a very sweet boy. He has grown up a lot :) A Joyful and Merry Christmas to you and yours :)