Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dato Dr. Wong Meng Kiang @ Tangkak

So, I made the visit at last.

Caylee's skin condition showed no improvements and I was 100% sure it was due to some food allergy. But what in particular and to what extent, that was what I wanted to find out.

When I was pregnant with her, I was already sensitive to prawns and crabs so I knew it had something to do with those. But I was also wondering if kaya was something she was also sensitive to. This girl LOVES her kaya.

Result? She is allergic to ALL seafood except fish. Thank God ikan bilis/anchovies is alright with her. The range goes from 11 for sotong to 18 for prawns. Can't remember the rest.

I also tested myself and I am 13 allergic to dust mites.

The kinesiology test that Dr Wong did on us was so marvelous it was close to incredulous. I really could not resist at all when I was holding on to the dust mites test tube. And after he gave me the saline drops, I could resist his push without any effort.

It's crazy weird. But as all other testimonies I have heard....if it works, I am so willing to try it.

We will be making this journey to zero-rize our allergies next year. Prayerfully by end of 2013, Caylee and I will be allergy free.

It's about 1 hour from Malacca to Tangkak. It's fairly easy to get to Dr. Wong's clinic. Just exit the toll at Tangkak. Drive the straight road into Tangkak town, no turn required. You will see the police station at one of the traffic lights. And his clinic is a few lots away from the police station.

He is efficient so don't be put off by the number of people you see when you enter. AND be prepared to pay CASH. For Caylee, her bill came up to RM180 (she had some lotion extra) and for me RM130. So prepare about RM 200 per person.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Queen Sense Dolce pan

AT LAST! I managed to get my Queen Sense Dolce pan.

I first researched this when I was looking through the Redemption Catalogue for HSBC for a pan. I asked around but no one seems to know about this pan. So, I kind of left it alone.

However, my wok is due for a change. Partly coz the handle has come loose and thus very difficult to manage if I need to pour stuff out. Went wok shopping but had some criteria.

Wanted a light enough. Non stick without any health hazards. Also wanted it to be pan like instead of wok like. Deep enough so that I could cook and warm up stews in. And also with a glass lid. Also it had to be big enough and preferably uniformed heat (since comparing my Aino pan with other pans).

It was indeed a pity Aino did not carry 28/30 cm pans with glass lids else I would definitely have gone for those.

But anyways.....saw the Houz Depot catalogue having a 30% promotion on Queen Sense pans and went to have a look. Suprisingly and happily, this pan fits ALL of my criteria. It has other features as well like it won't spill over etc. And since it is made of marble it does not scratch and yet is non stick. Cost me RM158 for 30 cm. I got mine in orange.

So, I have Aino pans yellow and this pan orange. hubby says, my pans are as colourful as the food I cook these days! :) Happy cooking for me. Next on the menu fried meehoon!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Some developments on Caylee.

She is learning to speak pretty well now. Only one word at a time so if we want to teach her a phrase, we have to make her say the first word and then the 2nd. Else she will just complete the phrase or the word for us.

She knows alot of cantonese words as well as english words. Which I reckon is the reason why she started talking so late.

She has a cute method of cocking her head to one side and looking upwards when she is trying to understand something. Like when I told her what a hangar was and told her to go upstairs and get them from the bed for me. She cocked her head and then did as requested.

I wonder when she will get fed up of doing my biding. :) Right now I am enjoying my handy helper. Give her a chance to do housework and she will jump at it.

She loves her jigsaws to bits. Give her a chance to buy something and it will be jigsaws that she looks for. Else believe it or not, she will rather NOT buy anything. The wonder of my girl! I wonder how long this will last. Though the brother is a bad influence instigating the sister to get something on his behalf.

Apart from jigsaws, she loves drawing. Maybe the kor kor's influence. She will get colour pencils and get anyone (usually the nanny's kids) to draw stuff for her. She also plays with kor kor's vehicles and play cooking with kor kor. If kor kor is drawing, she will draw on her own as well.

She is good with her books taking them out with her when we go out and asking us to read to her when we go for meals. She can also take books out while we are resting at home and read with us. So books to her is a norm. We are starting her on Peter and Jane series since she shows interest and is ready. So far, we are at Peter and Jane and dog. :)

Brother and sister are learning to get along very well now. Perhaps coz she has learnt to talk and take instructions from the kor kor. She can even melt his heart when she calls him ever so sweetly.

If ever I bring her out without the kor kor, whenever she sees something the kor kor will like, she will get me to buy it for kor kor and herself. And she will listen to me still when I tell her to give kor kor only after dinner. Such is my good girl.

She is no longer on pacifier at home since she turned 2 but at the nanny's place she bullies her way through and sometimes gets her way.

She is diaperless now at home and at church. But other than that she refuses to go without her diaper. I reckon she is afraid she won't get to go to the toilet in time and that the toilet is wet and dirty. More the first than the 2nd reason. Occasionally, depending on how much water she has drunk, the nanny allows her to go for her nap without a diaper. And for the few times it has happened, there were no accidents. According to the nanny, she jumped out of bed and rushed to her potty. Once in a while wetting her pants coz she didn't get up in time.

For meals, she loves noodles. She will give me the thumbs up everytime I make noodles in soup for her. She also LOVES her fish balls. Funny girl. She can finish her lunch hand still take a 6 ounce bottle of milk. Really admirable. And her lunch ain't all that little. She can finish an adult portion of noodles if allowed. I worry about her stomach so I usually take a bite or 2 from her bowl. She also loves her cakes and bread.

She is still in music class and loving it. She is learning her dance moves but she doesn't like the dress that she has to wear. So, most likely she won't get to participate in the concert. She has been to kor kor's school but shakes her head when we ask her if she wants to go. We will be sending her only when she is 4.

Bad habits....when she cries she cries for a long time. And you can't scold her at all when she cries else you will be in for a longer and louder cry. She also throws stuff around when she gets angry. She still disturbs the kor kor every now and then for no reason at all. And gets into a fight and WILL fight with gungho! Ending in a bit on kor kor or a punch or a fall and then tears. Oh well....I learn when to get invovled and when to let them deal with it on their own.

She chooses her own clothes. And when she sees you in going out clothing, she will take out her home clothes and change. And she is very insistent on what she wants to wear. Loves trying and buying shoes. She told me one day that her shoes was tight so I had to get her a new pair straight away. We were in 1U so we went to Bata. And she chose her own shoes, trying many before she decided.

Health wise, my only issue with her is her skin. I am thinking of sending her to Tangkak this month or next just to rule out allergies. I reckon there could be something she is allergic too since her redness appears once in a while. The aptopiclair we are using seems to help, together with the QV balm and cetaphil. But we have to be so diligent. She is also on organic body shampoo or PH 5.5.

So, that's my girl more or less to date. I love her to bits.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Sings my Soul (Book 3) by Robert J. Morgan

When I saw that Booksneeze was giving as complimentary book 3 of 'Then Sings My Soul', I straight away clicked to get a copy. I reviewed book 2 before and found it so enriching. Book 3 details a deeper understanding of church history and hymnody. The book starts of with an introduction to the different segments of the western hymnody. And pages that follow include muscial scores and the story behind the hymns.

It is true, as per author Robert J. Morgan, that a hymn can minister to your soul. Not only did I find the stories inspirational. I found myself being ministered to as I read the lyrics of some of the hymns, hummed others and sang out loud the rest. What drew me to the book was that the hymns ranged from hymns my kids sing to like Jesus Loves Me to the modern Shout to the Lord.

If you do not get any other book in the trilogy of Then Sings My Soul, get this one at least. I am so glad I have it on my shelf to inspire me all the days of my life. The richness within will certainly bring a song to your heart.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

My take of Montenegro

I left Jordan in the week hours of the morning to head for Montenegro. I gave myself the 3 hours allowance in case the cab never showed up or something happened along the way. But when I reached Jordan airport, the gate was not even open.

Went through my bag to retrieve my book and found an uneaten apricot I had taken yesterday from the buffet line. Settled down to munch and read. I could only go in like some 2 hours before boarding.

One thing I realised was that the plane actually took off at the appointed time in Jordan. So we boarded the plane really about 40 minutes before. That left me only about 1 hour waiting time, which was great.

As we aproached Montenegro, I was struck again at how barren Jordan was of greenery and how blue and green Montenegro is. Also how much I take for granted trees and grass in Malaysia.

Podgorica airport is relatively small. When I went through immigration, the lady had to take out a huge dusty book to check Malaysia. She was talking to her colleague about me from this place called Malaysia. I found it amusing but wished they could hurry me through.

Baggage was unloaded just outside the airport by 3 burly guys and I saw them take it off the plane and onto the moving belt. That is one of the great things of flying business Your luggage is also priority.

Went outside and waited for my partner who would be sharing the cab with me. She turned out to be a friendly girl from Uzbekistan and we talked alot on the way there. People in this region speak Russian mainly. And they have a tendency to take step closer to you when they talk face to face. Initially I felt the need to take a step back but soon came to accept that they require that level of closeness to communicate. Also, I found them to be very helpful in that they do seek you out and offer assistance when they hear you are in trouble or ill. One lady from Yugoslavio seeked me out during tea break to offer me some herbal medicine as I was feeling flu-ish. She assured me that even her 9 year old daughter takes it. Oh well....

Unlike last year in NY where I felt out of place talking about my kids and personal life, in this region, it was the most enjoyable thing everyone wanted to do. All we wanted to talk about when we could was our kids, our life back home, our wife nagging us and the daily routines of life. It was so easy to get along with them and they made such an effort to talk in English whenever I was around.

Most of them have just come out of USSR rule and democracy and freedom was something new to them. So, it was sooooo great exchanging view points on bringing up children. For ONCE I was an expert on Malaysian politics and the feeling of freedom. How much we Malaysians take for granted....

Montenegro in itself was HOT. Before I went, hubby actually google searched the weather and it was forecasted to be cold. But it was so humid that I was sweating and wished desperately that I could jump into the pool or into the sea.

The place we had the meeting was an hour away from the city so I didn't get to see the city. But I got to visit 2 other small coastal towns - Budva and Kotor. All of them having an 'old town' which was quaint and rustic. Much like those castle like towns with shallow drains and weaving streets. It was LOVELY.

In Kotor, we even managed a boat ride to a man made island. It was originally a stone where 2 fishermen found a painting of Mary and Jesus. And that rock turned out to the the resting place for alot of fishermen. So they decided to take the trouble to carry rock after rock from mainland to this rock and make an island. They then built a church and placed the picture in the main altar. Every fishermen who subsequently visited the island left behind some plates of silver. And every wedding that was held there, a small momento was left behind in that church as well. The ceiling was painted depicting the story of the old testament and the walls were painted with the story of the new testament. And that was all that was on this island - a church for the resting of fishermen. Further outwards, we even saw the opening out to the sea heading to ITALY!

The place we had our training was idylic. So idylic that I understood fully the meaning of idylic. You could walk in the middle of the street and the car behind you would not honk. You walked and stood and sat anywhere and everywhere and felt the calmness of the sea, the warm breeze and quiet nature take over your soul. You could be in the moment and enjoy it without guilt or pressure. It was so great.

The sea, goodness, the sea was a marvel in itself. The sand was not fine and white like that in Bali. But wave after wave has cut and polished stones into marvellous oval shapes that lined the sea edge. The lady who I had breakfast with decided to go to the beach with me on the last morning. We just stood hand in hand supporting each other as we walked into the clean sea. Marvelling at the stones that looked like M&Ms, small sweets, dark chocolates and some bigger ones that had colourful lines and smooth contours. Coming out from the beach, we felt like we had just gone through some reflexology. I felt so much like sitting down there just taking in the sun, the calm and the gentle motion of the waves.

After 3 days in Montenegro, it was time to go home. It would be highly unlikely that I would go to this country again. But I am so glad that I had the chance to be there. A place where nature can overtake your soul. A place where your soul can find nature.

My take of Jordan

No, I didn't get to do the Dead Sea or Petra. I made it there for work and had to rush off after that to Montenegro.

As we were about to land in Jordan, what really struck me was the vast land of flatness. As far as the eye could see, you saw nothing but brown land.

Reached the airport and followed hubby's advice to change some money there - for taxi and visa. It was visa at arrival for Malaysians. Lining up for my visa, I was struck at the truth of how men in this region (generally) overlook women. I saw a whole bunch of women sitting at a corner seemingly waiting for their men to call them to the visa line when they were due. The men, one behind and one in front of me also talked to each other like I didn't exist. They just simply talked above my head and through me. While lining up, I was very irritated with the fact that they took it for granted it was ok to cut queue. Like 1 man would line up and when he was up, he would not only call his women, but also call his friends to join him. It was a good thing the immigration officer read into my frowns.

That was my first bad impression of Jordan. And it continued when I was getting the cab. It didn't help that I was with another man (another resource person for the training going to the same hotel). So the administrator for the taxi as well as the cabbie himself considered only the man's directive.

The journey from the airport to the hotel took about 45 minutes. And again and again I was struck at how dispersed the buildings were. How dry and hot Jordan was. And yet how majestic each building can be. Initially I was un-impressed with the brown-ness of all the buildings. Only to realise that they were all made with marble/stone block by block. Thus really there was not much need to cement and paint.

I also saw camels at work and at rest along the streets of Jordan. As well as street vendors selling beet and grapes and some other fruit along the way. I also saw petrol tanks being filled up. Oil after all is a common thing in Jordan.

I also saw signs for universities. And even saw a student (presumingly) waiting to cross the street. But when I looked left and right, I could not see any building that looked like a university or any place that resembles a town for which the student may be heading to. I gathered my assumption of how it should be (campus ground or university building) is very different from what the reality in Jordan is.

When I reached the hotel, I was dismayed. There didn't seem to be any shops nearby for me to wander into. And I later realised that shopping in Jordan is not like anywhere else. You really can't NOT take a cab to move around. The place around the hotel were streets and streets dotted with an occasional worth while shop PROVIDED you knew which road to turn into. Seriously.

However, a cab ride round a corner or two, and you may come across an oasis of restaurants or shops. And then emptiness or nothing worth while in between.  You would really need to go into down town or areas which you KNOW to get things which you want. So, you really would need a tour guide or a local to bring you around.

My colleague, a local took me around. I would say down town in itself is a mix of 'Bangsar like' streets. Well landscapes, beautifully lighted, almost boutique like lots with their own grounds. Then further away in nearby suburbs, you have single-storey shops in rows, still boutique liked for some but joined with 7-eleven like shops. And then further away still you have small town like shops, some occupying only half a shop etc.  

I had 2 great meals in Jordan. Both in a group so the cost of the meat and vege platters were shared out. It also came with their bread and side dishes like humus etc. Each meal cost about JOD25. Which is quite cheap considering a Western meal in an unassuming restaurant can cost the same as well. Service charge and tax is quite high going at about 15-25%.

I bought baklava and some other sweets from Jordan.  I also got smoked nuts and some Arabic coffee. All local delights. The coffee is NOT from Jordan but Jordanian coffee places roast the beans themselves and then add in spices, which you can buy seperately. The beans are lovely and roasted at high, medium or low heat which affects the taste, aroma and colour of the coffee. Spices usually added are cardanom. Spices are also a plenty in Jordan.

A muslim country in majority, I was so thankful I was surrounded by minority Christians in my every day dealings. And it was great that there was a kindred feeling in that we were together from different countries even as a minority.  

I made some great friends while in Jordan. The comfortable space they grant you while talking is about the same as in Asia. The Jordanian professionals are very friendly and very open.  My wonderful colleague Yazan even made it a point to wake up at 4 am to see me off.

So, although I didn't really get to see Jordan, I felt their local culture and experienced some other side of it too. I also learned to love their food. Will I be back? Prayerfully yes and next time with more free time to spare.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Great herb for cough!

I was down with a dry and itchy cough 2 days ago. Took Copastin which helped me in my previous case. Also took some herbal cough syrup.

Since the cough syrup bottle was almost empty and since we were going to 1U. Decided to go to the chinese medicine shop in 1U to get the cough syrup. I have found that the one sold there (and also in Tesco Mutiara Dsara) works the best.

So while I was there, I was telling the guy that I was having this really itchy cough and wanted the fastest way to get rid of it before I spread it to my kids.

He recommended something to me.

The first thing I checked was the price. Good thing it was only RM5.30. Though I found out later in Hai O it is sold for something like RM3.80.

It comes in a bottle of 100 pills. And it is called Chuan Xin Lian Pian. In the 1U shop, it came in a green and white box.

I can safely say it's GREAT. The guy told me to take a min of 2 and a max of 6 tablets per time, depending on the severity of the cough. Taken 3 times a day with warm water.

I took it straight away that night and again the next morning. And I can say that my cough is gone. The itch even is all gone and I don't have any urge to cough at all.

Google search it and I must say it's great. The herb is supposedly anti viral and also anti bacterial.

Friday, September 21, 2012

The power of a call

My little girl can say "kung kung" now. Since maybe 3 weeks back. And right now, it's very clear and she calls him very often.

When she sees banana, she calls kung kung coz that is his favourtie food.
When she sees me folding kung kung's shirts, she says kung kung.

And she calls kung kung when she wants his attention.

It's amazing that the softest kung kung gets the biggest response from kung kung.
Coz my girl calls him ever so sweetly.

She wakes him from slumber with a pat and a soft call.
And kung kung smiles to bring her to the park.

She has been calling Poh Poh for a longer time...maybe about 2 months ago. Yet my mum still calls just to hear Caylee call her. And that's all coz she doesn't really volunteer any other information.

So...such is the power of being able to call kung kung and poh poh.

Next word to achieve : Yee Cheong.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Heaven is so real by Todd Burpo

I got a complimentary copy of Heaven is for real by Todd Burpo from BookSneeze.

This book is about a little boy Colton who had a burst appendix and on the verge of death, he visited Heaven. He was supposedly there for 3 minutes, but time as we all know in Heaven is very different from that on earth. Upon waking up from his operation and for years later, Colton frequently surprised his parents with statements concerning Heaven. Colton’s story begs to be told and is written by Colton’s father.

When I first received this book, I was eager beyond words to start on it as I have heard so much about it. The story is told in a very simple way and although I was waiting for the bits concerning Heaven to be told, I appreciated the reason all other parts of the story had to be foretold.

From the start of the book till the end, I only put the book down 3 times. Every mention of Heaven by Colton, I found the need to narrate it outloud to my family. There were parts mentioned by Colton which his father substantiated with Bible verses. And there was one particular part Colton mentioned that I myself at 30+ years of age just learnt. It just blew my mind away!

Taking away from this book, I will look at my Sunday School ministry in new light. And like everyone who has heard Colton’s story, Heaven has indeed become so much more REAL to me as a Christian.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

2 holidays for August

After a loooooonnnngggg dry period of working and routine, we did 2 holidays in August.

One was really a get up and let's go holiday to Avillion, PD. The other was a long planned holiday to Equatorial Hotel, CH.

LOVED the Avillion, PD. We spent the entire 2D1N at the hotel only. Meaning eat, sleep, play at the hotel. It was a pity that I was sick so didn't get to enjoy the pool. We ate in the hotel as well. Chose some exotic duck dish with rice but it was not great. The western food and the pizza was really good though.

We had access to the Avi Lounge but didn't get to go in coz of the kids. But anyways....since it was a family holiday, it didn't really matter.

Took the kids to the petting zoo and to the small play ground. They enjoyed the pool the best and spent all their time there. Girl was a little hesitant to venture too deep into the pool due to the crowd. So, had some play time in the tub instead.

The shower in Avillion opens out to the sea, which is bad when it is hot as it can get smelly. But otherwise, it was a nice experience bathing with the sea breeze filtering through. Loved their shampoo - green tea and charcoal. Smells excellent!

As for the CH trip.

It was the long weekend so it was kinda crowded. Hubby's first time experiencing CH this way. But not over crowded that we could not find parking. Parking was still relatively easy. And his time round, we had full meals in CH.

The hotel didn't come with bfast, so we had our wonderful bfast in a small coffee shop opposite the Strawberry Moments Cafe in Brinchang. Simple western bfast for the kids, surprisingly good nasi lemak and alright chee cheong fun. I love the strawberry coffee and found that this year there were more brands to choose from.

We had dinner at the chinese restaurant supposedly under Hotel Equatorial. However, it is actually a chinese shop out side the hotel. It was not crowded given that it was located off the main road and not in the main town. So we could take our time eating.

Equatorial hotel was good. The view was not that great from our room coz it was facing some construction. Service was good and prompt. Reckon our room was recently refurbished. It had a rain shower head as well as a hand held. The hand held couldn't stay up with the water on, so I had to get the kids to hold it when I was shampooing them. It was cold cold cold !!!

Night time was freezing. Gosh....good to know CH still has the ability to make me put on a jacket! In fact in the evenings and mornings the kids were in their jackets.

It wasn't strawberry season so there weren't abundance to choose from. We managed to get good vegetables, mushrooms and yellow passion fruits (which are SO good). Christopher also bought a bunch of roses from Poh poh. The roses were the NICEST deep red and not bruised at all. VERY VERY nice.

Cold as it is, the kids had their strawberry ice anyways. And I had my ice cream.

Note to self....don't even buy their corn. I always feel that it dries up as soon as we come down, or by the next day.

So, that's the 2 holidays for August. Time to sit back and work hard the remaining of the year!

Christopher updates

Christopher! What can I say about him of late?

He is still the same, albeit alot taller. All his food intake seems to be shooting him up, else used up in his never ever stillness. I have to force him many a time to just sit still.

Give him food or play, he will give away all his food. He loves to play with boys his age. So at school and church, he takes every opportunity to play and slide and run and climb.

We have a routine now....it will be reading, story telling time and chatting every night before we go to bed. I sleep with him in a different room now partly so that I can have some mummy alone time with him. He loves it coz during the day he doesn't really get much attention and he is acting out.

His writing is atrocious according to the teacher. So, I have got him single line exercise books to practice his writing. No more 3 lines to guide his writing now, he has to learn to gauge capital and small letter sizes.

His mandarin book is filling up to a degree I have stopped trying to look into it. I have even downloaded an App in my phone to try to help him with his mandarin.....but, this mummy is too tired! hahaha...

English and BM spelling and reading I still help him with diligently. And Maths I throw questions at hime occasionally.

Sad to say, he has yet to learn the months in the year or tell the time. I have given him a digital watch recently just so that he can tell me the time when we go out. And also so that he can appreciate the concept of time. Perhaps with some appreciation, he will learn to read non digital one day.

He is still very verbal. And asking questions about this and that all the time. He is very much into space and dinosaurs of late. So we have a few books frequently used on that subject matter in every other room.

He is still very diplomatic. And he has taken to caring for a stuffed toy dog. Taking this toy dog everywhere he goes. He would love a puppy I know but our place is too small for a dog. So, he has to pretend now.

Still loves his art class. Though once in a while he whines about going. I reckon coz the weekend passes by so fast with one morning filled up with art. Otherwise, he thoroughly enjoys himself and would rattle off on what he did when we pick him up.

Told him about his new school that day and he told me that he doens't need me to be with him on the first day. Reason being all his friends will laugh at him. He is truely growing up now and is trying not to rely on me that much.

I yelled at him one day to get into the bathroom to bathe. He told me later that if I didn't yell but asked him nicely, he would be inclined to get to the bathroom faster. If I yell, he just doesn't feel like going anymore. I was surprised when he told me and told him that I agree with him. So, it's a lesson on my part as well.

Christopher has reached a stage where I am learning from him as well. And I reckon I will have alot more lessons to learn. God give me patience and humility.

She's talking!

At last, for the pass 2 weeks since, Caylee has been talking more and more. She still needs a push to actually speak instead of using hand signals. I reckon it's coz she gets away with hand signals at her nanny's place.

Recently over the weekend, she has learnt to call kor kor. So she calls him everytime she wants his attention. Christopher LOVES it and has yet to get fed up with her incessing "kor kor" "kor kor"!

She calls me and hubby very well now. Can even scream for us from upstairs.

Still such a responsible girl. She sighs when I forget stuff and she runs around getting them for me. I just need to mention one word and she will run and get it for me without me having to ask her to do so. It's really too cute this level of responsibility she has at this age.

She is loving her music classes. She has one more class to go and I will most likely let her continue the class. Seeing as she has a good friend in the class. She is also up for a coming concert. Her first!

She has been very good at following all the teacher's instructions, if her best friend doesn't instigate her to act naughty. In fact has been meticolously practising every other hour since she learnt the dance. I think she will do great in Sunday School dances! :)

Eating wise....alright. She loves her noodles. But I still sometimes need to get the iPad to occupy her during her meal. My bad, I know.

We stopped giving her her pacifier 1 month back. She has been doing fine without it thus far. She is into holding our fingers now when she sleeps, and when she drinks milk, and when she sits in the car...for that matter, anytime she can get our fingers, she will. Trying to wean her off that too....

Potty training has had its up and downs. She can go diaperless at home now. Still a few incidents. But she still doesn't like to poo in the potty yet. I wonder why. She hates the toilet bowl even though I put the kid's seat for her. So we have had our share of poo stained pants at home very often. Work in progress....

She loves her fruits. I always tell people I have a fruitarian daughter. She seldom ever says no to fruits. Good thing unlike her brother, she loves her cakes and bread too. Much easier to feed in the morning.

And that's it for Caylee. She got her hands on the scissors again the other day and cut her hair again. Just when the previous accident was growing out. Oh well.....

Monday, August 6, 2012

Shimono vacumm cleaner

Was walking pass Liveitup! in 1U the other day and saw this man standing there with a vacumm cleaner.

First thought was...wow...the vacumm is really slim.

It's an upright vacumm. Meaning no huge thing to lug around while I vacumm.
It's bagless. So, no need to look for bags.
It has a hepa filter which is great.
The rubbish gets sucked up in this cyclinder which I can empty out.
I can even wash the filter if required.
Everything is detachable meaning easy storage and easy to carry to the apartment if needed.

So, I bought it.

It's from Shimono. The only other product I have from Shimono is a blender which is working great till this day.

So, I have 1 vacumm upstairs and 1 bulky one downstairs. With sleeping on the floor and me dropping hair and a white surfaced floor, I tend to need to vacumm daily.

It's on promotion as RM238 till end of Raya. In case you are interested.

Used it as soon as I came back. It's great. Easy to assemble and clean. My only grouche for now is that the back air sometimes gets into my face. But I reckon that I just need to get used to it or shorten the handle.

Another happy purchase.

Ma mee

I am no more simply Ma or Ah Ma (which her grandma proudly proclaims she is calling her) or Me (for the sake of differentiating from Ah Ma). I am Ma mee.

And she now calls Da Dee too.

So at 2 years 3 months, she effectively calls me right.

And along with it came quickly Poh Poh and Aunty.

Sorry for kor kor and kung kung. They are left out for now.

So now, she goes "Ma Mee....nen nen".

I can't stop being proud of her coz she is a slow talker. But the words are forming daily as I pray daily too.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Saturday Bliss

I had a pretty good Saturday evening.

Went to eat at Food Foundry and loved every single morsel of food I ate. It helped that Simon and family was there so I had someone to help occupy my kids! :) Ordered the carbonara with turkey ham for the kids. Hubby had the burger. I ordered a grilled chicken salad (which came with glass noodles in Thai dressing).

I wasn't expecting much so was pleasantly surprised. The carbonara was quite good for a person who doesn't like creamy spaghetti. And I loved hubby's meat patty - very juicy and quite tender. No pic of my 'salad'....

After which we went to Jaya 1 for their quarterly 'creative' flea market. The flea market mainly consists of people creating clothings or food and trying out the market.

I spotted a dress which caught my liking instantly. Didn't even bargain and bought a fully lined mid lengthed dress for RM80 in 10 minutes. That was how much I loved it. Also given that it was a one piece item. And while I was talking to the lady that made the dress, I could feel her passion and creativity flowing. This was a lady who loved to create dresses but didn't have the time or money or ability perhaps to do it big! But anyways.....if I want to buy more of her stuff, I would email her and she would tell me the next bazaar she will be in! Something like a chase for a buy, when I want!

After my dress purchase, Simon made me look for the stall which was the main reason we decided to go in the first place - Shannon's chocolate stall!

Photo: Drop by Night Markets @ Jaya One tomorrow to sample my handmade Dark Chocolate Melts, we are doing market survey, so please come to support. We will be at Booth 6, see you there! 

Shannon’s handmade Premium Dark Chocolates are made with the finest Belgium chocolate, a strong dose of passion and a meticulous dedication to quality. The end result is a love affair with Dark Chocolate Melts that have you craving for more. Melts ever so gently in your mouth, you will find it hard to resist going for more
Look this up in FB if you are interested coz I don't really know when the next  bazaar will be. Haven't gotten around to 'liking' it so I get updates! But we tried and bought the chocolate. It's really smooth and heard Shannon will be selling in stores soon. Her chocolate is really smooth. And heard she learnt the technique of making chocolate from a Choc Master in Swiz.

Zen Q verdict

In Damansara Utama, you have 3 Taiwanese desert shops along the same row - Snowflakes, ZenQ and BlackBall.

We have always been a fan of Snowflakes coz so far they have never let me down. However, in my last visit, I kind of felt the pearls was not as fresh. It was a little hard in the middle, making me feel it was yesterday's pearl !

So, when hubby suggested trying ZenQ, I agreed.

But OH NO!!! Never again!

It was horrid to the CORE! The milk reminded me of skim milk rather than a creamy. Their black jelly didn't taste like black jelly proper. And their ice melted in an instant. Also there was insufficient ice.

I would never eat ZenQ again, not even if it was given to me free.

Now.....let me gather courage and try Black Ball.

And if not....I shall remain loyal to Snowflakes, pearls being lousy aside. But I will give feedback and Snowflakes better also buck up considering the amount I pay!

Oh Lord....let me at least have one great desert I enjoy!

Birthday Parties!

After 3 birthday parties, you would think that a kid would be screaming for one of him own. And you are so right!!!!

But anyways, the kids are 5 in Christopher's class. And why do parent after parent decide this is the age for parties and not when they are 6, their last year in kindy?

So anyways, we have had 3 invites so far this year. 2 at McDs and 1 in a really cool place called Young Explorers, 1MK.

OK...the McD parties I didn't go coz the timing was weird...sleeping time! And I really don't relish watching the kids at the McD play area. I imagine all the grease and oil and dirt stuck to all the play things!

But I did go for the one at 1MK....partly coz the timing was good and I wanted to check out the new mall.

The mall by standards was small. But we found enough good shops to kill our 2 hours there. The shop Kitchen was having sales and I love browsing such stuff. Also they had a cool Japanese shop seeling loads of cool stuff.

But I also had fun watching all the kids play at Young Explorer's Adventure Maze. This is somewhat what it looks like! All wooden structures, tunnels etc.

I asked and it costs RM45 per kid (min 20 pax) to have a birthday party here. But they cover kids food and birthday cake.

I wonder how much McD costs??

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Auto gate is a GONER

My auto gate has been giving me trouble for the pass one week. One side of the gate at first opened really slowly and could not open completely.

Tahan-ed it for as long as it could open. Although I could do a full yawn waiting for it to open.

But 2 days ago, it stopped opening on me. I have to force it open now. And force it close before I can close the other side automatically.

So, after 2 days of getting caught in the rain, being wary when I had to leave early in the morning with my daughter and hating the entire inconvinience of it, decided to call some guys I got off the internet to have a look.

Hoan Autogate came amd told me that the gear underground has jammed. Supposedly due to rain and of course wear and tear. Developer given gate....so, what to expect!

He propsed a new system - comes in a set of 3 prices: 1288, 1488 and 1688. Of course price depends on type of gate and how large your gate is. I could have settled for the 1288 based on my gate, but 1288 and 1488 comes emergency open with an allen key. While 1688 obviously came with a key.

In the end, he agreed to give me 1688 system for 1400.

I reckon it all marketing talk. Can give discount for 1688 to 1400 but the 1288 one, all kinds of excuses like maybe no stock, cannot give discount etc.

Hubby was out of town....and when I told him the cost, he told me to seek 2nd opinion.

I did....haaha...I talked to several people about their autogate. And came to a conclusion that the 100++ RM people pay for change of battery. The RM3-400++ people pay due to alignment or system issue. Not sure what people pay for motherboard burn issues. And then there is the RM1500++++++ people who pay for a new installation.

The sound I hear from the box underground is scary so I do reckon even if it was not spoiled earlier, it is spoiled NOW due to 2 days of constant forcing.

I hope this Hoan company is alright. They even have a FB page and 32 friends! What a joke for me to find this out. I was hoping for a superb review from a blogger....but.....Anyways, they have 4 branches so should be alright. At least for servicing if nothing else....

Fingers crossed, no further problems swinging in and out of the house!

My loot from NY

Am enjoying all my purchases daily as I write.

At first I didn't really like my Coach. But after using it, I realise it's very easy to use the bag. Although it is big and wide, I can find things very easily. And the handle length is just right and very comfortable that it doesn't get in the way. I still don't exactly like the outlook but appreciate it's user friendly-ness.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What the kids have been up to....

Of late, we have one car seat in the front, and one car seat in the back. When we have the 2 kids in the car, the boy sits in the front and I sit with the girl at the back. THe boy thinks it rather grand that he gets to sit in front. He loves to press the buttons for the radio, and turn up/down the aircon etc.

One day, when we in the car, I started a sneezing frenzy. Straight away, my boy turned the aircon down and pushed the air ducts away from me. Then he turned around and asked me "Are you ok mummy. Is this better? If you are cold, you should tell me, you know!"

I stopped sneezing all at once. :)

My kids love dancing on their Ah Ma and Ah Kung's bed. They call it dancing, I call it an excuse to jump on the bed. Anyways....one day, they were doing just that when Ah Ma commented "Aiyoh, you make the bed sooo messy already!"

According to Ah Ma, the girl when she heard that, straight away got down and started to straighten up the bed spread, pulling it so that it nicely covers the bed again.

This girl is a making of a good home maker. She loves to help around the house.

Another time, according to the nanny, she was having cake with my girl for breakfast. After which she put a slice of cake into a tupperware and told Caylee "This cake is for Angela cher cher to take to work."

My girl listened attentively, nodded her head and pushed the tupperware further in the table. She proceeded to finish her cake. And her nanny went into the kitchen to clean up.

Angela cher cher came down a few mintues later. And my girl went to her, pulled her hand and told her to take the tupperware. So Angela took it and went off to work. And my girl happily told her nanny later that she has conveyed the message.

She does all this without being told. Just wanting to help around the house.

And lastly, I am a proud mummy coz last night, when I scolded Christopher for nearly causing an accident, he looked at me and just said "OK mummy. I understand." No tantrums, no 'but-it-is-not-my-fault' look/remark....just that.

And after which he just went off to do his own thing.

He is also learning along the way that when mummy and daddy talk, don't interrupt. As much as he loves to talk and give his input.

He is learning to listen now, much to my chagrin at times. So much so hubby and I have to be very careful what we plan to avoid expectations/requests/disappointments.

And that is what the kids have been up to.....apart from their daily affair of pooping, sleeping and eating!

Monday, July 9, 2012

New words

Words Caylee says to date:

Good night/night night
Wake up
No more
There (with her famous finger pointing)
Mine (and she pats her chest)
Nen Nen
Cher cher
Ah Pak
Ma mi
Pa pa
Aunty (when she calls her nanny)

She sometimes follows what I say. Especially words that I repeat twice like dog dog, cat cat etc. She doesn't follow at all when I say words like thank you, good bye etc.

At least some progress....

Monday, July 2, 2012

BYOB is G-R-E-A-T!

I have been saving my bottles for this day. I have also been NOT buying anymore for this day. At last there are 2 things I need to replace I can this day replace with BYOB products.

1) Dettol
2) Dish washing detergent

So, I messaged Sasha.

After some communication, she agreed to get the stuff and pass it to me in person.

I got 3 litres of pine gel, after her advice of a near price increase. 1 litre of OMG Insect to see if it can get rid of my lizards. And 2 litres of dishwashing liquid. All in all came up to RM22.40.

I was eager to try it when I came back. So, the hubby and boy at church, measles or not, I vacummed and mopped the house.

The pine gel should be called OMG CLEAN!!!

Sasha said 1 cup pine gel to 50 cups water. I put 3 dollops of pine gel into my Cosway water pail to mop. Mopped one room and added another 2 dollops. Coz the smell was not strong enough for me.

Then mopped the next rooms. Smell not so much difference so I accepted that 3-5 dollops is good enough.

But lo behold!!!! When I started mopping the area which had some paint, which I hadn't bothered to take out coz it was too much trouble with paint thinner, it came out with just a little effort. Just a teeny weeny little effort. Like using my toe to rub a bit effort.

I was shocked. Pine gel managed to take out paint? But happy happy shocked. I mopped the rest of the house. And I did that on Sunday.

Today, Tuesday, the floor still feels squeeky clean although just a little dusty. So, I am totally HAPPY with my pine gel. It's a wonder product without the adverse effects on the environment.

AS FOR the dishwashing liquid, it's very good too.

Good enough to wash a plastic container which had some oily food stored in it with just a small diluted amount of dish washing detergent. I didn't need to wash and wash and wash again and again. Or use cream solutions to soak it or wash it. I just needed some diluted amount and just had to be careful to wash every bit of the container.

I have not used the OMG Insect yet. Coz measles is contagious and I have been a good girl staying at home. So, have not got a spray for it. Can't wait to get it and spray it at the corners where that good ol' lizard lies.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Caylee had a fever about 2 weeks ago. Hubby and I didn't think much of it, thinking it was due to her phlegmy cough and runny nose. Her fever was mild, maybe 37.3-5. It lasted for about 3 days. Then last Thursday, we noticed spot on her body. Dismissed it as maybe due to heat/haze since after being in an air con room, the spots seem less noticeable. The spots lasted 3 days, just when I was about to decide to bring her to the doctor.

While she was having spots, I myself started running a fever.

It took spots to emerge on my body before I accepted finally that Caylee was having measles and so am I!

What kind of measles this is I have no idea. We had mild fever for 3 days and spots as soon as the fever breaks. When I had the fever, I had headaches as well and body aches (a sure sign it is virus related).

So right now I am working from home coz measles is really contagious. And looking at my dots, I am thinking they should disappear by Wednesday latest.

Who would think that I would get measles again at this age and from my daughter what more.

Christopher @ Joy Arts

He is drawing now! I am not sure if he came of age or that the art classes sparked his imagination and gave him guts to draw on a blank piece of paper. But Christopher is drawing!

You can't imagine what joy it is for me to see him sitting quietly at his desk drawing and then colouring. It may seem a natural thing for kids to do but before this month Christopher had never drawn anything much.

He has an 'inhibitation' to creative art in previous months. Give him a piece of paper and he actually just looks at it blankly and asks me to teach him to draw.

But just that day, he drew quite an elaborate picture. Of himself and daddy going to the birthday party he attended on Saturday. He had the elevator and underground parking. And he told us a story related to the picture after. He even coloured the picture.

So whatever it is. I am glad he has progressed in his art and as he says "I am using my imagination now." Hope the art classes will introduce him to other methods of art and greater heights of imagination.

Joy Arts fee was RM860 for the 3 term promotion we signed up for, RM50 for materials per term and RM50 for membership.

Note : We never paid for material fee apart from this RM50 upon signup.

Caylee @muzikhaus

I have been looking for something for Caylee to do since she turned two. Considering the kindy we wanted to send her doesn't accept a 3 year old, I felt it even more that she needs to get out there for some group learning. Mainly to encourage her to talk and partly to expose her to socialising 'discipline'.

We also preferably wanted something while Christopher was in Art Class to kill two birds with one stone. And we managed to find one!

Thank God. Same time same location too!

So, Caylee is in Muzikhaus now. It has been her 2nd lesson and I can say that she LOVES IT !

The first 10 minutes or so, she will spend looking around and getting used to the environment. By the 20 minute mark, she is doing everything the teacher asks her to do. It's no biggie DOING actually coz she's really good with physical movement.

But the good thing about this place is that it also encourages interaction. During story time for example and simply when the teacher says Hi and Bye. And while doing an action, she says the word of the action over and over. Like knock, knock, knock. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle....etc.

We hope this one a week class will push Caylee to talking. She said "Bye" to the teacher last week. Her current favourite phrase is "No more". And that day she told me to "Wake up!"

A relative made a passing statement "When your girl starts to talk, you won't have to deal with physical wars between your kids. THey will both be wanting to talk to you non stop and figting to make themself heard." I agree totally.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Meeting the teacher

So, 4 days after my son told me he had to sit alone in class, I was due to meet the teacher. I had no intentions of bringing this up. But the teacher cornered me and had lots to say about him. Eventually bringing this issue up in her report.

There are 2 teachers who teach Christopher - Ms W and Ms C.

Ms C is the principal, teaches my boy in English and BM, the one who takes care of them during day care and also EXTREMLY STRICT. Ms W is the one who teaches my boy Maths and Chinese. Her primary language is cantonese/mandarin so I can imagine she is not so forceful when she has to speak english.

My son prefers Ms W to Ms C for obvious reasons. And as a result Ms W does get 'bullied' by my son. I mean.....my son is REALLY TALKATIVE!

So, as soon as Ms W sits down with me, she reports this very fact. And this is how she puts it:

"When I tell the class, 'We will do page 3 today', you son-ah, he will tell his friend on his right 'Turn to page 3', then he will turn to the left 'Teacher says turn to page 3', and then to the back 'Turn to page 3-ah!'."

And he does this for everything Ms W says. Writing the date, what to do etc.

So, you can imagine how much talking he does and how little action he himself is doing. And he should be concentrating on what is being said rather than concentrating on what is said.

So, according to Ms W, she finishes her teaching and then puts my son aside and forces him to finish his work. And she says "He can write his chinese very well when he concentrates."

So....you get the picture now right. KIDS !!! So anyways, Ms W is quite a good teacher I would say and I totally understand why she segregated Christopher from the rest of the class. And she has agreed to continue teaching Christopher mandarin even when he is in primary school. So, anyone want to join and make a class 2 years from now?

Ms C had her own share of complaints. She remarked my son doesn't dare to talk alot in her class. But because of that, he tends to NOD OFF !!!! GOSH! I don't know if I should laugh. But I dare not coz Ms C is really fierce! But my son, I understand, tends to dream away.

So, that was our meeting on a hazy Saturday morning. I had a look through his exam papers. Wow...they really were exam papers, 4-5 2 sided sheets of paper with instructions to do this and that. He scored the highest for English and the lowest was Mandarin. I was quite surprised with his results, all bearing above 90. Prayerfully this mummy will be hardworking everyday to make studying interesting and enjoyable for him.

Panasonic Service Centre, Aino and anti-scratch sponge

My mum has been complaining about my rice cooker inner pot for some time now. It has some scratches and she deems it inappropriate for further usage.

It's good that she nags.....so I got off my lazy bum and went to the Panasonic Service Centre in Shah Alam to get a replacement.

Best to call in advance just to make sure they have stock.

My inner pot cost me RM95 and a long debate with hubby if it was worth replacing. After all the old kind of rice cookers cost just slightly less and I can throw chicken in there without worrying if the bones will scratch the pot.

Anyways....the multi functions available on my rice cooker won the day. And hubby and I decided that perhaps it was not the sharp ended bones that caused the scratches but the sponge we are using?

After all, my mum also claims the same frying pan she has, has outlived my 2 frying pans....so how in the world do I cook or clean? Hahaha....Time to replace my frying pan too!

So apart from the new inner pot, we decided to look for a sponge like my mum's. It's anti scratch so to say from Scotch (?) and it costs a bomb. We decided on an alternative which looks the same and hopefully works just as well too at half the price - RM5.

So, 1 Panasonic inner pot, 1 Aino frying pan and 1 new (Japanese) anti scratch sponge. Hope these will last me longer than their predecessors.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Growing up.

Something is happening this year. I can't really put my finger on it.

It started late last year, requesting an eternal diamond ring from hubby. I got it just before Christmas. It wasn't that expensive but I have NEVER EVER requested for diamonds. For that matter, I have never ever bought something so unpractical before.

Then early this year, I decided I will spend some time and money doing sketching. Bought some sketch books, making do with pencils and bought 2 books on sketching from US.

I also ordered a Coach handbag. I am not really a Coach person, per say. But I just want to own one in my lifetime.

I also bought a Levi and several Paul Frank shirts. I know you might think Levi is nothing really big. But to me, a Levi is like what....premium jeans? I spend half on a Giordana which fits me just fine! So, there is no reason for a Levi actually. But just one....in my lifetime.

And Paul Frank (and some other branded shirts) to me was a no-no. Coz a shirt...I mean....should be just comfortable and presentable. Why pay more for the label? Coz seriously we aren't paying for the quality. I have Uniqlo shirts which cost less but are better that Paul Frank. Uniqlo in fact to me is rare.

Then the Opal ear-rings that I asked hubby to buy. I would have asked him to get a Hardrock for me too, if not for the fact they no longer exist.

Now I am eyeing the Samsung Galaxy S3. And some beautifying stuff that I would have never considered last year.

Bought a new camera....but I am not going to put that on me. After all hubby uses that too.

So, I am not sure what is it about me this year. I just feel I don't want to deprive myself anymore. Spending....or splurging a little bit to make me happy ain't all a bad thing. Maybe I won't take it out on hubby then when he spends or goes out to enjoy himself and I am stuck at home. Not with pleasures to keep me occupied at home.

I am growing up. Learning to let go. Learning to love myself.

***Updated 13th June 2012***
Hubby got me Pleasures yesterday! It's my first perfume costing more than RM100 and I LOVE IT! :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

GM Klang

So we visited GM Klang Wholesale last Saturday.

My first impression was "Is this place really worth the long drive?"

It was filled with loads of people at 11 am. Granted it's a public holiday but can't these people park better?

Anyways, there are 6 pavillions constituting the entire area. We first entered Pavillion 3 and made our way to 6,5,4,2 and 1. It was a good thing we only had one kid coz we left the place near 1pm and I was literally fainting! Due to hunger not heat.

In Pavillion 3, I told hubby "I don't think I will even come here again." I was still getting over the long drive we had to take.

But by the time I hit Pavillion 5, I changed my mind. But then....I am a sucker for cheap thrills.

I loved the wholesale shops that were filled with stationaries, sticker books, activity books, colouring books, 5coloured pens, all kinds of cute pens.

Saw bags for my kids there at RM17 which were of really good quality. Saw some bags there which were sold cheap, at retail price not wholesale price which were sold outrageously at those kiosks in shopping malls.

Even saw loads of children character shirts at prices I would have willingly paid double.

We spent RM40 in total. Bought a Ben10 shirt and an Angry Bird bag for Christopher in prep for his birthday at RM9 and RM17. Bought a doodle (which is quite good quality) for Caylee at RM10. Bought 4 books of stickers (each book about 200+ stickers) for RM10.

Would I go again? Perhaps....given the long drive there. If I had stuff to buy since I know now what they sell there. There were 2 piece childrens clothings for RM19, believe it of not. Quite good quality too.

Maybe I will bring my mum there. Another long drive dearie?

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Payless @ Paradigm Mall

When I first saw this shop....I was like "This is so New York!". OK....truth be told I don't know if it really originates from NY or if this shop is like everywhere. But the only shoe I bought from Payless was in Manhattan! I mean, there, you really pay less when you buy a shoe. Here???

Well...maybe you do pay less coz the shoes are really comfortable. At least the one I tried and didn't buy but am still thinking about. And the others which I also tried which I considered but have managed to put out of my mind.

But, it's really X factoring price. At least compared to the likes of Vincci or even maybe WalkIn. If you really can compare.

So, in Payless, you get the size and then just go to the aisle that has all the shoes of that size. And then you look at ever shoe box opened and just try try try. You know.....at least you are trying on shoes that actually fit you without bothering the sales people.

The concept is new to some....I saw 2 girls walking the aisles before they actually caught on to the idea of Payless.

Anyways.....the denim shoe is still in my mind. But it costs RM53 for a shoe I don't really need but would like to have. You know what I mean? Decisions.....decisions.....

Busy Corner not that busy

It was not that busy actually, which was why I decided to try Restoran Busy Corner.

It was 8 pm on a rainy Thursday. We braved the drizzle and ran to the shop, passing by smoke filled cyber cafes on the way! Oh gosh......

We tried the black pepper chicken claypot, had a yau mak vege and 2 herbal drinks. Cost us RM21 in total and filled 2 and a half bellies.

It's not bad. Enough pepper taste without it being too spicy for my 2 year old. But then again she takes wasabi and curry puffs! Though I reckon hubby still thinks the Kampar Claypot Chicken Rice is much better, although he didn't really say it out loud.

Will come back again to try the lam yue claypot and the thai chicken. They have yam too but I don't like yam.

FYI address is: 83 Jalan SS 22/11 Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

New camera

So, we bought our new camera yesterday. It was really spur of the moment decision to even enter the shop. But I think we got it in the end more due to the sale lady than anything else. She was a real sport and let us compare and try so many cameras. Also, she spoke good english and really knew her products.

So, we ended up with the Lumix DMC-TZ20 in the end. Cost Rm850 with a 8GB chip and casing (as usual).

I was taking care of girl just outside the shop and hubby was inside looking at the cameras. He asked me what was my criteria. I just shouted...."Any camera that can show me a good shot of this girl in action, I will get that!"

And indeed the Lumix managed a clear natural shot of her. I 'blame' it on the Leica lens. It's just too good. The Sony pic turned out a little yellowish, if you know what I mean.

The lady specifically warned us not to charge the battery overnight. Max 4 hours, that is it. And now reading some reviews, the battery life span for  Lumix aint that great. But oh well......we don't really do much with it anyways. And we aren't travelling overseas yet these next few years to warrant a battery life span that lasts days.

So now I am getting used to the touch screen and the feel of the camera. Admittedly, the Lumix is way heavier and bulkier than my Sony. But anyways......

And did I tell you I got it in bronze? :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hubby downunder and comments about the kids...

It's a little back dated. But the IT system in my workplace is down so it's no better time to catch up on blogging my memories.

Hubby went to Melbourne last week.

About Melbourne, it was cold, he was unprepared. Had to borrow some clothes from his cousins in Melbourne. Good thing he had relatives there. The bad thing about relatives though is that they buy so much stuff for everyone else back home and ask you to carry it on their behalf. He literally came back with half a suitcase full of stuff for his mum. And he had to leave another luggage behind coz these Aussies are really strict with what constitues carry on luggage and what is the weight of the luggage checked in. So anyways, my MIL was also disappointed not seeing her 2 tins of 2.5 kg Milo.

Hubby got me opal from Aussie. I love opal. But I forgot to tell him about the 2 layer and 3 layer opal. So, he bought the 2 layer one for me. At 50%, he got it at AUD30.

While hubby was gone, I had to take care of the 2 kids with the help of my parents. And I realised that there are 3 ways external people deal with my kids when they misbehave.

One way would be to tell me when they misbehave and expect me to deal and stop with the behaviour.
Number 2 would be to scold them to stop their misbehaviour.
And finally some would take it upon themself to distract them away from their misbehaviour.

Do you know which way is best?

Even the Pastor in my church smiles at me and comments "They are realy active arent's they! I will pray for you."

I also realised why I don't yell at my kids as often as some would expect me to. It's because sometimes they will get over it and stop. Sometimes I have gotten used to their ways and am able to overlook it. And mainly I am too tired to yell at everything they do. I just pick the battles that build character and leave misdemeanors as misdemeanors.

Oh well....I guess I will have to accept that some consider me strict and some consider me lenient. I just pray that God help me bring up my kids to be sensible kids.

Last day of 1st test

I am so glad it's the last day and that we have holidays to look forward to.

Christopher had his English, Malay, Chinese and then today Maths test this week.

Initially I didn't know what or how the test will be So I coached him mainly in his reading and spelling. After his first day which was English he told me he didn't answer one of the questions coz he didn't know what they wanted.

Gosh....he doesn't know how to read the instructions. I never coached him in instructions. And you know there are some words there that he has not learnt. Sigh....

Malay turned out good. Hubby told me the teacher told him that he got everything correct. All my scoldings turned out for something after all.

He said Chinese was ok. I don't know what he means by OK but never mind. It's OK.

Maths should be ok for him too if he doesn't make careless mistakes.

I feel a reward is required after all this hard work. But with Caylee still sick and hubby and I on the verge of coming down with something, his reward may just be a day out eating in a restaurant. Kids don't ask for much.

Tommorrow is party day so we are going party shopping tonight for some party goodies. It's nice to be a kid.....exams aside.

Hunger Games trilogy

I just finished the Hunger Games trilogy yesterday evening.

Wow....I have never found a series that engaging since......Twillight.
Once I started on Book 1, I was practically reading any chance I got. And kept bugging Simon to pass me the next, pass me the next! :)

I can't say much for the ending. I feel it created to allow for what Katniss did.

I like who she ended up with and the reason why she ended up with this person.

If you have never read this series, it's a good series to consider. And read it before you watch the movie. There seldom is a time where a movie potrays a characted better than words.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Caylee's talking....but...

Caylee followed me speaking yesterday.

What was I saying that made her follow diligently at last?

Ma ma, Pa pa, Ke Ke - all in mandarin.

Now....how in the world am I going to continue teaching her when my mandarin is so limited?
I really think it's time for kindy for her.

Ordinarily when I try to teach her English words she would not even follow what I am saying or even show interest in what I am saying.

So....anyway.....she is talking.....but....

IUD update

OK....this is a strictly female post. Read at your own risk.
Today is the first official day my bleeding seems to have stopped. It has been 6 weeks 3 days since. I still have very bad headaches come this time. Guess some part of my hormons are still working pre-IUD days. I shall see how things go till next month.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Christopher's learning

This year is a year of creative skills for me and Christopher.

I have started on my sketching while he has been going for art classes every Saturday.

It has been his 3rd class and he still looks forward to going. In fact in his 2nd class, he even told me I can leave him there and go off. He has no problem following the class and making new friends. Very unlike the 1st time I brought him and he voiced concern about making new friends.

I have received feedback that he always waits for instructions to do things. And if he is unsure, he will wait for teacher to help. That is my boy. He has imagination but not creativity. I am hoping the 36 classes I signed him up for will help him learn how to work out his imagination.

I paid some RM820 for his 36 classes and he got a free tiral because I signed up on the same day.

The classes usually start with a song/show/story featuring some thing and then they draw/craft things relating to that same thing. His frist craft of a kite fish was soooo interesting. So far he has also made plasticine sushi and last week a card.

There are about 4-5 students in his class but most of them are buyers of a Groupon deal and not really students. So, I am thinking this number will drop in a few months time.

I am glad he is enjoying the class. And I pray his creativity will make real his imagination and take him far into his dreams. If he can dream it, one day I pray he will make it happen.

As for me....I am still trying to find a good book on sketching. Getting there, we are.

Caylee's skills

What my little girl has been up to so far:

She took her kor kor's scissors and cut her hair. A huge turf on hair right of the top. It wasn't cut too close to the crop and she has quite fine hair. So, it still managed to fall down and not stand up! And she handles the scissors very well for her age. Held right with the right use of strength.

She knows how to wear her shirt and pants. She also knows how to put own her socks and wear her park shoes. ALL CORRECTLY! It was quite funny when she first put on her shirt coz she was mimicking me teaching Christopher how to help put on his mui mui's shirt. And next thing I know, she had it all bunched up in her two little hands and over her head. With her pants, she know to put her hand to the back and pull up the back part of the pants over her diaper.

She colours...but not within the lines like her kor kor. She doesn't like to be controlled in that way. So unlike kor kor, she prefers a blank piece of paper.

She loves the piano and has so far told me everytime she is interested to learn.

As for speech, she won't talk. And then one day surprise you with phrases like "No more" and "Sit down". She can call me "Mami" loud and clear when she wants to. Otherwise, she shows no motivation to speak. I still think it's the 3 languages that she is being exposed to that is causing this confusion. A simple word like 'dirty' can also be 'cha cha', 'u cho', 'dirty' depending who is talking to her.

I am continuously still amazed at her dexterity. I am praying for the day when she would surprise me with her gift of the gap.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Awwww moment

I always have to do ironing on Wednesday evenings. For the sole reason that Christopher only has 2 sets of uniform which is used 2 times a week.

So, like every other Wednesday, after hanging up the load to dry, I would put the freshly washed uniform on the dining room chair and get my ironing board ready.

Before turning on the iron, I always am aware where the kids are. And to my surprise yesterday, when I was taking count of where my kids were, I saw Caylee do the sweetest thing.

She was sorting out from the Tuesday's load of half folded clothing Christopher's other uniform and bringing it for me to iron for her brother.

After passing me the uniform, she also brought me her daddy's working shirt from the same load.

I thanked her for Christopher's uniform but told her I won't be ironing daddy's shirt. For which she dully attempted to fold the shirt and put it with the rest of the un-ironed clothings.

Little girls are really different from boys. They are helpers in a different way. Thank God for my little girl, and my little boy.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Normal boring weekend....

We have been having 2 'fun' filled weekends.

The first weekend being the celebration of Caylee's birthday. Yes, our little girl is TWO. And nope, she still has a mouth of gold. But she loves carrying hand bags now. Still loving her clips and other hair accessories. Nope, still refuses dresses unless she is in a grand mood. Sings and dances sometimes though we don't know what gibberish she is saying.

Action wise, loving to kick the ball. And learning to open packets of Mamee. She has mastered the tunnel slides and climbing stairs unaided. Still scary! But I have learnt that she is quite steady on her feet as long as you don't scare her and she is concentrating.

She had 2 meal celebrations with each side and 2 cakes to blow.

It was really comical coz she knew exactly what to do. She sat quietly while we sang to her. 1st cake she blew out the candles when told to. 2nd cake she kept on blowing out the candles and we kept on having to light them again. After that, she would take the knife and attempt to cut it. Then she knows she can leave and let mummy do the serving.

And last weekend we had a pool party in my hubby's boss' condo. The place was exquisite...spoiled only by the evidence of kids! hahahaha.....We had loads of church activities as well last weekend so it went by very fast. I was literally dragging my feet the entire weekend trying to just get by.

I tell you KIDS ! They sleep like 8-9 hours and jump around like crazy. While I sleep 8-9 hours and wish the sun would not rise! What is in THAT MILK???

Anyways.....I am looking forward to a quiet weekend coming up. Maybe we can bring Christopher to the Joy Arts Club we found earlier. He is looking forward to it and I hope it would spark some of his creativity.

Don't you like a normal boring weekend sometimes?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Carpe Diem for God!

I don't know why I do this to myself.....but it's good to remember.
Don't EVER wait till it happens to you before you do something about it....
Coz we never know when or where....

I bolded the lines that speak deepest to me. And I italiced the lines that I must remember to stop and do.

Where were you when the world stopped turning? (Alan Jackson)

Where were you when the world stopped turning on that September day?
Were you in the yard with your wife and children
Or working on some stage in L.A.?
Did you stand there in shock at the sight of that black smoke
Risin' against that blue sky?
Did you shout out in anger, in fear for your neighbor
Or did you just sit down and cry?
Did you weep for the children who lost their dear loved ones
And pray for the ones who don't know?
Did you rejoice for the people who walked from the rubble
And sob for the ones left below?
Did you burst out with pride for the red, white and blue
And the heroes who died just doin' what they do?
Did you look up to heaven for some kind of answer
And look at yourself and what really matters?

I'm just a singer of simple songs
I'm not a real political man
I watch CNN but I'm not sure I can tell
You the difference in Iraq and Iran
But I know Jesus and I talk to God
And I remember this from when I was young
Faith, hope and love are some good things He gave us
And the greatest is love

Where were you when the world stopped turning on that September day?
Were you teaching a class full of innocent children
Or driving down some old interstate?
Did you feel guilty 'cause you're a survivor
In a crowded room did you feel alone?
Did you call up your mother and tell her you loved her?
Did you dust off that Bible at home?
Did you open your eyes, hope it never happened
Close your eyes and not go to sleep?
Did you notice the sunset the first time in ages
Or speak to some stranger on the street?
Did you lay down at night and think of tomorrow
Or go out and buy you a gun?
Did you turn off that violent old movie you're watchin'
And turn on "I Love Lucy" reruns?
Did you go to a church and hold hands with some strangers
Did you stand in line and give your own blood?
Did you just stay home and cling tight to your family
Thank God you had somebody to love?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

God within goes without

I am such a hopeless emotional person.

I reckon sometimes my emotions make me so naive. In that I am easily touched by what people say or act that I believe the best of them.

Anyways....I was looking through some youtube-s on Scotty McCreery. Yes, I am a great fan of country music and I love Scotty. And there was one song in particular that made me cry and reminded me of something.

The song was Where were you (when the world stopped turning). Originally sung by Garth Brooke who also did a great job with the song. But half way while Scotty was singing it, he had to turn away and break the emotion.

I feel it's great when people feel deeply about something. I don't understand it when someone goes to the 9-11 memorial site, for example, and feels nothing.

With Scotty, all through out AI, I felt the judges looked at him and saw a little glimpse of God. And they respected him for his belief in God. And he managed to reach into them so that they may see how marvelous God is through his life.

I remembered one time when I was working in my previous company that someone told me.

"You smile all the time. You must have God in your life."

If you ever heard something like that, you really give glory to God. There is no victory for me. I don't feel proud at all regarding anything I have done or said or did. But I just give glory to God for it is Him that allows my joy to reach out to others. And we were not even talking about God in anyway in all that days.

Truly, only God can transform. But when you are the vessel to bring about such a transformation, it really brings greater joy in your heart.

May I always be in that joy....God's joy. And may it light up the lives of the people around me so that they may catch a glimpse of God.  

Mirena for Adenomyosis

So, 2 weeks later, I called up my doctor at the hospital to make an appointment to insert the Mirena. Hopefully the Mirena will help with my adenomyosis.

But my oh my......

Of course when I went in, I was told the doc had an emergency C-sec to do and thus would be a few hours late. With 5 other patients before me, hubby and I decided to go for a walk.

When I was called in at last, doc sent me out again to do a blood test. Just to check if I was anemic. I should have told him there and then I was not and save myself from Agony #1.

I have always had trouble with blood. The docs really find it hard to find my vein. And sometimes I would end up with swollen inner elbows or blue blacks on my outer palm. But this time round, ater 5-6 pokes on my right and eventually 2 pokes on my left, they managed to located the vein. Is it true there can be more than one veins to get blood? I don't know....but this vein they managed to poke the needle in couldn't given them much blood. After a SUCTION and a good 5 minutes, all they managed to get was 1 ml of blood. The guy looked at me and shook his head, gave me a deep sigh and asked me why my blood was so thick? How the h*** do I know??? Could it be my genetically high cholesterol?

Anyways, throbbing hands aside, I went back to my gynae. It was maybe a 10 minute wait before the nurse ushered me in the examination room.

The cervical canal insertion was alright...although they had to keep it there a little longer while they prepared the Mirena. He showed me the Mirena and I was like 'just GET IT DONE'! But well...it's a rather small device in a shape of a T. He also shoved into my hand a write up that came with the packaging.

I gripped the side of the bed 3-4 times during the Mirena insertion. It was like giving birth but backwards....and maybe not that long. The 5 minute procedure was really painful.

It also left me with cramps for 2 days and heavy spotting for 4 days now. There was slight bloating for the first 24 hours. I couldn't decide if it made me feel menstruating or pregnant.

But anyways....it is in. Prayerfully this month will be good.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Time Synchronization

It's a mess!!!

We have several time telling devices in our household - handphone, watch, wall clock, car clock, alarm clock. And all of them tell us a different time.

We also have an indication of time from the radio if news always comes up at the 30 minute or 0'clock anymore. And also from Astro, if their time is the right one.

But time I guess is important to let us know when somethings are to start....and when it is time to get up and start the day.

So....I guess it is logical for me to set my house wall clock to be the same as the ASTRO time - since my son uses that time to tell him when his Ben 10 is to start.

And I will set my alarm clock 5 minutes faster so that I will always have a 5 minute allowance to dilly dally in the morning. (like I dilly dally!)

I will set my handphone time to be the same as my car clock time which is to be the same as the radio news time so that I will know when to turn up the volume and listen to the news in the car. And so that I will not have a heartattack when I follow my handphone clock only to find that I am running early/late when I get into the car.

I don't wear a watch so that's one less time to worry about.

And then I have to synchronize all of hubby's devices to meet MY TIME so that he will never be late.

Are all your time telling devices synchronized?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Small deed, big lesson

Have you ever had that feeling of 'striving to reach' where God wants you to be? It always comes to me after a particular sermon or prayer. To strive to have that feeling, be that person, do that right thing. It's very motivating for me. And it's also very uplifting. It also reminds....

2 things.

I just tuned in to Times Square Church for a sermon. I always pray before I enter TSC website that 'Lord, lead me to the sermon you want me to hear now.' I just heard one on relationships, human relationships particularly. It was targeted for youths on choosing partners. It is not something that is totally applicable to me, still it spoke volumes on how a Gody relationship can be, should be, ought to be.

The other thing that happened today, which actually triggered the whole event of entering in TSC website was an email from Simon.

You see, last Sunday, I was teaching Sunday School. As I was leaving, Daniel told me that today's sermon was really good. I remember complaining that the sermon was really long, meaning I would have to spend more time with the kids at Sunday School. So, I was rather ashamed that I had that thought in my mind when I saw Daniel. And I was rather intrigued as to what the sermon was about. The speaker even impressed my parents, mind you!

So, I casually asked Simon about it.

Today I checked my email. And Simon had emailed the sermon to me.

Something small? But after reading the sermon, I felt really touched that Simon would have taken the trouble to actually get it for me and send it to me. It's not a big deal to him but it is a big deal to me.

Coz God took this small deed to remind me of how blessed I am to be in CBC Seapark. To be with people who take the time and effort (no matter how easy it was for him) to meet my needs.

And it was a reminder to me because of late, I have been feeling a little out of place with church. Have even been comparing current with past. And God knows, that is a really bad thing to do.

So Lord, I am sorry for doubting the reason you brought me out of my past church into my present. Forgive me for forgetting how blessed I am that my current family in Christ accepted me and helped me without even knowing me. Forgive me for forgetting the amount of work they and the Pastor went through in accepting Kev and making our marriage happen.

So, if you who are from my SG ever reads this post. Thank God for you. God bless you greatly. May we walk on this road of knowing and loving Christ steadily together.

This is a female post.

OK.....it has been said (with much sarcasm) that I share information too easily. This is a personal post, in some ways, but the purpose I choose to blog about it is to share information with other's who may have similar conditions. Perhaps they then can also share something I may need to know.

So, anyways.....snide opening remarks aside, this is my story.

When I was preggy with my daughter, I had some bleeding late in my pregnancy. I was told that I had a fibroid which was causing the bleeding. But my (silly) gynae recently confirmed it was not a fibroid per say but something starting with Pxxx. Whatever!!!

After I gave birth, I started to have really heavy bleeding. So much so, I had to stay at home for 1-2 days to avoid any embarrassment. I beared with this for 2 years given the situation varied. However, of late, the pain and the headaches that come with this situation has been harder to bear. Maybe coz I need to keep my wits with me all the time now with Christopher. Also I have had too many an embarrassing situation as it is. Even my son knows something is wrong with mummy.

So, I went to see a gynae last week. And one second into the scan, he said "Yes, I think you may have a fibroid." This after telling me that I got my initial fibroid story wrong ok!

Got dressed and went to have THE talk.

Then he told me "You have something called Adenomyosis". In my mind, I was like thinking 'I thought you told me I may have a fibroid? You are sooo confusing!'

Anyways....he wrote it down on the paper and asked me to do my own reading about it. I reckon he has learnt his lesson so that he need not answer any more further questions. He is like that in that way.

But this adenomyosis has no cure. The only way to help is artifical hormones.

Did I decide to do it? YOU BETCHA. Coz the IUD that I am going to use also acts as a birth control. And really the pain and inconvinience is detrimental to the healthy growth of my kids....and to my holiday planning.

I remember wanting to do this birth control thing a long time ago. Searched some testimonies and didn't get much. Maybe after I get it done, I will let you know how it is going. It's called Mirena and it's the safest birth control I have read about. It is progesteron based and only affects the womb, not the blood stream. It lasts for 5 years but you need to check it after 3/4 years. It costs a whopping RM1K (close to it).

But maybe if it is used as a treatment for my adenomyosis, I can claim insurance. I do hope so.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Organic shampoo

Blame it on my eczema, my almost always allergies or my nanny's daughter who introduced organic shampoo to me. She sold me the Edo Shampoo from Japan for RM19.90 a liter. Organic....so that means enzyme, aloe vera etc. and NO SLEs crap. I was a happy buyer. As it is I love trying new products like this.
However, 3 bottles later, she told me she can no longer get that Edo shampoo for me. Seems the manufacturer has moved on and made better the product. And so introducing.....
The problem was this shampoo costs slightly more. And my nanny's daughter's friend, who I learnt later was working in one of the agent companies in Malaysia, was not interested in coming all the way to PJ to deliver just 2-3 bottles.

Did some research out of desperation and found out that the nearest agent is located in Kepong. But thank my blessed stars, there was ONE agent in this small shop in Ipoh.

Bought 2 of this new shampoo at non member price of RM35/bottle from the agent in Ipoh. He gave me some molasses and oats for free. I rather think he was trying to hit on me since I went there alone.

Anyways, if you are ever interested to try organic shampoos, google search this website : fortunestar.com.my. Reckon you may need to translate the page if you don't know mandarin.

And during my search I also found out about other organic products from websites like greenmart.my and organic4u.com.my. And there is this organic wash sold at RM 9.90/500ml in an Eco shop where TTDI's  Fabulous Mom is located. So, reckon I will be going more organic soon.

Right now the only other thing organic in my house are noodles. What about you?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dentist for the first time

First....a big thanks to all my 5 commentors from FB. And to Rachel, Barbara and Sasha for the recommendation on the dentist.

Yes, I have to agree with Sasha that a pead dentist is important for the first visit. ESPECIALLY if your kid already had to do something that day.

OK....it's my fault. I really should have trusted my instinct the first time I spotted a stain on Christopher right back molar 6 months ago. But I thought milk tooth, how bad can the repercussions be.

It's bad. Sigh...

He has a cavity that is so big it is affecting his nerves.

It all started out with him crying on Monday night and unable to sleep coz he had a toothache. Had to give him ibuprofen to stop the pain and still he woke up 3 hours later crying. Poor kiddo.

Apparently, he still has one more molar expected to come out when he is 6+ and thus the dentist cannot take out his back molar as yet so that the spacing for his teeth will not be affected.

And the adult tooth to replace this severed one will only come out hen he is like 12 !!

Oh gosh....give me a break! I have to be so careful with that particular tooth of his now till he is 12!!! That's like 8 years more!

Well....it's my fault so I have to bear the pain as well.

As for the dentist. We went to the Seapark branch since I found Sasha's blogpost on it. It's really great for the kid to be greeted with channel 616 upon arriving. hahahaha....They use the same trick of letting the kids press some buttons which they need to use later on them! And also by letting them feel the equipments they will be using like the water spray, the air spray and the sucking thing!

And he also could watch his 616 when he was sitting down in his bedlike chair. But when it really came down to business, it was the trust and the few minutes of friendship with the dentist that did the trick. Also the fact that he had stickers later as a reward!

So, right now, he has a temp filling with medication. We have to go back in 1 weeks time to put in the permanent filling if all goes well with the medication. If not.....it would be some burning of nerves to stop the pain. Please pray for him that it would not boil down to that!

It will be every 6 months to the dentist from now on. And he now GETS IT why mummy always nags him about brushing teeth and eating less sweets.

I reckon it is a good lesson to learn and maybe at a cost that is not too permanent.

As for this visit, it was RM20 for consultation and RM60 for the medication.

Smile Partner Dental Clinic
Dr. Diane Chai
B.D. Sc. (Melbourne)
Consultation Hours:
Monday - Friday: 9am - 6pm
Saturday: 9am - 4pm
Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed
After Hours: By Appointment Only
14-A (First Floor)
Jalan 21/12, SEA Park,
46300 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
Telephone: +603-7875-0727
Fax: +603-7876-0727

What did we do during the holidays?

I have to say this holidays was the most eventful since I was a kid.

We started the first weekend in Bird Park. At last, I convinced myself that paying that whopping amount to experience something different will be worth it.

The initial part was an open aviary and it was quite great. Hubby was carrying girl and birds started perching all over him. The girl was scared for a while and then just watched after a while.

Boy was more eager to move on! In fact he is always wanting to move on these days. Have to teach him to enjoy the moment.

Anyways, the boy had more fun checking out the map. He doesn't really like loud noise so the birds which made noise were too aggressive for him. The girl was trying to outbeat their voice which was really painful for everyone else to hear!

In the end, I was rather hoping the birds will shut up so that my girl will shut up! Sigh....

I loved the chick hatching area the best. My girl kept hitting the sides which made the poor chicks jump. Would have loved to spend a longer time there if not for her. And for the fact that after which she snatched her brother's precious map!

Met one peacock who took an interest in a packet of junkfood a tourist was eating. It was hilarious and the guy had to hurry up and gobble it up with his kids trying to distract the peacock away.

I had a few jumps myself when one or two birds flew too close to me. Hubby had a good laugh coz it was mummy who jumped more than the kids.

2 hours plus later, I literally was ignoring the kids and looking for the exit. It was getting HOT and I was getting too too tired.

Will I go again? Not in a million years....or until the kids are bigGER or if they ask to go again.
What did Christopher say? "But mummy....you didn't even let me feed the birds....OR THE FISH!"


Anyways.....Christopher then went back to Ipoh for the rest of the week till Thrusday night when we made our way down to Ipoh to pick him up and we headed to PENANG !

Yes....Penang is our annual family trip. This time we stayed 2 nights coz 1 night is really too much of a rush to eat everything! hahahaha...

Took the ferry over this time round....I am all about new experiences this time. The kids enjoyed it. I loved the breeze and the fact that we were smack in town as soon as we arrived.

Where to eat? I told hubby just drive and the first place we come across we will eat there. We ended up in Swatow Lane foodcourt. It was good enough....not too warm, easy parking. And the boy finished up his mun yee mee. The girl just wanted the daddy's ice kacang. Hubby and I shared a char kuer teow and asam laksa. It was GOOD!

Checked into the hotel only to find they had only king size beds or twin beds left. We could not get the double queen bed config. So hubby settled for a king bed and a cot for the girl/boy....whoever!

Spent the rest of the evening in the pool where Christopher made friends with a Chloe, Alyssa and Ben from Perth, Australia. We had chats with A&B's parents through out our stay there coz of the kids. Not sure what happened to C or her parents.

I never thought we would be spending every other waking hour at the pool when we were not roaming Penang. So, it never occured to me to lather the kids with sun block. The kids survived.....I doused them with lotion after the first evening swim. But hubby and I were BURNT. It's hurting us 3 days later so you can imagine.

Dinner at Northam Foodcourt. Gosh....Northam's food is alright but coz it is by the sea and the weather was cool....the atmosphere made up for the alright food. But alright food in Penang is still good by measure, I should say. The boy surprised me by finishing up his spaghetti and some satay and some garlic bread. The sea breeze and the swimming must be doing great for his appetite.

Went to Straits Quay for a walk after that. GOSH.....I so LOVE Penang. There are so many cool places to walk and spend some family time. I wish I could live in Penang, traffic jams aside. There were yachts in the harbour, a lighthouse.....soooo awesome! We were walking up and down deciding which boat we loved the best. Totally awesome.

Night time was horrible though. The girl refused to sleep in her cot so I put her in between us. She cried each time she turned and bumped into us. Or maybe her sun burned areas were hurting her. Both hubby and I were like zombies the next day. But holiday....so die die also have to make the best of the day!

Breakie at the hotel and pool after that.

Lunch the 2nd day was at OFA with cousins. Overpriced and not great at all. But we didn't have to pay...so I cannot complain.

Went biscuit shopping and also went to hubby's family shop in Kek Lok Si foothill to get nutmeg related stuff. I so wanted to do Penang hill but after sweating buckets in Kek Lok Si foothill, I decided I would be too tired to take care of tantrum throwing kids. We headed back to the hotel.

Had ice cream as it was nearing 6 and the lunch was lousy. Christopher was in a bad mood due to lack of sleep and pain behind his neck. Still after some milk shakes, ice cream and fries, he was ever ready to jump in the pool again AT 7 PM mind you!

Made him PROMISE to get out when mummy says so. And he did....partly coz there was a group of Malay kids who were making 'his' pool filthy and rough. He even whispered to me not to let his mui mui play with them or talk to them coz they are so rough! I thought they were rough too actually. And eating biscuits and apples in the pool is NOT COOL! If not for hubby, I would have really told them off!

Dinner was at this place I have wanted to try since last year. It's called Sunshine Bay and it is really famous for their fired mee sua. We had it with lala and it was really good for the kids. The chicken dish stewed with mui chow was also delightful. Not too expensive too. The locals surprisngly don't know the place. But I guess Ferringhi might be a little out of the way for most of them. It's just after the post office and before the traffic lights when you come from town to Ferringhi. That's the best direction to remember!

Of course at the said traffic lights is the most delicious goreng pisang which I had just before we left. Wanted to eat it the day before but it was sold out by 4+pm.

Day 3 was pool again, of course. What else can you do in one short morning. We also found the games room which HAI had babysitting services! Like the kids will let me go out on my own and leave them there! But there was great Enid Blyton books, some painting classes and vehicles/blocks/playhouse/kitchen to play with. Really cool for the kids.

Went back to Ipoh for one more night and then back to PJ.

Christopher says "It's good to be back. I missed my house."

For once I agree.....am I growing old that I miss my own bed?