Sunday, January 29, 2012

Just when I thought I survived CNY without illness.....

Just when I thought I survived CNY without the kids falling ill, both of them decide to pull a fast one with me....right after the public holidays.

It started with Christopher's 2 day bout of vomitting. He practically vomitted after every meal. And no....he didn't eat much junk so I can't even blame it on the junk. As a result he is in Ipoh as I write trying to put back on some weight.

After which on Friday evening, Caylee started developing a fever and a cough. This girl always gets a fever when she has any hint of an infection. It started dry and is fast developing into a phlegmy cough. As a result since Friday evening, she has rejected her milk. No matter what method or utensil I use to administer the milk, it fails. So....have been giving her some yogurt and cheese and a whole lot more fish to replace the protein.

And on Sunday, to make matters worse, she fell from her chair in the restaurant. It was one of those plastic chairs coz she refused to sit in her baby chair and how the h*** did I know a kid can fall off a plastic chair that way? Else I would have forced her to sit in her baby chair you would think.

She bit her lip falling backwards and the chair kinda 'softened' the impact of the fall on her head. Still she has a little red bump at the back. But the cut on her lip bled profusely. Thank God I wore red that day.

It's all swollen with some clots this morning. Poor baby did not even want to use the straw or spoon to drink some water. She has lost some weight. I can feel her ribs now. I hope the nanny will be able to get some food into her today.

And my mum just called to tell me Christopher seems to be down with a slight cough and runny nose.

Just when I thought I survived....I have be resilient and see it all through with a smile.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012

Actually nothing much has been happening but I just want to remember the days to date.....will write at random as I try to recall.

House issues
I guess the main thing I did, since it is still outstanding now, is that I bought some direct on rust paint and started a mini painting project for my balcony grill. I decided to start on Saturday evening which drove my hubby up the wall coz he was scared I will fall ill standing there in the hot sun. Painted half and then half burnt told hubby "Can we pay someone to complete it for me?" It looks much better now, the half that I painted so the sense of achievement is taking over and maybe will complete the rest someday soon.

We have been house looking these days. More to keep tab on the prices of houses since our current place will be too small as the kids grow up. We still hope to maintain one guest room and hopefully I will get a store room. But a move will not be in the near future unless we see a good deal!

We also replaced the fan in the 2nd room. It was drama with that fan coz we bought an extension pole that did not fit the cover. Seemingly the new model of Panasonic and KDK fans don't have extension poles. But our kind electrician managed to find an older model of fan cover for us to use with the pole we had. And he only charged me RM35 to fix the fan. The waiting was horrible it being CNY coming and my parents sleeping in that room. Thank God for small miracles and resourceful people.

Have been teaching Christopher dates on the calendar these days. Also trying to help him understand the concpet of yesterday, today and tommorrow. He always uses yesterday when he is refering to incidents in the past. So right now, he tries to remember to say 'last time' instead. He has been marking days off teh calendar too coz I got fed up with him asking if he needs to go to school tommorrow. But I think his mind goes blank when I get to 31st Jan and have to move to 1st Feb. Oh due time.

I am still debating in my mind if I should let him go back for one week to Ipoh with my parents. He will miss one week of school but he will still be doing writing and reading in Ipoh. So, his studies will be alright. And he can eat and sleep much better in Ipoh. Just don't know if it will be a bad practice.

Started looking around seriously for a one to one Mandarin teacher for him. It will be more expensive but I want to kind of sit in during the class so that I can also learn a little bit from the teacher.

He has taken his duty as teacher to Caylee quite seriously. Once in a while I hear him telling Caylee to call him "kor kor" and he will give her a present. I actually told Caylee this one day and he overheard. So sometimes he says "Mui mui, you call mummy lah. Got present you know. Presents very nice wan."

Else he will say "Don't cry lah mui mui. You have to talk then only I understand what you want. You cry I don't know what you want."

He imitates what we say. And the sister imitates what he does! Sigh.....

On the 2nd day of CNY, I let the kids play in the pool in the afternoon. To cool them off since it was a hot hot afternoon and they were in a foul mood. They had loads of fun and I am glad they are still ok today without any runny noses. After everything was cleared up, I asked Christopher if he had fun. He said 'yes' and then he asked me back "Did you have fun too mummy?" And I told him 'no' coz of all the work to pump up the pool and after that to clean up outside and then take care of them so that they don't catch a chill. So, who is going to take care of mummy? And his hand shot up and he declared "I will take care of mummy". he promised to be a good boy and sit quietly and watch his sister while I go take a shower. First time I leave them on their own and go upstairs. Thank God no mishaps.

It is hilarious to see Caylee following the brother's antics. Right down to how his hand moves or whether he moves it up or down. If kor kor laughs and holds his tummy. She will laugh and hold her tummy. I also laugh and sake my head watching them.

That is when thye are not fighting. This girl really doesn't want to lose out. Whatever the brother has, she wants. And even more. But the brother has kinda given in to her. So much so I reckon the girl is taking advantage of it more and more.

She does call me "mami" when she cries. Once kor kor said she called "dadi" but I didn't hear it. She will talk in time I guess. Right now I am using song to encourage her to learn to make the right sounds.

On CNY day, I dressed her up in a red dress. pics. Took alot of effort and persuasion and distraction on our part to get her to leave it on and get out of the house. Even kor kor helped to persuade her to wear her dress. She really is a shorts/pants girl. But with all her climbing, I think sometimes best she wears pants. So she doesn't scrape her knee or show off her colourful diaper.

She's taking to eating rice now. Thankfully she still doesn't reject her porridge when I cook it for her. Thank God for her nanny who still cooks porridge for her. Christopher did not have such luxury of a longer nanny's care.

For CNY, Caylee drove almost everyone up the wall by insisting on trying every biscuit on the table. She was not satisfied until you gave her a taste...then she will decide if she wants another piece of not. Of course, when mummy says no, she better listen. This mummy won't give face even in public when it comes to their discipline. Pity the people around me who don't like to hear kids cry. She also tried to peel the mandarin orange herself coz I won't allow her to eat any. In the end she got some by sitting next to anyone who was eating one. And giving them some puppy look and sweet smile while pointing to the orange. This girl!!!

As for me
Before CNY, I was so in the mood to pamper myself. So, bought myself 2 pairs of shoes. One sandals at a ridiculous cost of RM40 (new arrival). But decided to just get it coz my current sandals is no good for CNY. It's black when it's supposed to be white! :) And the new one was really colourful so just went for it.

Also bought myself nail polish and decided to paint my toe nails. When the kids saw it, they REFUSED to come near me. And when my leg went anywhere near them, they would run away. Good for me coz my daughter bugged the dad for the next few hours unless she forgot I had alien toe nails. But by the end of day 1 CNY, both the kids were alright with it. The girl coz she saw kor kor touching my nails and nothing happened to him. The boy coz he at last believed that mummy painted the nails and they are not blood left by some alien. He received confirmation coz one of our relatives also painted her toe nails the same colour. So, how can it be an alien doing right? However, he asked me why I wanted to paint them and not leave them white. He says white is nicer woh! :)
That is more or less everything. We are still in the CNY mood. Right until we make our exodus to Ipoh and spend spend spend and eat eat eat the last few days of CNY. Then we will wait for March when our next big thing will be happening. And this year, I am so going to make Langkawi happen. Just trying to find the right time.

Monday, January 9, 2012

He's got homework

Well....Christopher came back with 2 pages of homework yesterday. According to the principal, it's homework time for his age group.

Part of me is thinking.....what is he doing during daycare? Not his homework? Or was there too much that he could not finish it in the 4 and a half hours he was there. Or was the teacher too busy to look out for his homework?

Sigh....anyways, homework for kid is homework for mummy.

Allowed him some TV before dinner. Took him 1 hour to finish his dinner. Let him rest a bit for 30 minutes. And then another hour of homework. Everything was done only by 10 pm. He whined for some cartoons so allowed him 30 minutes more.

And while Christopher was studying, Caylee was upstairs with the daddy. Most of her toys have been taken upstairs now until I can get the other room prepped as Christopher's study room. Daddy is sulking coz he is also stuck upstairs from 9 pm onwards with the girl. :)

I was exhausted coz at 10pm after teaching Christopher, I still had to hang up the laundry, iron his uniform, wash his bottle and tidy up for tommorrow.

Some restructuring required to get the jives in motion for this year. Maybe I need to put my personal plans aside for a while.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

10 days in Ipoh causing me a headache!

So, my son spent 10 days in Ipoh. In this 10 days, I think I spoke to him 4-5 times. Most of the times, he had loads to tell me. And when he wasn't talking to me, I could hear him chatting away with his por por or kung kung.

Did I miss him? Truth be told not as much as I thought I would coz I was very busy house cleaning and taking care of the girl. Though as soon as he was back with me, I did enjoy his incessant chatter and his logic and working with him.

And in this 10 days in Ipoh, my son has put on significant weight - additional 2 kg. I was quite shocked when I saw him. I never knew he had the potential to put on weight. And he has gone darker too due to his daily 2 hour park time with kung kung.

He was a happy kid. Eating well, sleeping well and very even tempered because he was getting all the attention.

I wish he had a more rounded life in PJ. I wish I could tend to his lunch and give him a proper breakfast. I wish I could cook nicer dinners for him and get pomfret for him to eat every other day. But my energy and my time is failing. Cost aside for the pomfret, freshness becomes a concern.

So, anyways, since I cannot change much of what I can give him in PJ, the best I can do is to allow him to go back to Ipoh more often. But that would mean sometimes he would be skipping school. Which is really quite fine with me since he learns better with por por. He progresses so much faster in his Peter and Jane, has learnt to spell and write his name very well and has even learnt some science.

But Mandarin we cannot teach and if he will be missing some days of school, that would mean missing some Mandarin too. So, I am thinking of enrolling him with a home tutor who can teach him at his pace and replace classes that he misses. Any suggestions?

And I have decided to outsource some of my house work AT LAST! I think several people will be sighing with relief. But I have googled and cannot find a part time maid that can suit my timing. I am thinking of one for Wed (6-8pm) and another on Sat evening. Any suggestions again?