Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Caylee's milk intake

You know old folks will tell you 'Don't praise the child, it will work against you.'

I don't know if I thought this or actually said it outloud. But for Caylee's sake, if I said it outloud, I only said it ONCE to my husband. AND it was not a praise.

Does this help to cancel out the old wives tale effect?

What did I say/think?

That it is a good thing Caylee loves her milk and can drink milk 3-5 times a day. At least we don't have to worry about her main meals or her protein intake.

But well....since after CNY.....shen she fell ill, my dearest girl is REJECTING the milk bottle.

If I give it to her in a sippy cup, she just takes 2-3 sips. And if I give it to her in a grown up cup, she...ARE YOU KIDDING ME? No way I will give it to her in a grown up cup waiting for an accidental spill to happen!

So anyways....we have resorted to spoon feeding her milk now. And know how much milk she takes in one day? ONE CUP or 6 oz. If we are blessed with good behaviour, she might agree to a 2nd box milk in the evening.

Hubby comments "What can't any of the kids follow MY drinking pattern. I drank milk until primary school." Can't remember if it was until Year 6.....

As for me....I made my parents spend CASH and CASH getting me boxed milk which I drank till maybe 6/7 ? :)

I am getting back what I deserve huh. So....can you believe old wives tales now?

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Ben and Shaun said...

I pray that your girl will accept the milk bottle again. I certainly don't believe in old wives tale.