Wednesday, December 14, 2011


What an experience. Now, I can look back at it and call it an experience.

I fainted in the bathroom on Tuesday morning, 13th of December.

Since the Malacca trip, I was already feeling a little at odds. Did not have much of an appetite. Slept badly. Overtired and overstressed. The kids have been fighting bloody wars.

Had a bad headache and a vomitting spell Sunday evening on the way back from Malacca. Dismissed it as hungry and ate some food. Felt better.

The feelings came back on Monday evening. Was on the way to the airport to pick up my parents. All the way in a half way crouch while holding on to the girl.

By the time we reached home, I was down with a fever and severe abdomenal pains. Crawled to bed after a milo. Spent the early part of the night asking hubby to sponge me down while I curled up shivering. It was terrible.

Slept at last.

The next morning, I thought I was alright, though still a little uncomfortable. Went to the toilet to get ready for work. The minute I opened the toothpaste, the mint smell made me sick. I literally felt a coldness sweep through me. Put back the toothpaste and toothbrush and was about the return to bed. And that was the last thing I remembered.

The next thing I knew, I opened my eyes and was wondering where am I? Why is the surface so hard. Why does my neck and head hurt? Why is there a beam over my head? Then I remembered.

I tried to sit up. After a few minutes, it was total blackness again and I lay myself down.

I think I attempted this a few times but I could never sit up.

Who found me? Christopher. He had come to relieve himself. And insisted on doing so first before he went to call daddy. Then he woke up the entire household as well exclaiming "Mummy fainted!"

When daddy came, he told me to get up and get to bed. But I could only faintly hear him. I was sitted up at that time and just lay down on the floor. Who cares about the dirty rag on the bathroom floor!

Well, he half carried me to bed and I just lay there for a good few minutes. Took some ribena and oats and felt slightly better.

2 days now and my abdomen still hurts. When I try to do something vigourous, I still feel light headed. My neck and head hurts like mad where I must have hit when I fainted. Had to resort to pain killers and muscle relaxants.

It was a good thing I did not hit my head on the toilet bowl or anything. I have never fainted thus far and till today I am wondering what was the real trigger of my downfall.


Cynthia said...

Oh NO... hope you get better now.. take care ya..

LittleLamb said...

Hmmm try the pregnancy kit...*maybe*

Hope u r feeling better.

Ponytail said...

Gosh! but Bravo to Christopher! he manage to alert everyone.
I think you better go for a full body check up, just to be sure what was the underlying problem.
If everything okay, then u can have peace of mind :)

Take good care

A gift from God said...

Oh dear, sounds really serious. Should see a doc. I had a similar experience but it was after vomiting. Next thing I knew, I was all wet sitting up on the wet toilet floor. Got a huge bump on my head.

You take care yeah!

Irene said...

Hey, hope you are much better now... yea I was thinking the same as little lamb, maybe you should check if preggie or not?? I dunno, but if not, then go to a doc and do a diagnose. In meantime, keep your sugar level up and don't go hungry.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh dear sorry to hear this. hope you are better now. did you see the doctor?

Mummy Gwen said...

Oh sorry to hear this. Hope it won't happen again. Please take care of yourself.

Julie said...

Could it be you overstressed yourself? Better get yourself checked. Take care.