Tuesday, January 3, 2012

10 days in Ipoh causing me a headache!

So, my son spent 10 days in Ipoh. In this 10 days, I think I spoke to him 4-5 times. Most of the times, he had loads to tell me. And when he wasn't talking to me, I could hear him chatting away with his por por or kung kung.

Did I miss him? Truth be told not as much as I thought I would coz I was very busy house cleaning and taking care of the girl. Though as soon as he was back with me, I did enjoy his incessant chatter and his logic and working with him.

And in this 10 days in Ipoh, my son has put on significant weight - additional 2 kg. I was quite shocked when I saw him. I never knew he had the potential to put on weight. And he has gone darker too due to his daily 2 hour park time with kung kung.

He was a happy kid. Eating well, sleeping well and very even tempered because he was getting all the attention.

I wish he had a more rounded life in PJ. I wish I could tend to his lunch and give him a proper breakfast. I wish I could cook nicer dinners for him and get pomfret for him to eat every other day. But my energy and my time is failing. Cost aside for the pomfret, freshness becomes a concern.

So, anyways, since I cannot change much of what I can give him in PJ, the best I can do is to allow him to go back to Ipoh more often. But that would mean sometimes he would be skipping school. Which is really quite fine with me since he learns better with por por. He progresses so much faster in his Peter and Jane, has learnt to spell and write his name very well and has even learnt some science.

But Mandarin we cannot teach and if he will be missing some days of school, that would mean missing some Mandarin too. So, I am thinking of enrolling him with a home tutor who can teach him at his pace and replace classes that he misses. Any suggestions?

And I have decided to outsource some of my house work AT LAST! I think several people will be sighing with relief. But I have googled and cannot find a part time maid that can suit my timing. I am thinking of one for Wed (6-8pm) and another on Sat evening. Any suggestions again? 


LittleLamb said...

I just switched P to a full-fledged Chinese medium class. He walked in to a strange land today. His teacher didnt even want to talk to me in English!! I m worry-ing A-LOT-MORE. I just hoped I have made the right decision.

reanaclaire said...

One thing for sure.. Housework never ends! The day my maid left, I realize it.. hahaha.. so to keep myself sane, many times I close one eye to tidiness.. cannot cope with my working and all.. :) Do at my own pace and time..

Small Kucing said...

good for you. yes its good idea to engage a home tutor

Mommy to Chumsy said...

it's nice that Christopher gets to spend some time with his grandpa and grandma. do you intend to put him in a chinese-medium kindy?