Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Caylee's milk intake

You know old folks will tell you 'Don't praise the child, it will work against you.'

I don't know if I thought this or actually said it outloud. But for Caylee's sake, if I said it outloud, I only said it ONCE to my husband. AND it was not a praise.

Does this help to cancel out the old wives tale effect?

What did I say/think?

That it is a good thing Caylee loves her milk and can drink milk 3-5 times a day. At least we don't have to worry about her main meals or her protein intake.

But well....since after CNY.....shen she fell ill, my dearest girl is REJECTING the milk bottle.

If I give it to her in a sippy cup, she just takes 2-3 sips. And if I give it to her in a grown up cup, she...ARE YOU KIDDING ME? No way I will give it to her in a grown up cup waiting for an accidental spill to happen!

So anyways....we have resorted to spoon feeding her milk now. And know how much milk she takes in one day? ONE CUP or 6 oz. If we are blessed with good behaviour, she might agree to a 2nd box milk in the evening.

Hubby comments "What can't any of the kids follow MY drinking pattern. I drank milk until primary school." Can't remember if it was until Year 6.....

As for me....I made my parents spend CASH and CASH getting me boxed milk which I drank till maybe 6/7 ? :)

I am getting back what I deserve huh. So....can you believe old wives tales now?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

All in a day some things can change

I was so set on this school in KL for my boy. Bought one packet of fruits to give to this aunty who willingly let us have her Indah Water bill. She didn't have the electricity or water bill in her name coz she never changed it since she bought the place.

So it was really a double bummer for me when....

Hubby called the school and the clerk or whoever it was was so 'pa pai'. Gave him a lecture about geographical distance, utility bill MUST bear parent's name etc. And when he told her we were renting, she said 'then show me your tenancy agreement'. If caretaker then how? 'Sorry....tak boleh pakai.'

On one hand, I kinda pity them. If I was really staying near this school and know of thousands of people pushing to get into this school when they have a reasonable school near their house, I think I would be rather mad too.

And I think these clerks already have a thousand answers for all kinds of reasons and excuses parents think of. In the end, they will just say 'It's up to Kementerian, not us. You just apply lah!' much as I had initially wanted to send Ah Boy to this KL school, I think I will just settle for one nearer my house. Even if we had to pull strings to get in, I think the chances of getting into this PJ school would be easier.

And well....reputation wise it still seems ok.

Already registered online since it's a PJ school. And now will go over on the 1st. me in my decisions that Christopher will grow up in an environment that builds a character pleasing to You.

Hubby's annual pressie

It's hard to get gifts for my hubby coz the only things he really likes are gadgets and cars.

Cars are too expensive unless he can accept car models. But then...that would be my son's toy before it will ever reach hubby's hands....

So, in the end, hubby picked out his new phone and I paid the bill.

It's a Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

To me, I feel its a bit too big for a phone.....

But I am glad coz his new data plan is cheaper than his current monthly comitment under his Nokia. And I get to surf net in the car.

And for the next few days (hopefully not weeks or months), I have to put on my patient and tolerant attitude while he plays with his new toy.

Pin Xiang again but not....

I am glad CNY is over. At least now Pin Xiang can dish out their wonderful dishes again. During CNY, the food there was really below standard.

So anyways....we went there last weekend and my son asked me:

"Mummy, I want to eat that dish where we can cook it."

I was totally blur...

"Got ginger wan leh!"
"We came with Ah Ma and Ah Kung to eat!"

He went on and on. And I was like totally blur. Until he did the action with chopstick tossing....

You know what he was talking about?

LOL !!!

THAT time of the year....

It's THAT time of the year again.....and especially 'kan cheong' for parents with kids born in 2007. It's our first time having to make the milestone of a decision for our kids. At least with kindy, if you didn't like it, you could opt to just leave and go to another one. I doubt you can do the same that easily with Primary 1.

Let it be said and out in the open. I am sending my kiddo to a kebangsaan school. Nope...not the chinese kind nor the international kind. We are going all kebangsaan.

And believe me, TOOOOO many people have been giving me reasons why I should change my mind. These are parents who have actually seen the 6 years through and survived. Applause to them!!!

I am glad though when someone else I talk to just nods and accepts (even helps) kindly when I tell them that my boy will study chinese as a subject and not as a way of studying. They don't tell me that I have made the wrong choice. Or that China is the next big thing. Or that Malays are sending their kids to chinese school, don't loose out. It't really not about race here is it?

So anyways.....since hubby is off on Thurs and Fri, he will be doing the registering for Christopher. KL schools require us to personally go to the school and register so.....

Good luck to us.....and to you too! I pray Christopher will get into the school we register him into. And for all the parents who registered last year, I hope your kid got the school you wanted as well.

God bless us all! :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fire insurance

When people mention insurance, you are either for it or not.

Some of us have health insurances, education insurance and for houses now you also have fire insurance. But I am talking about another kind of insurance.

We had a talk on fire that day in our office. It was kinda interesting. He asked what we would use to put out a fire on someone. Sand, water, blanket or roll. And he showed us the outcome of what would happen to the person's body if we used any of the 4 methods. I was kinda disgusted when I realised that if you pull a blanket off the person, their skin will also come off! :(

He also showed us a video of how people were jumping off the ledge in their condo due to the toxicity of the smoke. I had to trun away when a pregnant lady climbed on the ledge and sat there for a while debating whether to jump or not.

At the end of the talk, he did mention that his sponsor sells fire equipment. I bought a fire extinguisher (1kg), 2 fire masks and 1 fire alarm for RM667. It's at a discounted rate and the extinguisher does not need maintainence for the next 15 years. And if we ever use it in this next 4 years, the company will give us a new replacement FOC.

But I didn't buy it coz of the bandwagon mentality or coz I was gullible. But I am an insurance kind of girl. And I rather be safe than sorry. Since I move into this new house, I have been thinking of getting one. So, this came late but better than never.

Also, I will be installing hooks by the window and balcony grill to hang the keys. I have  been thinking of doing this for a while but have been putting it off.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gills vs Malabar

We tried a new Moghul restaurant in Medan Damansara today. It's called Gills.

Frankly, my colleagues and I have been die hard fans of a place called Malabar Palace @ Sri Hartamas Shopping Centre. It's great Indian cuisine at a very reasonable price.

So, when we saw this place on our way to Sri Ayuttaya one afternoon, we decided Gills would be next on our list.

By the way, the standard in Sri Ayuttaya has dropped tremendously.

Anyways.....back to Gills. I shall cut the story short, the food was not to my liking at all.

My colleague, an Indian did the ordering like we always make her do in Indian restaurants.

She orederd Pilaf rice, garlic naan, butter chicken, minced lamb and okra. Also you have to order papadum here. It came with an accompaniment of mint that looked so artificial green.

The rice, one of the safest bet since I am not a fan of garlic naan turned out tasting weird to me. I suppose they have added some essence of sort. The butter chicken was too rich and the taste too mild for my urge for Indian food.

The okra was bland. I seriously wanted to ask for salt and some sambal.

The saving grace was the naan which was really soft and the lamb.

My colleague says we just aint' used to this cuisine. Seemingly the Punjab taste is really mild. We are hot fiery people used to heavy spices and ummph. What to do....we are spoilt for choice coz our Indian colleague brings us the most deledtable Indian home cooked food once in a while. And also some from her Pakistani influenced cousin.

Oh but for the love of spice!

Phonetics gone bad

Christopher has been exposed to phonetics since we started kindy. I was never really against phonetics to help a kid pronounce words on their own. Though I did feel the use of phonetics in the English language to be somewhat limited. Especially for the likes of 'buffet' and that sorts.

But of late phonetics has been driving me up the wall. You know you can't really use alphabet by alphabet phonetics to learn Malay. And so teaching Christopher Malay has been somewhat a struggle to ask him to QUIT sounding the B sound and the A sound when I show him BA and instead tell me 'ba'! So that I can get on with the TU = too and make him say BATU!

And in fact he has not really been practising the use of phonetics to learn new english words anyway. He learns by word recognition and the meaning of the word as it is.

So....sigh....for him, it's phonetics out of the door and old school teaching methods!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

CNY in Ipoh

I really should take my camera out and take some pics. So...this is yet another written post.

Went back to Ipoh for the final weekend of CNY. It was the first time my parents had both their daughters back since we got married. It was great although not really that noisy. My sis and hubby spent alot of their time talking to my parents, watching TV and going out 'pat tor'.

While hubby and I did our own thing and entertained the kids.

On foodies
We tar pau-ed a few times actually coz its troublesome these days eating with 2 kids. One of which requires mild attention feeding and the other is a fulltime job of keeping her occupied. Ate fish head noodles from Stadium, Poh San in Ipoh Garden East, Pan Mee in a coffee shop near Tesco, Weng Kee, 'mun yee meen' from Sentosa Cafe, Aneka Selera and finally dim sum in Ipoh Garden. Half the time I was chomping food into my mouth without really tasting. And my mum hardly ate coz she had to carry my daughter out to let me eat with some peace.

Christopher was not with me the week before and he was very sticky when I was in Ipoh. Kept on wanting me to sit with him and feed him. And threw a tantrum or two when I got mad with him. But on the whole he is a good boy. He is only 5, I guess I have to accept a tantrum or two once in a while. It was hard too on him coz he had to finish all the school work he missed for that one week. So he had smarties and 100 plus going through 5 workbooks and 4 exercise books full of homework in 4 days. He also learnt 2 new cantonese words 'sor see' for key and he went around sounding like poh poh saying 'charm-loh'.

Caylee on the other hand was really difficult. She is so irritatingly prone to crying that I am beginning to use the Terrible Two phrase on her.  Don't get her way - cry. Don't get enough - cry. When she is naughty and we talk to her - cry. Every little thing will set her off. My mum has walked away in exasperation becuase of her. She just doesn't listen. And I have to teach her that when mummy says 'No' it means 'No'. She was so stubborn that one day I just told her not to do it and just let it be when she attempted to do it again. In the end she put sambal in her mouth and cried her heart out. After which she looked at me and pushed the sambal away. Sigh.....this girl requires some strict disciplining. On the funny note when I asked her to call daddy she turned her head daddy's way and yelled 'da daaaa'. I am still 'aa ni' to her!

Hubby and I was in a good place now after some differences. It's been 5 years and we had a chat about what is important and what makes up our love. So, its trying out the practical part now and we patiently remind each other what is required. On the funny side of it....I have asked hubby to get me a robot vaccumm to ease my vacumming upstairs and falling over the vacumm when I carry it up and down! :)

Up coming for the year
We have one weekend getaway coming up this month. And we are planning to go to Penang in March. If plans go well, we may go to Singapore in July. And eastcoast sometimes later. We shall see.

Also....I was told that for the 'snakes', this is the year you might loose some valuables - money/jewellery etc. It's just something my colleague told me coz both she and another snake colleague of mine has since lost jewellery since CNY. Well....

As Christopher puts it "No more CNY now. Have to wait for next year to say Gong Xi Fa Cai again". Now to open the ang paus and bank in the mullah! :)