Wednesday, February 8, 2012

CNY in Ipoh

I really should take my camera out and take some pics. So...this is yet another written post.

Went back to Ipoh for the final weekend of CNY. It was the first time my parents had both their daughters back since we got married. It was great although not really that noisy. My sis and hubby spent alot of their time talking to my parents, watching TV and going out 'pat tor'.

While hubby and I did our own thing and entertained the kids.

On foodies
We tar pau-ed a few times actually coz its troublesome these days eating with 2 kids. One of which requires mild attention feeding and the other is a fulltime job of keeping her occupied. Ate fish head noodles from Stadium, Poh San in Ipoh Garden East, Pan Mee in a coffee shop near Tesco, Weng Kee, 'mun yee meen' from Sentosa Cafe, Aneka Selera and finally dim sum in Ipoh Garden. Half the time I was chomping food into my mouth without really tasting. And my mum hardly ate coz she had to carry my daughter out to let me eat with some peace.

Christopher was not with me the week before and he was very sticky when I was in Ipoh. Kept on wanting me to sit with him and feed him. And threw a tantrum or two when I got mad with him. But on the whole he is a good boy. He is only 5, I guess I have to accept a tantrum or two once in a while. It was hard too on him coz he had to finish all the school work he missed for that one week. So he had smarties and 100 plus going through 5 workbooks and 4 exercise books full of homework in 4 days. He also learnt 2 new cantonese words 'sor see' for key and he went around sounding like poh poh saying 'charm-loh'.

Caylee on the other hand was really difficult. She is so irritatingly prone to crying that I am beginning to use the Terrible Two phrase on her.  Don't get her way - cry. Don't get enough - cry. When she is naughty and we talk to her - cry. Every little thing will set her off. My mum has walked away in exasperation becuase of her. She just doesn't listen. And I have to teach her that when mummy says 'No' it means 'No'. She was so stubborn that one day I just told her not to do it and just let it be when she attempted to do it again. In the end she put sambal in her mouth and cried her heart out. After which she looked at me and pushed the sambal away. Sigh.....this girl requires some strict disciplining. On the funny note when I asked her to call daddy she turned her head daddy's way and yelled 'da daaaa'. I am still 'aa ni' to her!

Hubby and I was in a good place now after some differences. It's been 5 years and we had a chat about what is important and what makes up our love. So, its trying out the practical part now and we patiently remind each other what is required. On the funny side of it....I have asked hubby to get me a robot vaccumm to ease my vacumming upstairs and falling over the vacumm when I carry it up and down! :)

Up coming for the year
We have one weekend getaway coming up this month. And we are planning to go to Penang in March. If plans go well, we may go to Singapore in July. And eastcoast sometimes later. We shall see.

Also....I was told that for the 'snakes', this is the year you might loose some valuables - money/jewellery etc. It's just something my colleague told me coz both she and another snake colleague of mine has since lost jewellery since CNY. Well....

As Christopher puts it "No more CNY now. Have to wait for next year to say Gong Xi Fa Cai again". Now to open the ang paus and bank in the mullah! :)

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Baby Darren said...

hahaha..Darren learnt the "charm lor" from me too and always say it now. Well, we cantonese...he also knows, "sei lor"..hahahaha..guess I have to mind my language when I speak to my sisters or parents.

Isabel is at the same stage as Caylee and I totally understand what you mean. Kids nowadays are so hard to handle..mine too was having a hard time in Ipoh...*shake head*..

I am planning to get a robot vacumme cleaner too (preparing for my maidless days). Do blog about it when you do your survey or your purchase as I need some reference too.

Wish you a good dragon year ahead!!