Thursday, December 22, 2011

Year End Cleaning

I had only one plan - to wipe all the fans in the house. But oh! what a plan it turned out to be.

Brought the ladder to the master bedroom one evening after work. Prepared the cloth and a pail of water. Climbed the ladder till step 3 and looked up! GOSH! The fan still looked so far away. Took another tentative step up and staright away came down. Spent a few minutes trying to motivate myself.

"One more step, it won't be that bad."
"At most, you just jump down on the bed."
"It's a won't fall down."

No words of motivation helped.

In the end I took everything back downstairs. Tried the downstairs fan. OK....only require me to go up to Step 4. I can do this.

And I did.

Cleaned the lights and fan in the living room one evening.
Cleaned the dining and kitchen fan and lights another evening.

You see....I don't have to cook so my evenings are relatively free-er!

After comfortably going up and down 4 steps of the ladder, I thought I would be ok with Step 5 and attempted the master bedroom again.

Gosh....I am beginning to curse my high ceilings. Or that fact that I did not lower the fan!

I had to climb up to Step 6 on the ladder and even then I had to strain my hands and look up to clean the idiotic 5 blade fan.

And when you are up there, the walls sure looks dirty too!

So, as of Day 3, I have cleaned the sliding balcony door, all fans (except the other roon upstairs which is HIGHER than the master room), changed the master and living room curtains and mopped all the floors.

Before the day is through I need to at least wipe the walls a little bit and some furniture. Then for once at least I can say I am 80% satisfied with the house cleanliness.

Was just telling my colleague that day that there is always SOMETHING requiring cleaning in the house. I am never truly satisfied that nothing else requires to be done.

That's a house for you! I need some sweet sweet refreshingly cold juice now.


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